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Posted: May 5th, 2008, 11:32 am

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Taugrim posted at http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=133234

it was not here so I copied it from there if anyone missed it at main forum


What the heck is this?
It's a program that analyzes your combat log(s) and outputs statistics.

For each opponent, the following output is listed:
- # of times you killed
- # of times killed you
- each attack, by skill/damage type, and by number of times you inflicted a given damage amount

# of times you killed: 1
# of times killed you: 1
Auto-attack or DoT (Ancient Dwarf-make): 4 hits, total dmg: 688, avg dmg: 172.0 (1x154 1x165 1x183 1x186)
Auto-attack or DoT (Light): 2 hits, total dmg: 19, avg dmg: 9.5 (1x9 1x10)
Battle-shout (Light): 2 hits, total dmg: 177, avg dmg: 88.5 (1x86 1x91)
Defensive Strike (Ancient Dwarf-make): 1 hit, total dmg: 188, avg dmg: 188.0 (1x188)
Devastating Blow (Ancient Dwarf-make): 1 hit, total dmg: 191, avg dmg: 191.0 (1x191)
For each ally, the following healing-related output is listed:
- your healing
- their healing you

You healed: 159 times, total amt: 17799 (60x22 1x26 9x27 3x52 16x54 27x55 1x64 8x67 1x284 7x298 6x301 4x397 2x401 6x405 1x485 1x497 1x517 5x522)
Healed you: 83 times, total amt: 57674 (3x53 3x469 1x473 7x483 8x487 21x492 1x574 1x582 1x591 1x592 1x594 1x602 2x937 1x947 3x965 8x974 13x984 1x1143 1x1148 1x1175 2x1177 1x1182 1x1189)

For each ally, the following power-related output is listed:
- power you gave them
- power they gave you

Power is given by blue pots, blue FMs, and the LM Share the Power skill, and Capt Now For Wrath trait for Rallying Cry.

You healed: 181 times, total amt: 15766 (8x19 74x20 18x21 7x24 10x25 8x26 3x49 11x51 4x53 1x60 3x62 1x63 1x270 6x278 1x292 4x360 2x364 3x371 7x375 1x382 4x390 1x446 1x457 2x460)
Healed you: 2 times, total amt: 1614 (1x790 1x824)
You gave power: 1 time, total amt: 334 (1x334)
Gave you power: 3 times, total amt: 2036 (1x678 2x679)

Where do I get it?
Click on this link:

Save the file to your computer, then cut and paste it to:
My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online
I'm updating the program every month, as I add functionality and fix bugs (thanks Diggy!). The current version is: 2008.05.03.1
You can tell which version you have by the 1st line in the output stats file:
# combat stats generated by Taugrim's LOTRO Damage Meter (2008.05.03.1)
How do I run it?
Simple. Just double-click the file.

The program will read any combat logs in the directory and compile stats on them.

The output is written to a file named:
Before you run it, you need to log the combat log to file(s). See next item.

The program requires Java 1.5 or higher to be installed on your computer. If you don't have Java 1.5 or higher, search Google instructions on installing. That's beyond the scope of this thread.

How do I log my Combat log?
1. Right-click Combat tab
2. Select Chat Logging -> Start Logging
What this does is create a log file, in the same directory as where your screenshots go:
My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online
You can turn off the logging with:
Chat Logging -> Stop Logging
Every time you Start Logging, a new log file is created.

You can create as many log files as you want, the program will read any LOTRO log files that are in the same directory and have the file extension .txt.

Is the data real-time?
Nope. It's post-facto.

This program compiles stats on combat logs you've already logged. You can run the program to crunch the numbers on a fight you just finished, that's as real-time as you can get.

LOTRO doesn't support addons (which after 6 months I'm starting to appreciate why, but it was a hard transition for me as a former WoW player), so there's no way of collecting data real-time, or showing it in-game.

Does this tool measure DPS?
I've been asked this question several times. The answer is an emphatic "no".

As you all know, DPS means Damage / Second.
We can calculate the Damage part of that equation, but we can not deduce the Seconds part.

There is a start timestamp:
### Chat Log: Combat 04/12 09:11 AM ###
But no end timestamp. Therefore, we don't know how many seconds have elapsed.

Morever, even if there was an end timestamp, we wouldn't know how much time was taken to rest between fights, AFK, etc.

AFAIK, the LOTRO's UI is a closed system. The only data you can "extract" from the game are screenshots and log files. That's it.

Why don't you list which attack landed my KB and how much damage it did?
Short answer: the log messages are not always in a predictable order.

Usually the attack that caused the KB is listed right after the "Your mighty blow" line. But sometimes it's the line before, sometimes it's more than 1 line before or after, etc. I originally wrote code to deal with that stuff, but it wasn't always 100% accurate (in particular, AOE KB's are hard to handle correctly), so I took it out for the sake of simplicity. I'd rather have data be 100% accurate.

What use are the statistics?
Lots of things.

E.g. you can compare weapons with different damage types but the same speed and DPS rating. Here are some stats from my testing with 2 different weapons (MAS Halberd vs Rift Halberd).
E.g. if you wanted to find out how various builds affect your DPS, you could try a build, kill lots of mobs, log the data, analyze it, try another build.
E.g. you can see how much healing you output on a boss fight, per person healed.

If you want to compare specific files, move them into a new directory with the program, and run it there.

What I've been doing is renaming log files so I remember what they were for. As long as the files end in ".txt", the program will process them.

How do I know this code/program isn't harmful?
I wrote it, and I'm not an @sshole. There are no viruses, trojans, hacks, etc. I have no interest in writing that kind of garbage.

The only thing the program does is read through your combat logs, compile statistics, and write them to a file. That's it.

For the sake of security, please only download the program from the link I provided above. Some malicious programmer could try to create a virus knockoff and post it somewhere else.

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Posted: May 5th, 2008, 9:33 pm

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awesome 200 to you and moved to confirmed for a great find.

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Posted: May 6th, 2008, 7:29 am

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thank you

how about a little love for my Forochel help guide which took me over 20 hours research:)?

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Posted: May 17th, 2008, 2:33 pm
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I've been working on a program that is similar, althought it monitor the logs for a different reason. I've got my program to this in real-time adding time stamps.

I have to add that the logs have a limit and will stop outputting data to the log file eventually but the game still shouws that it's logging.

It's a good idea, although i'm sure it would be better in real time also, if it's programmed the way i've done mine then there could be slight bugs.

GL to this coder.

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