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Warrior Guide : KO Submissions

Posted: February 17th, 2007, 11:54 pm
v4l3r10's Reps:
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I made a guide for warriors, i think very good:

~~~~Certain abbreviations I use in the guide are explained here:~~~~

HB: Hyper Body
HP: Hit Points / Health Points
IW: Iron Will
AP: Ability Points
SP: Skill Points

~~~~Beginning an HP Warrior: the Basics~~~~

When you begin your HP Warrior, make sure you have the following things:
-Enough patience to get to Level 30 without really attacking
-At least have some knowledge of Warriors and Maple Story
-Some friends to leech off of for your project

Once you have all those things, you are ready to begin. Create your character on whatever server you want to and all those things, name it, and then we get to the good stuff. Your stats are somewhat limited for an HP Warrior. Here is what you should roll:

STR: 11-13
DEX: 4-6 (See below)
INT: 4-6 (See below)
LUK: 4-6 (See below)

The best possible stats you can get are 13/4/4/4, but that takes hours to get, and most people will be okay with something like 11/6/4/4. For the last three stats, make SURE that at least two of them are 4, for maximum HP. If you want perfect stats, and are not content with rolling for 5,792 hours, then roll something decent like 11/6/4/4 and use AP Reset Cards to get your STR up to max. As soon as you do this, you are done. Go ahead and click on your character and begin.

~~~~Ability and Skill (Yes, Skill) Allocation Tables: from Level 1-10~~~~

*These tables assume you have 13/4/4/4 stats, by the way. If you have less, just make sure your STR is 35 so you can become a Warrior.

Level 1- 13 STR, 4 DEX, 4 INT, 4 LUK
Level 2- 18 STR (13+5)
Level 3- 23 STR (18+5)
Level 4- 28 STR (23+5)
Level 5- 33 STR (28+5)
Level 6- 35 STR (33+2), *Save* 3 Points (3)
Level 7-*Save* 5 Points (8)
Level 8-*Save* 5 Points (13)
Level 9-*Save* 5 Points (18)
Level 10-*Save* 5 Points (23)

Level 2- 1 Nimble Feet (1)
Level 3- 1 Nimble Feet (2)
Level 4- 1 Nimble Feet (3 MAX)
Level 5- 1 Three Snails (1)
Level 6- 1 Three Snails (2)
Level 7- 1 Three Snails (3 MAX)

Recovery is useless for you, how is recovering 72 HP going to help an HP Warrior with 7,000 HP? Not much. Nimble Feet will help you travel quicker, and Three Snails is a necessity. It hits 100% of the time, just like Power Guard, so you can Three Snails a monster, then get out of the way to avoid taking unnecessary bump damage, but still get EXP when a party member kills the monster.

So, by Level 10, you should have 21-23 Points saved up (depending on your DEX, INT, and LUK). Go to the Shrine of Warriors, and become a Warrior. I normally aim to get my HP to at least 400. If you don’t get that, it’s not worth starting over, 15-30 HP won’t matter that much. If you receive something around 430, you are very lucky. I don’t think I’ve gotten higher than 420 or something. Anyway, let’s move on.

