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Posted: March 27th, 2007, 10:55 am
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(Courtesy of TenTonHammer.com)

Apprentice to Journeyman, The Will of the Iron, Part I

Once a player has achieved 200 Apprentice points in the Metalsmith Profession they must begin the Metalsmith Crafting Quests in order to advance. No more experience will be noted until The Will of the Iron, Part I is completed. This first, in a series of crafting quests, is given by Novice Metalsmiths that can be found in most crafting centers. Part I is simple and the player must journey to Thorin’s Hall in northern Ered Luin to speak with Glasi Ironhand who is found wandering around the Forging Hall. Speaking with Glasi Ironhand completes the quest and grants proficiency in Apprentice Metalsmithing with a new title and access to the apprentice level Journeyman recipes and the ability to mine Tier 2 ores.

Journeyman to Expert, The Will of the Iron, Part II

Once a player has completed the experience points to be proficient in Journeyman, they must again visit a Novice Metalsmith and accept The Will of the Iron, Part II. Again, the player must journey to Thorin’s Hall and speak with Glasi Ironhand where they are given a quest to craft a Featherwight Shield. The recipe (see below) appears in the crafting window. Completion of The Will of the Iron, Part II rewards include the crafted Featherwight Shield and Proficiency in Tier 2 crafting. The player is also granted access to Expert recipes and can now mine Tier 3 ores.

Featherwight Shield Recipe: Iron Chain (2) + Steel Braces (2) + Iron Band (1) + Ancient Emblem (1). The Ancient Emblem is taken from a defeated Shade in the Fields of Fornost that are located in northwestern North Downs. These ghosts are around level 24. The other items for the Featherwight Shield can be crafted by the Metalsmith or bought at the Auction House.

Once the Featherwight Shield is crafted, the recipe is lost. The player simply return to Glasi Ironhand to present the Featherwight Shield for inspection and subsequent completion of The Will of the Iron, Part II.

Mastery of a craft Tier gives the following message in the chat window:
“Congratulations! You have Mastered a Craft Tier. Yu can now obtain Critical Success results from your recipes of that Tier, and can use Optional Ingredients to improve your critical success chance. In addition, you can now work on Mastery of the net craft Tier.”

The Recipes for Metalsmith:

(This section is a work in progress. You may view the attached excel spread sheets for Recipes.)

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Posted: March 27th, 2007, 7:37 pm

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