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Posted: March 21st, 2007, 12:15 pm
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Newbie Archet: in 40 minutes or less

When you arrive in Archet you’ll find yourself standing in front of Mundo Sackville-Baggins. Talk to him and he will give you a quest called Intro: Amdir’s Request which requires you to speak with Amdir. (Note: The Ring icon signifies that this quest is a part of the epic story arc.)

To find Amdir, run towards the south. After just a few seconds you will see him sitting against a post. Talk to Amdir to finish Mundo’s quest and he will give you another quest called Intro: Captain Brackenbrook. This quest asks you to go to The Mad Badger and talk to Captain Brackenbrook.

The Mad Badger can be found if you turn to the south and go through the door on top of the staircase facing the east. Run up the hallway until you find Captain Brackenbrook. Talk to him to continue the quest which needs you to return to talk to Amdir. Go back and talk to him to finish the quest. You will then be given another quest called Intro: Honing Your Skills for which you need to visit your Trainer and train the skills available to you.

To find the Trainers, turn towards the south and run past The Mad Badger. Then you must turn to the west and run until you see several people in front of a building. These people are the Trainers. Your trainer will have a symbol over his head. Talk to him to train your skills, both Active and Passive. When you’ve trained them all, put the ones you want in your Quickslot at the bottom of the screen. Finally, talk to him again to continue the quest and return to Amdir.

Talk to Amdir again to finish the quest. Then you will be given another quest called Intro: Seeing to the Defense which asks you to talk to Dirk Mudbrick. When you accept the quest Celandine Brandybuck, the Hobbit standing next to Amdir, will have a quest for you. Talk to her and she will give you a quest called Intro: Remedy of the Old Kings. For this quest, you need to collect four Kingsfoil Leaves.

Dirk Mudbrick is outside of Archet. Run towards the south, out through the gates of Archet and down to the circle of rocks, which is actually a respawn point. From there, you should be able to see a man standing in front of a small house southwest of your position. Run to the house and talk to Dirk Mudbrick. Select to continue the quest and you’ll be asked to kill six wolves.

Turn to the east and you will see a big open field not too far away. In the field there are many wolves. To the southeast of the field there are ruins, which are called Bronwe’s Folly. On and around Bronwe’s Folly there are Kingsfoil Plants which you can use to get Kingsfoil Leaves to finish the quest that Celandine Brandybuck gave you.

When you have collected four Kingsfoil Leaves around Bronwe’s Folly and have killed six wolves, go back to Dirk and talk to him to finish the quest. He will now give you a new quest called Intro: The Spies which requires you to kill a Blackwold Spy and search him for Blackwold Orders.

Blackwold Spies can be found in two places. To find the first, turn south from Dirk Mudbrick’s house, run past the sheep enclosure and almost up to the small pond after it. Look to the west of the pond and you should see a Blackwold Spy hiding behind a tree. Kill him and search him for Blackwold Orders. If you do not see one there, turn east from the pond and run up on top of the rocks across the path. In the trees there should be a Blackwold Spy. Kill him and search him.

Return to Dirk Mudbrick with the orders and he will tell you to continue the quest by going to talk to Captain Brockenbrook in The Mad Badger. Go back into Archet and then into The Mad Badger. Talk to Captain Brockenbrook to finish the quest you have and then he will give you a new quest called Intro: The Captain’s Son. This quest asks you to go the Hunting Lodge and talk to the Captain’s son, Jon Brockenbrook. Now you can leave The Mad Badger.

Talk to Celandine Brandybuck outside of The Mad Badger to finish the quest for four Kingsfoil Leaves. There are now three more quests available in Archet. You can get Fresh Supplies from Peg Pruner, the Provisioner, who is northeast of The Mad Badger; Question the Prisoner from Jailor Ned Pruner who is in the Archet Jail, east of The Mad Badger; and Beyond the Bulwarks from Constable Thistlewool who is near the Archet gate, south of The Mad Badger. Note: If you go to Constable Thistlewool first, you can get two bonus quests; The Jailor and The Quartermaster. These simply ask you to find Ned and Peg Pruner, were you will receive their quests. It’s an easy way to grab some coppers and XP.

After acquiring the three quests, leave through the Archet gate and head east to go to the Hunting Lodge. You will eventually find yourself on a path heading east. Follow it when it changes directions and leads you to a bridge, then to the Hunting Lodge. While on the path make sure you look for boars to kill and get their meat, and for flashing bushes where you can get piles of bilberries for your quests.

In front of the lodge there are two people with quests, Ann Granger and Atli Spider-bane. Ann will give you a quest called Stolen Treasures which requires you to get her satchel back from the brigands. Atli wants you to kill five spiders and find a missing hunter for his quest, Spiders at the Wall. Now go inside the Hunting Lodge where you’ll find Jon Brackenbrook. Talk to him to finish your current quest, and then get a new quest called Intro: The Blackwold’s Roost. For this quest you need to go the Blackwold’s Roost and kill six brigands. Leave the lodge.

Go to the ruins on the other side of the bridge. In the ruins, you will find spiders and deeper into the ruins you will find the missing hunter to complete Atli’s quest. None of the spiders will automatically attack you, so you can run through them until you find the missing hunter who will be on the ground, wrapped in webs. You must search him and acquire his axe. Then you must continue the quest. When you have killed five spiders and retrieved the hunter’s axe, return to Atli in front of the Hunting Lodge and finish the quest.

Make sure you’ve gathered four piles of bilberries and six slabs of boar-meat before continuing. When you’re ready, head south until you find more ruins. These ruins are the Blackwold’s Roost. Enter through the southeast side and you will see a staircase leading up to a platform. At the bottom of the stairs there will be a bunch of crates and on top of one of them is Ann Granger’s Satchel. Collect it and finish killing six Blackwolds.

When you’re done killing them, head to the southwest until you find Springley’s Farm. Talk to Cal Springley and complete your current quest, then get Cal’s quest called Old Bloodtusk. This quest requires you to kill Old Bloodtusk, a tough boar.

Old Bloodtusk is back near the Blaskwold’s Roost. Run towards the northeast until you arrive at the river you must cross to get to the roost. Instead of crossing, turn southwest and run until you find Old Bloodtusk in front of a tree. If he’s not there, wait for him because he respawns quickly. Kill Old Bloodtusk, then return to Springley’s Farm and talk to Cal to finish the quest.

You should now return to Archet, which is North of Springley’s Farm, to finish quests you have from there. When you enter, talk to Constable Thistlewool to finish his quest. Then proceed to the Archet Jail and talk to Jailor Ned Pruner to finish the quest he gave you. Go to the Provisioner, Peg Pruner last and finish the quest from her. Before leaving Archet, you should go back to your trainer and train the new skills that are available.
Make your way back to the Hunting Lodge now. Outside, talk to Ann Granger and give her the satchel to finish the quest. Then, go inside to talk to Jon Brackenbrook. Finish his quest and he will give you another quest called Intro: The Assault on Archet. You will then be finished your Newbie Training.[/b]

(Courtesy of TenTonHammer)

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Posted: March 22nd, 2007, 12:40 pm

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Good job we need more leveling guides

Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: April 15th, 2007, 7:09 pm
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Posted: April 16th, 2007, 4:35 pm

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moved to confirmed and 300 to you.

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Posted: April 17th, 2007, 2:01 pm
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This guide is very good and too the point :)

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