~~~~HP Warrior Life from Level 10-15~~~~

Life will not be that hard from Level 10-15, as 35 STR is still quite a bit, and you should be able to kill little monsters effectively for EXP. There are many other paths you can take, however. You can party with someone, but the EXP you will be receiving is so low that it is better to just solo monsters until Level 15. Another method is using the Exchange Quest. If you have a high leveled character (Anywhere from 3x to 8x), chances are you are hunting monsters from El Nath, and can use the Exchange Quest for EXP from the drops the monsters give you. All you have to do is get your character to Level 10 (You cannot go to El Nath unless you are Level 10), and transfer the items over. For every 100 items (Zombie Teeth, Werewolf Toenails, etc.), you get 500 EXP and one of a few random choices of items, depending on the strength of the monster you were fighting. This is quite easy leveling for a low-level Warrior, and you can easily reach Level 15 with a big inventory of leftovers (and get tons of potions, hopefully). If you don’t have a high leveled character, but have a decent sum of money, like, say, 1 mil, you can purchase Exchange Quest items from the Free Market. 100 Zombie Teeth usually goes for anywhere from 110 Mesos each to 130 Mesos each. Be sure to watch out for nubs trying to trick you though. They will put 6-8 spaces of teeth for 100 for 13,000 Mesos, and then have the last one be 1 for 13,000 Mesos. Be very careful. This doesn't happen much anymore, but still, watch out.

~~~~Ability and Skill Allocation Tables: from Level 10-15~~~~

For AP, you will still be saving them. For SP, you will follow the Standard Warrior Build (mostly). Both of which are listed here:

Level 10- 35 STR, 4 DEX, 4 INT, 4 LUK, 23 Points saved up
Level 11- *Save* 5 Points (28)
Level 12- *Save* 5 Points (33)
Level 13- *Save* 5 Points (38)
Level 14- *Save* 5 Points (43)
Level 15- Use all 43 Points on HP, but be sure to WAIT TO DO THAT UNTIL you Max out Improving Max HP Increase (Very important!)

Level 10- 1 Improving HP Recovery (1)
Level 11- 3 Improving HP Recovery (4)
Level 12- 1 Improving HP Recovery (5), 2 Improving Max HP Increase (2)
Level 13- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (5)
Level 14- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (8)
Level 15- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (10 MAX), 1 Improving HP Recovery (6)

~~~~HP Warrior Life from Levels 15-30~~~~

After Level 15, things get boring as hell. Using Exchange Quest items to get you to 30 would probably cost over 20 Million or so, and fighting is pointless because you can barely do any damage, and you can’t hit !@#$%^&* either. The only thing you can really do is party with a friend and hope that you can get some good EXP from partying. I trained at the Mushroom Garden from level 15-20 on RevelusHP. The EXP was actually kind of slow, but it was decent enough to get a Level Up. If you want better EXP, however, you should probably party with a willing friend who won’t quit partying with you after Level 17 because you are so weak. From Levels 15-20, party with a buddy at Mushroom Garden. luminaire has trained at Henesys Hunting Ground I for 8 Levels, so that's a good place too. A good place to train at around Level 25, probably, is Pig Beach. Partying with a Magician, then, is a pretty good idea, as most have a strong enough Magic Claw by Level 16 or so to go there. Just party with your buddies as they get stronger and go to stronger training areas. At Level 21~30, Party Questing is a very viable option, as long as you have buddies who don’t care if you are useless, and you get in a lot. I’d say that it is the best thing for you to do, as long as the conditions above are met. If the conditions above are NOT met, then PQing sucks. I suggest you keep partying at Pig Beach. That’s all I can really say for these Levels.

Here are some tips from AzNSpArK on how to Level:

How to level as a HP warrior?

level up with Exchange materials, to atleast 15, you'd have alot HP at that level when u used the AP.

So you're able to survive to the 10th floor of orbis.

Get a few hundred/thousand shellpieces by training there for a while at your main account, even if it's a high level.

when you got alot, send it to your HP warrior, and take the HP warrior to the 10th floor.

per day you'll get about 3.5k experience, and 5 tower scrolls.

the 3.5k experience is the same as 700 exchange materials.. you could see it as that, it's also WAY cheaper and easier to get then the exchange materials.

But 3.5k experience is ALOT for that level, I remember the first time I did it on that account, I got about +40% exp.. while I get a few % from the exchange quest, which made me pay alot of money.

At level 20+, you will need alot of exchange materials, just to level ONCE.

so that will cost you like a whole inventory to just level once, and that's expencive if you have to do that till level 30, remember that 29~30 needs about 80k+ exp, which is alot of exchange materials.

