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Yet another submission -ITEM DROPS- : KO Submissions

Posted: February 16th, 2006, 8:53 pm
m0rbid 0ne
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I made this !@#$%^&* quick so if some info is incorrect plz lemme know aight.

List of items: Iron Bow, Iron Cross Bow, Kurky, Cleaver, Mirage Dagger,
Shard, Spell of (magic) Blast, Bardish, Glave, Raptor, Large Breaker, Large Hacker, Totemic Breaker, Elemental Staff, Salamander Staff, Elixer Staff, All Chitins/Crimsons, Shells.

Iron Bow: Dropped by Lamenation, Golems, Bosses, Dark Mares, Abyss gems.

Iron Cross Bow: Dropped by Lamia, Lamiros, Lamenation, Abyss Gems.

Kurky: Lamia, Lamiros, Lamenation

Cleaver: Lamenation, Bosses, Golems

Mirage Dagger: All types of Harpy, Abyss gems, Bosses, Fallen Angels, Cenutar (RARE)

Shard: Dark Stones, Bosses, Abyss gems, Fallen Angels (RARE)

Spell of fire/glacier/thunder blast: Antares (boss), Baron, Cardinal, Haunga

Bardish: Lamia, Lamiros, Lamentation

Glave: Trolls (all kinds), Abyss Gems

Raptor: Abyss Gems, Dark Mares, Bosses

Large Breaker: Golems (only thing i have ever seen drop them)

Large Hacker: Golem, Trolls, Bosses (got one off hyde)

Totemic Breaker: Abyss gems, bosses, Dark Mare (rumor?)

Elemental Staff: Lamia, Lamiros, Lamentation, Golems (common drop among a lot of mobs)

Salamander staff: Deru, Apos, Golems, Bosses

Elixer Staff: Dark Mares, Abyss Gems, Bosses

All Chitins/Crimsons: Golem, Abyss Gems

Shells: Dark Mares, Troll Beserkers, Troll Captains, Falcons, Bosses, Fallen Angels.

All kinds of Special Defence armor/weapons/shields - Cave Leach (armor is currently disabled)

Blades - Uruk Blades/Trons

Slayers - Uruk Blades/Trons

Abyss Blessing - Fallen Angel

Magic Hammers - Reapers

Mirage Sword: Dark Mare, bosses, Abyss Gem

Duradondal: Dark Mare, bosses, Abyss Gem

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