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Upgrading to +6 with nuses : KO Submissions

Posted: August 21st, 2005, 10:24 pm
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Here is an upgrade guide i found for +6 with nus. I havn't tried it fully but i tried it twice and both time it worked to +5 but i didn't try to +6. It isn't in completely good english but you can make out what they mean.

Upradge Items is very important in Knigh Online. At this You can get Items from Ur dreams here U can earn Ur fortune. Upradge is hard and dangerosly but in this article it will be quite and good. This was my secret enought long, now is time to give U. I have 95% upradge succes of all items.

First of all i must tell that there is no 100% secure way of upgrading...
There is always chance to burn items wven going +2 and also the percentages mentioned below are only from experienced upgrades...

CUS : Cursed Upgrade Scroll
NUS : Normal Upgrade Scroll
BUS : Blessed Upgrade Scroll
BES : Blessed Elemental Scroll
BES DEX : Blessed Enchant Dextrity
BES STR : Blessed Enchant Strength
BES HP : Blessed Enchant Health Power
BES MP : Blessed Enchant Magic Power
TRINAS PIECE : 20% More For Upgrade Chance
FP : Full Plates ( I usually use high quailty ones like Rogue or Warrior, Crystal Robe and Pads are ok also to make sure that you burn the item with CUS 100% fail...)

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

For Normal Items Only (above level 50) :

Make sure that you are not lagging and nobody is upgrading at the same time with you.
And if synchronization fails for example;
You have to burn a FP, but it didn't fail and upgrade was successfull then you should re-log server. Same as if you fail, when you have to success.

As everybody knows going from +1 to +3 is 99%, so no need to explain more...
-Put your item, put your NUS, close your eyes and press OK.
Don't ask me why but i use 5th slot (as mentioned before) for the scroll...

Going +4 :

-Upgrade a FP successfully with NUS
-Burn 1 FP with CUS (doesn't matter if it's +1 , +2 or +3)
-Put your item in and put NUS to 7th slot, close your eyes press OK.

Going +5 :

-Upgrade a FP successfully with NUS
-Burn 1 FP with CUS
-Again burn 1 FP with CUS
-Put your item in and put NUS to 1st slot, close your eyes press OK.
NUS sucess rate = 90%, BUS sucess rate = 95% (armor)
NUS sucess rate = 80%, BUS sucess rate = 90% (weapon)

Going +6 :

2nd method:

-Burn 4 FP's with CUS in a row
-Put your item in, use 1st slot for scroll, close your eyes and press OK.
NUS sucess rate = 65%, BUS sucess rate = 85% ( armor )
NUS sucess rate = 40%, BUS sucess rate = 75% ( weapon )

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