Right now Im working with leveling my character with the tower scroll quest.

yesterday I've spend a few hours on hunting the shellpieces.

and I finally got it, I saved up for 10 tries.

so that's:

450 Jr Senticel Shellpieces
200 Ice Senticel Shellpieces
200 Fire Senticel Shellpieces

I'll just bring my HP warrior to the 10th floor, which wouldn't be hard, because it has about 4.6k HP

and I'll use it every day, and get the exp.

after the 10 days are over, I lvled 20~21 atleast, and I'd have 50 tower scrolls :)

each 10 tries gets you 35k exp, so see it like.. if you want to level while you need 80k~100k exp, get yourself the materials to do the quest 20~30 times.

that will be x2/x3 the amount of what I just said:

450 x2 or x3
200 x2 or x3
200 x2 or x3

it will take you alot of time to get them all, but it's way better then buying the materials each time for 100~150 each
~~~~Ability and Skill Allocation Tables: from Level 15-30~~~~

I’m not going to bother putting up AP tables after this one because all you do every Level from now on is put 5 Points in HP.

Level 15- All 43 Points used on HP
Level 16+: 5 Points on HP every Level

Level 16- 3 Improving HP Recovery (9)
Level 17- 3 Improving HP Recovery (12)
Level 18- 3 Improving HP Recovery (15)
Level 19- 1 Improving HP Recovery (16 MAX), 2 Endure (2)
Level 20- 3 Endure (5)
Level 21- 3 Endure (8 MAX)

After Level 21, things start to get controversial. All three of the skills (Power Strike, Slash Blast, and Iron Body) are almost completely useless for you on a leveling standpoint. Iron Body is just lame, because you want the lowest amount of defense possible for Power Guard to do maximum damage to monsters. Power Strike and Slash Blast are not completely useless, but they don’t help you much when leveling. This doesn't seem right, but like I always say:

You can do whatever you want with these skills, but don’t put any points on Iron Body, unless you want some points on it for showoff purposes. What I would do is put 10 on both Power Strike and Slash Blast, just to even them out. Then, put 1 on Power Strike or Slash Blast, to be maxed later.

Level 22- 1 Power Strike (1), 2 Slash Blast (2)
Level 23- 3 Power Strike (4)
Level 24- 3 Power Strike (7)
Level 25- 3 Power Strike (10)
Level 26- 3 Slash Blast (5)
Level 27- 3 Slash Blast (8)
Level 28- 2 Slash Blast (10), 1 Power Strike / 1 Slash Blast (11)

That’s all you need to worry about. If you want, you can follow MY build after this, which goes like this:

Level 29- 3 Power Strike (14,13)
Level 30- 3 Slash Blast (13,14)

The only reason I have my build like this is because I'm a perfectionist. I like to have things even, or have them Maxed. If a build says to put Mastery at 19, I'll just max it. I suggest you follow the Slash Blast Build below.

Different Builds / Build Suggestions:
There are different builds now that people have come up with, and I decided to add them to my guide.

