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Posted: May 31st, 2006, 5:18 pm

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Well guys,since i started join lunar wars i saw el moradian army really unorganized.We still win most of the wars but we're not organized at all.
So i'm gonna post here a strategy guide for fighting in a war.

First of all: At the actual level of our server noly lvls 60+ master must join the war,55+ for assassins.
Second:To fight in lunar war you need 1500 hp buff and 200 or 300 ac at least.This is basic buff i think,much better if you have wolf or 20% attack scrolls.


1)Always move together.Set the formation to a column when the party is just moving and not engaged in a fight. Warriors at the head of the column and 1 assassin at the back.Mages and priests in the middle of the column,with archers near them running at the flanks of the column,watching for upcoming sins and making them visible by hitting them from the distance.
When the party meets a enemy group the formation changes:a)Warriors form the 1st line b)archers at the second line firing 3)assassins move away from the party in a decentrated position and attack the enemy mages from the flanks 4)priests:healers and healer/buffers goes to the 3rd line,healing and curing the first and the second line 5)Mages in the backward (4th line)

2)Always choose a party capitan who must be followed by every party member.If party members follow every enemy they see your formation won't last for long.

3)You can form:
b)Nova Mages,buffer,group heal
c)Warriors,debuffer,buffer,group healer,assassins

These are the parties that in my opinion works better.


1)If you have a good commander such as GaryG on Xigenon,always listen to his orders.If the army don't listen the commander half of the war is lost.

2)The army should be organized like this:
-Parties formed mainly by:defensive warriors,archers,ice or blizzard hp mages and healers defending the warders and the main base
-Parties formed mainly by:Attack warriors,assassins,paper fire nova mages,debuffers attaccking enemy bases

This is for a simple reason:defending you just need to slow down the enmies while waiting for reinforcements,and however the goal is to slow down or arrest enemy's attack,so ice mages,hp warriors and archers on the walls are the best for this job.While attaccking you just need attack warriors to keep the enemy attention and the damage and push on their lines,fire paper novas attaccking together for more damage,assassins to slay enemy mages fast (assassins always hide and attack from the flanks),debuffer to speed up the melees job.

3)When the war starts:

a)defending parties must go half to right warder and half to left warder.If one of these groups notice (by shouting messages or by commanders) that the other warder is the 1st one attacked half of them should go help and half should go into the warder base and close the door.
Very importanto is to go into the base and close the door before the enemy attackers reach it.

b)Attacking paties must move to gether to one of the enemy's warder base,not passing trough the center of the map but from the borders (your first goal is to reach and kill the warder,not to face the enemy army)

However,very important is to be divided into attackers and defenders (we usually have few defenders,no one goes to defend the warder2 (left)and it's always killed after 4 minutes).

When both the enemy's warders are killed the attackers can choose if help defending,try to kill the enemy's keeper or face the enemy army.

Mages must be defended more cause they're the one who have to tp killed people when they come out of jail.This is very important in a war.


1)Defenders must hold 4 places:
a)Runar valley entrance must be sorrounded and orcs must not come directly out from there
b)Kalluga valley entrance,cause they can tp there from the runar gate (the blue one)
c)The port near arpy and apos spots,cause this is the second tp point reachable by using the tp gate
d)Doda camp

If you hold these places asga, raiba and the castle won't be attacked.

Higher levels must fight in 1st line in these places.Lower levels should gusrd the villages (and scream in shout if they are attacked)


1)Use the runar teleport gate (the blue one) to tp to kalluga and hashak port (use it as a normal tp gate).Remember,Laon camp tp doesn't works.

2)If possible ignore the smaller towns and move all together to breth (many defenders will be in runar valley).

3)If not possible this could be a good strategy: one group head up to the 1st village and engage the defenders in fight there.A bigger group uses the tp gate and move to the 2nd village.The 2nd village will be less defended and easier to capture.

Remember,when you're invading it's usually 250 against 500 (at least),so you need a good tactic to keep one monument and hold it.

This is not much but i hope will help a bit.It's up to el moradian guys to do it or not.

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Posted: June 1st, 2006, 11:37 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this as for it being moved to the confirmed section.

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Posted: June 2nd, 2006, 8:57 am
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honestly its just all basic and logic , i dont think there is anything new here...

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