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Posted: March 26th, 2009, 9:19 am

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from: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?p=3542973

author: SeanEtCetera


I figure I would share this for those who need it or who don't want to explore on their own. This is information I've collected for my guild, and is based on now two spring festivals, and it all seems to have been the same so far, with the exception of the new tart recipe. I've done my best to split this up into different sections as listed below to make it easier to find information.

1. Flower collecting intro quest.
2. A Fistful of Flowers
3. Items from gift boxes

1. Flower collecting intro quest
Initially, you head to the boar fountain in Bree and complete the starter quest. You'll swear you're over in Staddle, helping Eldo and the Widow. You'll initially head to the resurrection circles in three areas:

* Bree-land (outside of West Gate) - Violets
* Celondim (north of the stablemaster) -Primrose
* Michel Delving (north of Town Hole) - Marigolds

Keep these area in mind for later.

One you collect these, you head back to Bree and do some running around inside of Bree.

2. A Fistful of Flowers
So now you've run around Bree delivering flowers and candy. You can now pick up the quest titled "A Fistful of Flowers" from an individual near the Boar Fountain in Bree. This is a timed hour-countdown quest where you pick up flowers in different areas.

Now, the areas around the resurrection circles get camped quite often, as a number of people don't leave the initial area once they are gathering for an hour. If you widen your search, you can tend to get more, while at the same time snickering at the people in OOC and Advice saying they can't find any.

In Bree-land, the flowers can primarily be found north and west of the resurrection circle, though you can find some on the south side of the road near the bridge to Bree, but that's as far south as they go. They can be found as far north as Dogwood's Farm and the southern edge of Everclear Lakes, and as far west as the "ERN" in Southern Bree-Fields. On the south side of the road, the flowers can be found until the area around the brigand encampment in the ruins and Adso's farm.

In Celondim, patches of flowers can be found south of the river between Celondim and Duillond, around the resurrection circle, and west of Celondim. They can be found as far south as near the entrance of Nen Hilith. You can even find some in Celondim hear the Vault Keeper.

In the Shire, patches of flowers can be found as far from Michel Delving as Dora Brownlock's farm, which is where the change over from the Delving Fields to Hobbiton-Bywater occurs. You can use the beginning of the word "Hobbiton" on your map and draw a line straight down to the road, and that's the eastern edge of where patches of flowers grow. If you draw a line from the top of the "h" in Hobbiton and go west, that's the northern edge of the flowers. If you hit Rushock Bog, you've gone too far north. For the southern edge, I don't think I've seen any south of Waymeet, though you can often find a patch or two in Waymeet.

I hope this helps those trying to find flowers. I'll try and keep tabs on this and make corrections as needed.

3. Items From Gift Boxes
A note on opening boxes: Rumor has it (and based on what has happened to me, I believe it) that if you open the boxes too quickly, you'll end up with a deluge of Blueberry Tart recipes. IF you want a greater variety of items, open the boxes slowly.

All Gift Boxes
Note of Affection
Blueberry Tart Recipe - T2 Cook

Blue Gift Boxes
Black Corsair Eyepatch
Fancy Dwarf-make Quiver Recipe - Quiver - T2 Tailor
Fine Hauberk Recipe - Clothing - T5 Tailor
Finely Stitched Backpack Recipe - Backpacks - T3 Tailor
Long-sleeved Corsair's Tunic and Pants Recipe - Clothing - T4 Tailor
Strawberry Tart Recipe - T3 Cook

Red Gift Boxes
Black Corsair Eyepatch and Hat
Blackberry Tart Recipe - T5 Cook
Elegant Long-sleeved Dress Recipe - Clothing - T4 Tailor
Fine Woodcutter's Pack Recipe - Backpack - T3 Tailor
Sturdy Elven Quiver Recipe - Quivers - T2 Tailor

Green Gift Boxes
Fancy Hauberk Recipe - Clothing - T5 Tailor
Fine Quiver Recipe - Quivers - T2 Tailor
Plain Long-sleeved Tunic and Pants Recipe - Clothing - T4 Tailor
Raspberry Tart Recipe - T4 Cook
Potted Iris Recipe - Housing Item - T? Farmer

Reported on Official Forums but box type/actual name unknown
Potted Bluebottle Recipe
Bluebonnet Flower pot Recipe

One final note: While running the flower quests last night, I used both my 60 Captain and 32 Warden. The Warden is (with the speed boost) by far the best class to use if you want to ninja flowers or stand a chance at getting flowers if you do not have a horse yet and there are higher levels running. This of course is only the case if the mobs in the area will not aggro you.

Also, since I've mentioned this, I should add the following: try not to be a jerk when picking flowers. If you happen to see someone running for the same patch of flowers, try finding a different one. Since you might be seeing that same person over the course of an hour, they might do the same for you. That said, if they abuse this trust, ninja away!

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Posted: March 30th, 2009, 1:14 pm

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