Slash Blast Build (Recommended):

Level 10- 1 Improving HP Recovery (1)
Level 11- 3 Improving HP Recovery (4)
Level 12- 1 Improving HP Recovery (5), 2 Improving Max HP Increase (2)
Level 13- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (5)
Level 14- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (8)
Level 15- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (10 MAX), 1 Power Strike (1)
Level 16- 3 Slash Blast (3)
Level 17- 3 Slash Blast (6)
Level 18- 3 Slash Blast (9)
Level 19- 3 Slash Blast (12)
Level 20- 3 Slash Blast (15)
Level 21- 3 Slash Blast (18)
Level 22- 2 Slash Blast (20 MAX), 3 Endure (3)
Level 23- 3 Endure (6)
Level 24- 2 Endure (8 MAX), 1 Improving HP Recovery (6)
Level 25- 3 Improving HP Recovery (9)
Level 26- 3 Improving HP Recovery (12)
Level 27- 3 Improving HP Recovery (15)
Level 28- 1 Improving HP Recovery (16 MAX), 2 Power Strike (3)
Level 29- 3 Power Strike (6)
Level 30- 3 Power Strike (9)

This build is very good in my opinion, as Slash Blast is useful for owning all the monsters in your way, or luring them for someone in your party to own. The last 3 levels have you putting points on Power Strike, but putting them on Iron Body wouldn't do anything either. Having +8 Ranks in either skill is pretty useless.

HP Spearman Build (Suggested by luminaire)

For all those that need clarification: An HP Spearman is one that sacrifices being able to attack for being a full HB-Support character for their Cleric / Priest. Their insane amount of HP gives the Cleric good EXP when using Heal, and the HP Spearman can use HB (and IW) when needed.

Level 10- 1 Improving HP Recovery (1)
Level 11- 3 Improving HP Recovery (4)
Level 12- 1 Improving HP Recovery (5), 2 Improving Max HP Increase (2)
Level 13- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (5)
Level 14- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (8)
Level 15- 3 Improving Max HP Increase (10 MAX), 1 Power Strike (1)
Level 16- 3 Slash Blast (3)
Level 17- 3 Slash Blast (6)
Level 18- 3 Slash Blast (9)
Level 19- 3 Slash Blast (12)
Level 20- 3 Slash Blast (15)
Level 21- 3 Slash Blast (18)
Level 22- 2 Slash Blast (20 MAX), 1 Iron Body (1)
Level 23- 3 Iron Body (4)
Level 24- 3 Iron Body (7)
Level 25- 3 Iron Body (10)
Level 26- 3 Iron Body (13)
Level 27- 3 Iron Body (16)
Level 28- 3 Iron Body (19)
Level 29- 1 Iron Body (20 MAX), 2 Endure (2)
Level 30- 3 Endure (5)

This build is good for traveling. It is basically the Slash Blast build, but you max Iron Body instead, like some of the modified Spearmen builds do in 2nd Job. It is also a good build to AFK in maps, because you gain good HP, you have Iron Body to protect yourself a bit, and you have a huge amount of HP in the first place. If you continue playing as an HP Spearman, you should allocate your skills the same way as with an HP Fighter. Put 3 Points into Iron Will, Max Hyper Body, then Max Iron Will.

