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Posted: September 27th, 2006, 1:56 pm

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For those of you that play or at one time played EQ2, conjunctions are kind of like Heroic Opportunities.

All I take credit for is adding the color back in and tweaking it a bit. I'll be making some simple guides after the update tomorrow, just incase there are some big changes.

Copied from a post in the beta forums:

People keep asking about this so I decided to write a short (read: extremely long and confusing) FAQ.

Conjunctions are just a little confusing at first, but... once you start doing them a little and find out a bit more, they become very, very confusing. Here goes:

First, a few basic clarifications on conjunctions:
1) Only signature mobs and higher become randomly vulnerable to conjunctions. Regular only become vulnerable to conjunctions if a burglar or guardian causes a vulnerability.
2) All classes get a conjunction trigger ability (Conjunction initiation) around level 8.
3) Conjunctions triggers can only be used on vulnerable mobs.
4) Mobs become vulnerable by themselves sometimes, albeit rarely. This is illustrated by a bluish-red globe above the monster's head, and a message that "<name> has let his guard down!". Under the mobs portrait, you can see a little blue icon that indicates vulnerability.
5) Burglar has an ability to cause the mob to become vulnerable, so does the Guardian. Look below.
6) Once a trigger is used, a quad-color wheel pops up on your screen and combat is paused.
7) Everyone nearby picks a color, and the conjuction is resolved.
8) If you don't have the conjunction mob targetted at the time the conjunction is initiated, you will get a target icon in its place, which you have to click in order to get to the "wheel". Hurry before it expires! Time to expire seems to very depending on the cause of the vulnerability. The guardian conjunctions seem to be much shorter then the regular vulnerability conjunctions.
9) Conjunction colors have different effects, yellow does damage over time, red does direct damage, green heals, and blue restores power.
10) You must be in the correct range to choose a conjunction color. Mouse over each of the colors in your conjunction tab to find out the range of each conjunction skill of your class.
11) You can only use conjunction initiation if you are a member of a fellowship.
12) There are reports of bugs with the initiation and being a member of a fellowship. Sometimes it will allow you to use a conjunction solo, sometimes not, according to one of my sources.
13) All conjunctions you have used are recorded in your conjunction journal. The journal currently wipes on logout.

The Guardian class has two skills that can vulnarabilitize (I made this word up!) a mob. Any mob, swarm to Nemesis (Never saw an Arch-Nemesis yet, so don't know about that). The two skills are called Overwhelm and Thrust. They are both opened up after the guardian successfully parries and utilized the parry chain through their skill called retaliate. You can only do Overwhelm or Thrust once before the for parry chain runs out and you have to re-trigger it. The chance of opening a conjunction with the two skills is fairly low, I would say maybe 5%. This creates an instant conjunction, popping open the colors window.

The Burglar class also gets a skill to vulnarabilitize the elite mob at about level 10 (They get another one at late 20s allowing for instant conjunction out of stealth or something like that). This skill has a 5 minute timer, and CAN fail (low chance of failure if mob is equal level). Once this is triggered, the mob is vulnerable to conjunctions (glowing ball over the head and a message in chat window). At that point you have to press the skill "initiate conjunction". Anyone can press this skill as long as they are in range of the vulnerabilatized mob, which triggers our magic square of colors! Time to make a conjunction work!

There are four colors to use - Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Yellow and Green are tricky, because the yellow is a little orangy and the green is a little yellowish. The way you can tell the two apart is that the yellow has a spider on the icon. Also, if you go into your conjunction tab you can see that the Green has the name "Conviction Quad" (see below).

Yellow has a spider icon and is called "Guile Contribution".
Green has an eagle icon and is called "Conviction Quad".
Blue has a horse icon and is called "Tactics Quad".
Red has a tree icon and is called "Strength Contribution".

Immersion Note: If you feel that saying a color like "red" breaks your immersion... Try persuading your fellowship to use Guile, Tactics etc...

NOTE: Currently all classes have all four colors. Please disregard the following untili is changed back to the way it was (if it will be).

Each class has different colors, and here is the rundown:

Minstrel - Red, Blue, Green
Champion - Red, Blue, Green
Hunter - Red, Yellow, Blue
Guardian - Red, Yellow, Green
Loremaster - Yellow, Blue, Green
Burglar - Red, Yellow, Green
Captain - Red, Blue, Green


By using the initiation ability each class gets at level 8 you can have the triangle of colors pop up on the screen of your fellows who are near the mob. The first person to click a color goes to slot one, second into second and so on, until everyone has used their conjunction. The different combos are recorded in your conjunction journal. Currently, the journal wipes when you log.

Some of the conjunctions we used were (order matters!!!):

Sinister Plan - Red, Blue, Yellow
Clash of Arms - Red, Red - Did damage, quiet a lot actually (red ent stomping animation)
Hail of Blows - Red, Red, Red,Red- Did around 1000 damage (red ent stomping animation)
Don't know the name - Blue, Blue, Blue - Drained the monsters power (cool blue horse/panther? animation)
Don't know the name - Green, Green, Green, Green - Delivered a HUGE heal... Something like 150 health every 5 seconds for 30 seconds

Here are some more Conjunctions that worked for us.

R= Red B= Blue Y= Yellow G= Green

Note: These also works backwards, R/Y/G also works if you do G/Y/R.

Hail of Blows - R/R/R/R
Sinister Plan - R/B/Y
Clash of Arms - R/R
Wrath of the Rightous - R/G/Y
Strength of the Pure - B/R/G (very powerfull)
Will of the Strong - G/Y/B
Planned Attack - B/B
Rallying Cry - G/G
Mustering the Troops - G/G/G
Resounding Strikes - R/R/R
Deception - Y/Y/Y/Y

I realize this is not very usefull, because we are not sure what each does, but with the fullness of time, perhaps this missing part can be filled out.

Ok, so you are still confused? Well, here is a basic idea of what to press when your fellowship opens a conjunction and you're sitting there wondering what to press.

Red = Instant damage. Use it when you need to kill something quick, fast and in a hurry.
Yellow = Damage over time. This is best reserved for mobs with more than 1000 health left since this takes time to work (but overall does more damage than red).
Blue = Restores power. If you're in a long drawn out fight and everybody is low on power..choose this.
Green = Restores health. If your healer can't keep up or you're in a dangerous situation where some people are about to run out of morale then choose green.
If you see someone in your fellow hit a button like blue when they are short on power and you don't know what to press... hit the same color they did. This will result in a combo (two of the same color in a row) which will be a much more effective version of the single color:

Double Blue = Restores the entire fellowships power Greatly.
Double Red = Does a significant amount of damage instantly
Double Yellow = Does a very powerful DoT, very useful formobs with 1500+ health.
Double Green = Restores the fellowships morale and puts on a heal-over-time for 150 points.

If you have any addtional information/questions, please post here so I can update this FAQ to help others who are new to conjunctions to try them out.

A big Thank You to Hakai, Chosen, Hobble, Tiggs, Woof (Wolf), Thorgar (Mito), Bascgone (sorry for misspelling, shame on me) Skunky, Mystie, Elvirnith and countless others who helped with the research for this information. Without you this wouldn't have been possible! Also, thanks to Aesir and everyone who spreads the link to this FAQ to all the threads asking questions answered here-in.

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Posted: April 28th, 2007, 11:40 am

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Very nice, will definantly help people in groups when Conjunctions start.

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