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xp trick, lvl 60 in few days :D : KO Submissions

Posted: August 30th, 2005, 7:36 am
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Here is how to get unreal XP. You can make a lvl 60 character in a matter of days. But you will need a few computers or some freinds to help you. Make a bunch of lvl 1 characters. Goto the mob you want to fight for example lvl 15-30 Kobolds are good. Go there have your main character and all lvl 1's in the party (the more lvl 1's the more xp). Have your level 1's go attack the mobs and die. DO NOT press OK. CLick on exit then you should barely be able to see the outline for select character click on that. re log your character (STILL DON"T PRESS OK). THen party him up w/ your main (all of the lvl 1's) They should be dead. Just add them to your freinds list you can party them. In essance when yuou party with somoene lower lvl then you especailly lvl 1 you get more xp. For lvl 20 or so killing kobolds Solo you get like 400-500 xp maybe, with one dead lvl 1 in your party you get 1700 xp with 2 you get like 2000+. With 7 you probably get 5000 xp for kobolds.

For level 30-40 Solid bins are good and you get abyss gems.

But the ultimate mobs to do it on (trust me i've checked everywhere) are TYONS at lvl 54 a warrior can probably do them if he has full chitin and uses scrolls. You can get near 35k a kill on tyons. I can kill about 5 a minute so its much faster then cz harpies, with a raptor and stuff at lvl 60 you can kill near 8 a minute. After lvl 61 it goes like this.

LEvel 61 doing Tyons:
SOLO - 2.7k
w/ 1 dead noob - 7.6k (premium)
w/2 dead noob - 9.2k
w/ 3 dead noob - 10.8k
w/ 4 dead noob - 12.0k
w/ 7 dead noob - 19k
(and killing 8 a minute WOW thats unreal xp) Its kind of pot expensive, Get a bardish MP absorb if you can or just use a glave/raptor and use carving.

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