~~~~Level 30 Recap and Job Advancement Test~~~~

Alright, you have finally reached Level 30. Woohoo! Yay! Hooray! Now it is time to party.

“A celebration, I say!” ~Rolf, from Ed, Edd n Eddy

Okay, at Level 30, you should have:
-TONS of HP, I don’t know how much as of yet, but I’m sure it might be over 7,000.
-Gotten ready to start dealing some decent damage.
-Maxed HP Recovery, Maxed HP Increase, Maxed Endure, and points spread out on Iron Body, Power Strike, and Slash Blast.
-Some good, good food.

The Second Job Advancement Test
This is going to be a very hard thing for a little HP Warrior like you to do. There are very limited options for you to do this test, and two of them are rather difficult to do. The first thing you could do is bring like 500 Unagis (Exaggeration >_>) and fight the monsters inside on your own. This would take quite a while, though. If you even try to do this, you probably would want to attack only the Fire Boars in there, as trying to hit a Lupin at your Level with your DEX is pointless. The only way to make this easier is to bring in scrolled equips. A Level 30 Sauna Robe with 50 DEX, 30 Acc, 10 Speed should do the trick. This is only possible by getting 10 10% Scrolls to work. In other words, this is not a good idea at all. You can get very well respected for it (as did Soapy), though. The second option is to get lucky and have a Warrior already be in there taking the test. This is not a good idea however; as the Warrior is already occupied with his own devices and may not want to help you out. If said Warrior wants to, well, good for you! It is good to offer some collateral for him / her, though, like some mesos or a decent equip. The third, and easiest option, is to have a friend already set up to do the test when you reach Level 30. This makes things easier, as you know your friend will not let you down and it is more fun to fight those monsters with someone that you know, in my opinion. So, when you reach 30, pick one of these options, and continue through the test. Be sure to choose Fighter as your Second Job Choice.

~~~~Recommended Equips from Level 30+~~~~

I should tell you what equips you will need from Level 30 onward, as that is the most important time for you. At this time, Power Guard’s damage is affected by the number of damage the monster does to you. So, in other words, you want your Weapon Def., Avoidability, and LUK to be as low as possible. Rage helps with this, as when maxed, it lowers your Weapon Def. by 10. The Maple Bandana Blue does not add to Weapon Def., but does add to LUK. When you are going to Balrog, though, or any other high level monster, 7 LUK won’t make any difference at all. The LUK and Avoidability aren't even that important really, but monsters MISSing you slows down your training by a slight amount, which adds up. Anyway, here are the equips I suggest you wear at Level 30:

1. Rage can give you negative def. I have tested this on Iron Pigs, they did about 5 damage more than naked.

2. HP increase is random. The range on level up is ~64-68, the range for AP is ~54-58. (HP increase skill only adds 30 to AP, 40 to levelup). My main warrior (Oooh) has gained 64-68 hp on every level up since 30. I believe it was 13x64, 9x65, 7x66, 9x67, 9x68 - but I'm not totally sure. Anyway, it does not increase with level.

My advice: Train your level 70+ character in El Nath (Zombies, Yetis, Hectors, etc). The sheer number you have to kill to level up will provide plenty of exchange items, and the exp is not bad either. (Somewhere around 5-6000 exchange items a level?) I exchange everything I collect (unless it's for a quest) and my mule has made it level 10-24 so far. (not an HP warrior - but that's not really important to exchange quests)

It's not really worth your time to train an hp warrior "normally" (i.e. regular attacks) cause it's so weak. At level 22, I get around 12-78 damage with a Fish Spear. That's about the same as a typical level 12 warrior.
Hat: Any Maple Bandana is fine or nothing at all.
Cape: None until Level 42, when you should either get an Icarus Cape (2) or an Icarus Cape (3).
Gloves: Nothing.
Earrings: Get the Earrings for your Level. Magic Def. won’t affect your damage with Power Guard, and it should lower your damage by a bit if you get hit by a Magic Attack.
Shirt: Nothing.
Pants: Nothing.
Shoes: Nothing.
Weapon: The weapon you use does not matter, as long as it does not add to Weapon Def. Any weapon that gives Speed, Jump, or HP is a good choice. With this said, I suggest to use these weapons:

Fish Spear
Red Flowery Tube
Red Whip (Recommended)
Emergency Rescue Tube
Colorful Tube
PM me if you know of any other good weapons to use.

If you use all the items I said above, you should have 0 Weapon Def. Just keep Rage on all the time so you can have negative Weapon Def. If you don't want to look like !@#$%^&* because of having underwear on, get some NX. It works fine.

~~~~Ability and Skill Point Allocation from Levels 30+~~~~

This is what I suggest. Go ahead and do whatever you want, it’s your character.

I told you I’m not going to say, but for all you guys who read ahead to here, put 5 Points on HP EVERY LEVEL.

Level 30- 1 Rage (1)
Level 31- 2 Rage (3), 1 Power Guard (1)
Level 32- 1 Rage (4), 2 Power Guard (3)
Level 33- 3 Power Guard (6)
Level 34- 3 Power Guard (9)
Level 35- 3 Power Guard (12)
Level 36- 3 Power Guard (15)
Level 37- 3 Power Guard (18)
Level 38- 3 Power Guard (21)
Level 39- 3 Power Guard (24)
Level 40- 3 Power Guard (27)
Level 41- 3 Power Guard (30 MAX)
Level 42- 3 Rage (7)
Level 43- 3 Rage (10)
Level 44- 3 Rage (13)
Level 45- 3 Rage (16)
Level 46- 3 Rage (19)

From here on, it does not matter where you put your points. None of the skills that are available will increase your damage at all. You don’t even need to put that last point in Rage if you don’t want to, since it only adds 8 seconds of time for the skill. I am just going to max all the things for Axes when I reach this Level, just for fun. You can do whatever you want. You can put points in Iron Body. This is what I’m going to do after Level 46, but you do NOT have to follow it. It is your character; YOU decide how far you want to take it.

