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Warrior Guide For Pk : KO Submissions

Posted: May 19th, 2007, 5:50 am
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Warrior Guide for PK - Created it with some help of Dannytheman
Working on other classes soon

Lets begin:

What equipment would be best for PvP
Shell +8/15 STR (obvious)
Raptor, Mirage Sword, Giga axe (2 handed), if dual wield go for totamic spear and deep scar (giga axe 1 hand if you are poor).
Rings: Diamond Rings (Why increase you HP and lower your attack when you are already a monster?)
Pendant: I always say the trusty Lupus Pendant +3 but Ammy of Strength +1 (or better), warrior/priest pendant +2 would be nice.
Belt: Skeleton Belt or Iron Belt (If poor, bronze belt)
Earrings: Opal Earrings (Same reasons as rings)

Warrior Combos
If you can't combo you shouldn't be here

Warrior Vs Warrior/BP combo - Skill - w - r
Warrior Vs Mage/INT Priest - Skill - s - r
Warrior VS Rogue - Skill - r - r

Always attempt to mana pot after the second sword dance (howling sword).
If your HP goes below 720, forget the mana... run and pot and when it goes above 1000 go back and fight like a man.


Warrior Vs Warrior

The only way to beat a warrior is to out damage him. This can be very difficult when fighting a higher level. The idea is to first off scream (legcut if scream is unavailable) and if that fails gear up in Spear Defence items, like the Spear Defence Helmet and a Spear Defence Shield, and take his hits. It may sound suicidal but it is an essential to stand there and watch his potting. As soon as he mana pots (yellow vertical lines going upwards around his body) you switch back to you weapon and start pounding on him. The warrior just mana potted therefore he cannot use HP pot and you can, this gives an extreme upperhand. Now he is probably going to run now so this is when you realease your legcut (not scream, scream will just make him town) and start whacking him even more and now the only problem that could arise from now on is him raising a shield (except going into other opposing forces). So try get around his shield. If it is a non unique weapon it is most likely to be against you are wearing so switch. Remember Defender Of The Lord has nothing against anything a warrior could have so ignore that. If he whips out a Chitin Shield just keep whacking but there is a strong chance you wont beat him then.

Warrior Vs Rogue

There is many ways to beat these little pests. The best way is to just legcut (remember scream makes them town) and start whacking. If you see any change in his armor it will mean he is putting on defence to your weapon so change accordingly. Remember a rogue can beat you easier than you can whoop a level 30 so always wear Dagger Defence, and preferably a 2 handed giga axe.

If you come across sins that look higher than you then do not mess with them. A sins spike (if any good) will out damage your 720 heal and so will his thrust. If this situation happens, start running with all your dagger defence and hopefully one will go and you can 1 v 1 the other. Remember a sin cant change his weapon so a DD shield screws them up. Once you get potting under control, turn him and scream (or legcut) and whack him. If he towns be lucky it isnt you in town.

Warrior Vs Archer

Possibly the easiest kill in the game. Golden rule, dont fight with GreyHawk (70 on Ares, hits my sin for 1000+ each arrow) and don't tank them. Also Archers normally carry spear defence and the only think hard for them to get is sword defence. So try get a mirage sword and just start whacking and sliding. Easy smile.gif

Warrior Vs Mage (INT Fire)

Hardest Mage to 1 v 1 (except LR mage). They have high defence (normally same as a warrior) and at level 70 can have around 5000 HP. The only way to beat one that is good (like PUPPIE of Ares) is to crack a Fire resistant pot and take out a weapon with a hard-to-get defence for (sword or axe), I would preferably use a giga axe for the HP, DEX and MANA bonus. Then just tank and watch your potting. Remember a mages attacks recharge fairly fast and they have second skills, Fire/LR is good as they can stun and own you... another reason to get a giga axe for that LR defence wub.gif.

Warrior Vs Mage (Ice)

Pesky things are these Ice mages. So all I could suggest was get some Ice Resistnance Pots and a weapon with HP AP. Forget that he may have 110 Spear Defence, to stop him slowing you you must act fast. So get out that spear weapon and tank and whack. Your damage will out do his potting and aslong as you keep your potting good and dont get slowed, he was the easiest 50np you made.

Warrior Vs Mage (LR)

No matter what a LR mage could NEVER kill you 1 v 1. Never, never, never and if he does quit KO now wub.gif. Only thing about these LR mages is that they stun you... alot. So get out your best weapon, or giga axe for LR resistance, and scream the little hoe. Otherwise he will stun you and a KSer will come or TP a big warrior and you go bb! So scream and whack.

Warrior Vs Priest (BP)

My advice? Don't go near a duffer BP on your own. They can see you and duff you before you hit them and you cannot cure yourself. So only go after these little rap-cookie-monsters if you are big, brave and ugly... or plain stupid. Anyway if you do decide to attack then make sure you are wearing defence to whatever he is holding. Then take out your strongest weapon and maybe you can out damage him, but it is unlikely. If you get fully duffer (massive, torment, parasite) then /town, there is NO hope for you. Back to if you do go after him.

This is a complex skill to learn:

Remember his AP cancels your defence but your AP also cancels his defence. So you are both going to be hitting hard (probably you harder). So after first 2 sword danced (howling sword) mana pot and then focus on your HP. Hopefully you will get him to try spam heal himself. At this point keep comboing to cancel that heal and take out strongest weapon and do whatever you can to increase your AP.

Warrior Vs Priest (INT)

All INT priests are on the same level, no matter if they are buffer, duffer, healer. They are all the same. All have 60 in 1 skill and 45 in another. This means they will have stupidly high defence and a stupidly high healing ability. Best plan of action is to avoid a spear weapon as they always have spear and dagger defenses (unless n00bs), and on another note...spears take too long to 'r' attack. Then you just gotta combo on those heals. When you see his arms raise to heal you spam your 'r' skill. This cancels it and causes him to panic. If the guys is a full healer then you better be good as he will have 10k heal. In this case I suggest you just leave him and go pick on a mage or something.

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