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Posted: September 27th, 2006, 3:53 pm

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Character Attributes

Morale = Health
Power = Mana

Agility: Increases ability to evade and parry incoming attacks. Increase damage out put by missle weapons, as well as reducing the chance to miss.

Vitality: Increases maximum morale, also increases the regen rate of morale out of combat. Reduces the damage taken from non-weapon sources (animals).

Will: Increas regeneration rate of power when out of combat. Also increases maximum power.

Might: Increases ability to block incoming attacks with a shield, as well increasing the chance to parry incoming blows. Adds to the amount of damage dealt with a weapon. Reduces incoming damage.

Fate: Adds to in combat regeneration rate of both morale and power.

Resistances are increased by level, traits, and gear at the moment. Resistances in the game as of now are:


Character Screen


There are a wide variety of traits. Most either add to attributes, resists, or regeneration rate.

All characters have a set amount of slots dedicated to traits. These slots are unlocked simply by leveling. Following is a list of when all trait slots become available at all tiers:

Common: 11 - 14 - 17 - 20 - 24
Race: 21 - 25 - 28 - 32 - 36
Class: 29 - 33 - 34 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 41 - 42
Legendary: 43 - 44 - 48 - 49 - 50

Actual traits are unlocked in many various ways. The following are ways that are currently in beta.

Example: Find and visit 6 specific named farms in the Shire

-Quest total: complete 40 quests in the Shire
-Quest completion: I'm asuming there are quests that unlock traits at 35+

Kill Count
Exampe: Kill 90 wolves in the Bree region

Visit the local bard to place your unlocked traits into your character slots.

Trait/Title Journal (tabs at the top divide it into regions/class/race)

Character Equipment Slots


Tool (used for crafting)

2 Wrist
2 Earrings
1 Necklace
2 Rings

Pocket (have yet to find an item for this)


There are seven crafting classes that are currently in LOTRO. Each one is made up of 3, smaller sub-classes. I'll start by listing the subclasses and which each one is cpable of.

-Metalsmith: Makes subcomponents out of metal and well as heavy armor.

-Prospector: Harvests mining nodes such as copper, silver and iron. As well as being able to harvest these, prospectors can also smelt the metal.

-Tailor: A tailor can make medium and light armor. Tailors also refine pelts into useable pieces for crafting.
Forester: Forester can harvest wood, and can also refine that wood so it can be used in recipes.

-Weaponsmith: Makes melee weapons as well as weapon sub comps.

-Woodworker: Bows, crossbows, staves.

-Cook: Is able to craft food that give various buffs, such as attribute buffs and in some cases, experience buffs.

-Farmer: Pretty self explanitory. A farmer and far fruits and vegitables, as well as pipe weed.

-Scholar: Makes scrolls and other lore items that act as buffs to various stats.

-Jeweller: Is capable of polishing stones and making jewelry out of metal.

Those are all of the subclasses currently ingame. Following is a list of the main crafting classes and what they are composed of:








Crafting is broken up into 5 tiers, each needing more experience than the previous tier. Mastery is available for each tier, which simply increase critical chance by 5% for that tier.

If you get a critical during crafting, you either get more than 1 of that item, or you produce a higher quality item (depends on the object)

Wood Working Table(Used to refine wood and craft with it)

Forge (Used to smelt and craft metal)

A Study (Polish stones, and make jewelry)

Oven (Used for cooking)

Character Race / Class / Origin Possibilities

I'll start this section with a very brief description of each class, and they're main role in combat as of beta.

Minstrel - Main healing and buff class.

Guardian - Kind of like the warrior in WoW, main tank, and a lot of counter attack specials.

Hunter - Ranged DPS... lots.

Burglar - Pretty good melee DPS, as well as a lot of handy debuffs.

Captain - Melee DPS, and some really really good buffs. Also has some healing powers.

Lore-Master - DOTs, lots of them, and pets. Guess you could compare them to Warlocks in WoW

Champion - Secondary tank next to guardian. Some really awesome melee DPS and melee attacks.

Hobbits (Buckland / East, North, West, SouthFarthing / Mixed)

Man (Bree-Land / Dale / Dunland / Gondor / Rohan / Mixed)

Elf (Lindon / Lorien / Mirkwood / Rivendell / Tower Hills)

Dwarf (Blue Mountains / Iron Hills / Lonely Mountain / Misty Mountain / Mount Gram / Mixed)

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Posted: April 28th, 2007, 11:43 am

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This is very good for newbie players where things such as morale isn't quite as clear as to what it is. It also helps clarify what the classes do and will definatly help newbies pick the right class for them.

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