Level 47- 1 Rage (20 MAX), 2 Axe Mastery (2)
Level 48- 3 Axe Mastery (5)
Level 49- 3 Axe Mastery (8)
Level 50- 3 Axe Mastery (11)
Level 51- 3 Axe Mastery (14)
Level 52- 3 Axe Mastery (17)
Level 53- 3 Axe Mastery (20 MAX)
Level 54- 3 Power Strike (17)
Level 55- 3 Power Strike (20 MAX)
Level 56- 3 Slash Blast (16)
Level 57- 3 Slash Blast (19)
Level 58- 3 Final Attack: Axe (3)
Level 59- 3 Final Attack: Axe (6)
Level 60- 3 Final Attack: Axe (9)
Level 61- 3 Final Attack: Axe (12)
Level 62- 3 Final Attack: Axe (15)
Level 63- 3 Final Attack: Axe (18)
Level 64- 3 Final Attack: Axe (21)
Level 65- 3 Final Attack: Axe (24)
Level 66- 3 Final Attack: Axe (27)
Level 67- 3 Final Attack: Axe (30 MAX)
Level 68- 3 Axe Booster (3)
Level 69- 3 Axe Booster (6)
Level 70- 3 Axe Booster (9)

If you get all the way to Level 70, have fun killing Dances-With-Balrog. There is nothing better than Power Guarding him. I might post tips for that Level, if I EVER get there.

~~~~After Level 46: The “What Now?”~~~~

After Level 46, your project is complete. If you continue to Level, you can watch your HP go higher and higher. Your damage will not increase at all, as Power Guard has a set %. After this Level, I would suggest going on Balrog runs (with your buddies, or on your own), or just training. Once you reach 50, you can go on Jakum / Zakum / Zekus runs. All you have to do is go up to an arm (or the body) with Power Guard on. Since this big guy does 8k-9k Touch Damage, you will be doing almost 4,000 damage EVERY 2 SECONDS. That would be VERY beneficial to the quest. Just make sure you have a Priest healing you, and you wouldn’t have to use any pots at all. Just watch out when he does his technique to lower your HP and MP down to 1. I’d keep a few Power Elixirs and Blue Pots (in case Power Guard runs out) for that. That is pretty much all! Enjoy your life as an HP Warrior. I would love to know how it made Maple Story fun for you.

~~~~Training Spots for an HP Warrior~~~~

I don't have anything else to do right now, so here are places an HP Warrior to train. I have sheepoo's help for this, and it is in this section. When an asterisk (*) is by a spot, that means that is where I trained at (or where I am planning to train).

Levels 1~10: Quests*, A Split Road*
Levels 10~20: Mushroom Garden*, Tree Dungeon: Southern Forest II (Slime Tree), The Tree That Grew I, Kerning City Construction Site (Stumps and Blue Snails)
Levels 20~21: Leech off of a friend at their training spot*, Kerning City Construction Site (Orange Mushrooms)
Levels 21~31: Party Quest*, Kerning City Construction Site (Orange Mushrooms), Leech off of a friend at their training spot (Pig Beach Recommended)
Levels 31~50: Any high-leveled monster with a party that has a priest (Grim Phantom Watches, Vikings, etc.)*, Fight bosses, Train with a Cleric at Zombie Lupins

Levels 50+: Any high-leveled monster with a party that has a priest (Grim Phantom Watches, Vikings, etc.), Fight bosses, Zakum*

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