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LOTRO Guides - 2-man Grand Stairs Hard Mode walk-through : LOTRO - Guides

Posted: July 10th, 2009, 6:19 pm

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-First boss (right at the start). Can be done with two but you will need a burg to be one of the two members in your group and the other member must be a DPS class (Champ, Hunter, RK, another burg). Pound on the boss until he triggers his first fear debuff. Both players will need to use fear potions to dispell the effects or the boss will get most of his health back and pretty much doom your Hard Mode attempt. The burg will start a cj when the boss is below 50% and after his first fear debuff; both players will select yellow for a DoT. This plus the DPS output should be enough to bring him down before he triggers his second fear debuff.

-Turn right and engage the two warg riders. Mez/fear/stun both of them and continue striaght to end of the path.

(The suicide run)
-As neither the burg nor the hunter wear heavy armor both will like have to do this. Turn right here (notice that the bridge to the LEFT is UP) and continue to hug the right side while running down and around. There are a total of 8 warg riders that you will need to RUN past to get to Nardur. The goal here is to make it so you just ENGAGE him (he comes after you) the jump off the cliff and die. Do not release until both parties are dead and the mobs have reset! This will cause the timer for hard mode to stop and you can continue the reset of the way without timer pressure. You may have to kill any sneaks/warg riders that did not reset.

-After both people have released and are back at the start, run back to where you saw the bridge that was UP. It will now be down. The burg should mez the "arrow" mob and the hunter should trap one of the other two (either the shield or the pummeler). Kill the one that gets through the trap then engage the one that is trapped. Finally kill the arrow. Follow this path north then around the corner to the left doing this SAME pattern the whole way. (5 groups of 3 total)

(Second Boss)
-By now you should be at "Nardur's Station" and all of the mobs should be dead but Nardur. The hunter should be able to jump on the railing to the right and then jump on to the torch near by. The hunter should be able to engage Nardur without him going into anti-exploit. The burg should be able to move around behind the now preoccupied Nardur and do positional damage to him. If he drops into anti-exploit, dont worry, he will drop out of it every once in a while to toss a root onto the burg at this point the hunter can attack him.

-Once Nardur is dead head back to where you fought the first boss. This bridge should now be down so head straight north. You will encounter a single mob plus 2 groups of 3. With the groups of three the burg should mez one of the ranged mobs and the hunter should trap the melee mob. Both should then engage the other ranged mob THEN the melee mob THEN the final ranged mob.

-Now that you have completed that you can move to the top of the stairs. There will be 5 mobs to deal with (3 ranged, 2 melee). The hunter should throw down RAIN OF ARROWS then use DESPERATE FLIGHT immediately. Once the hunter runs back you should be able to pull the mobs one at a time.

(Boss fight)
-Hug the right wall all the way to the back of the throne room. Once there the hunter should jump on to one of the chests and the jump on to the MIDDLE of the throne (there will be an invisible platform there and it will look like you are standing on air). The burg should HUG the back of the throne until the hunter is ready. When the hunter is ready the burg should come out from the throne and trigger Igash. AS SOON AS Igash triggers the burg should run behind the throne and stay right up next to it. This will cause the two archers to bug out in anti-exploit mode (which is good). The burg MUST stay here until the archers reset. During this time, the hunter should be pounding on Igash (Endurance or Strength stance work best). Igash will bug out and just spam various spoken lines at you (good!). Once the archers and Devoted reset AND the hunter has landed a DEVASTATING Critical on Igash the burg can engage Igash.

-You win. Loot and reset :)

Just as a side note to those wanting to do this:

http://my.lotro.com/orion/2009/07/08/th ... game-play/

That is the developer who made Grand Stairs. He will be fixing these problems in the next patch. So run it while the running is good and easy!

NOTE: This is the same as my reply to:
http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/ab ... airs_.html

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Posted: July 12th, 2009, 10:40 am

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Yay, confirmed, but not for long :(

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Posted: August 2nd, 2009, 12:14 am

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/yay for now... I threw a vague description of this up in that other thread with the old exploit (the one about trapping the archers behind the gates) - this is much more concise.

/yay for the pull at the top of the stairs before the throne room - that should be separate from the igash fight as far as exploits. You have 3 healers that aggro with that group, so it makes for a pretty tough fight - pulling them 1 at a time is MUCH more relaxed. Verified that this works, did it several times the other day while doing loot runs with a full group.

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Posted: August 3rd, 2009, 2:17 pm

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Movin to confirmed and premmy granted.

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