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LOTRO Guides - Quick and easy guide to Grandmaster Forestry : LOTRO - Guides

Posted: April 12th, 2007, 7:25 pm
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This guide will give you locations and areas to become Grandmaster Forester. I made Grandmaster Forester at level 15 by going to these locations for wood. Mobs are high level therefore the greatest tip I can give, keep on running! Mobs will give up after a short period of chasing you.

Note: You must master the previous tier to begin the mastery of a higher tier one.


Tier 1 - Apprentice
Resources used:
Light Hides
Rowan Wood

Total amount of resources needed to master tier: 150

This tier is the easiest because of the abundant amount of hides you can find plus rowan wood.

For hides find a wolf den, wolves drop light hides at almost every kill. Plus you can even work on the wolf hunting trait.

Location of one wolf den in Ered Luin:

For tracking down Rowan wood, I found it best to follow the road from the Shire to Bree. This yielded much Rowan wood. Start from one side of the map in the Shire and follow the main road all the way to Bree town. I have pointed out what road in this map:

You will be making Boiled Light Leather which requires 2 light hides for 1 boiled light leather. The wood will be processed into Treated Rowan which requires 2 Rowan Wood for 1 treated rowan.


Tier 2 - Journeyman
Resources used:
Medium Hides
Ash Wood

Total amount of resources needed to master tier: 210

The best place that I found for ash wood is in the North Downs, located north of the town of Bree. I have highlighted the area in green on the North Downs map located below in the Tier 3 section.

For only being level 15 I did not bother finding mobs which dropped medium hides as they would probably be greater then level 15.


Tier 3 - Expert
Resources used:
Sturdy Leather
Yew Wood

Total amount of resources needed to master tier: 270

Yew wood can be found all over the Fields of Fornost in the North Downs. The area has been highlighted in red. No special tips about this place, there are some bowman around but not many that you can't out run.


Tier 4 - Artisan
Resources used:
Pristine Leather
Lebethron Wood

Total amount of resources needed to master tier: 330

Lebethron wood can be either gotten in Angmar or Trollshaws. Trollshaws is by far the easier of the two. Wood can be found by just sticking to the road going back and forth and most of it will show up on radar. The mobs here are not that aggressive, some flies that will chase you, boars that will threaten to attack you if you stay close long enough and some other non-agro mobs.

Trollshaws are located past the Lone Lands.

Here is the map of Trollshaws:


Tier 5 - Master
Resources used:
Exceptional Leather
Black Ash Wood

Total amount of resources needed to master tier: 390

Black Ash Wood can be found in the Misty Mountains. Gathering this wood is not hard; the hard part is getting to the Misty Mountains. The first time you try and get there is the most difficult. Some tips about the travel include, be sure to stop by the stable masters so you can use the horses next time you want to go up to Rivendell/Misty Mountains. Also towards the end of the trip (highlighted in blue in the Trollshaws map above) you will NOT want to stop running, there are hidden cats that will take half your morale away just when they spot you. Again, stop by the stable masters.

I have highlighted the area where it is easy to gather the black ash wood. Once you know the area you will find out what spots spawn wood and can make the rounds by going straight to those spots.

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Posted: April 19th, 2007, 9:35 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: April 19th, 2007, 9:58 am

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Good Guide althought i would use Borrow downs for ash and lonelands for yew but thats just me. it is alot less danger.

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Posted: April 19th, 2007, 10:17 am
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I have been using this guide and it’s great. Good Job knucca

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Posted: May 14th, 2007, 11:37 pm
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great guide, it has help me a lot :D

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Posted: October 4th, 2007, 4:39 am
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There's a spot just north of Oatbarton which is better than the Bhargest for Sturdy Hides. I sat there with my 28 hunter, dropped a fire and just nuked the crap out of hundreds of wolves. They respawn very quickly, and there are no other mobs that interfere.

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