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LOTRO Guides - The Assault on Archet (Instance walk thru) : LOTRO - Guides

Posted: March 27th, 2007, 10:24 am
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Courtesy of (TenTonHammer.com)


Bestowal Dialog:
'We must leave this place so that the others may put out the fires.'


Archet is under attack. Jon Brackenbrook and the other hunter will guard the pass east into Archet, but you must go forward and learn the fate of Mundo, Celandine, Amdir, an Captain Brackenbrook.

Objective I

The breach in Archet's east wall is due west of the Hunter's Lodge. You must premvent the Blackwolds from recapturing Mundo.

Objecctive II

Ned Pruner is grievoulsy wonded and requires assistance.

Objective III

Make your way furtgher into Archet and find Amdir. After you defeated the prisoners, Ned Pruner told y ou that Eogan was looking for the hobbit, Mundo Sackville-Baggins. He also told you that Amdir could be found somewhere ahead and that you should aid him in the defence of the Mad Badger Inn. After ned died, his wife Peg came to attend to his body.

Objective IV

Tehre is a well in the square. Amdir was able to escape from the town square before the flames blocked the way. He has asked for your help in drawing water to douse the flames so that you may return to th e defense of the Mad Badger Inn.

Objective V

With the flames doused, the way to Eogan and the rest of teh Blackwolds is clear.

Objective VI

Protect Archet by defeating the Blackwolds and their leader, Eogan. Amdir was rendered powerless by the morgul-would he suffered from Nazgul, and now it is up to you to save Archet from the Blackwolds.

Objective VII

With Eogan defeated, you should speak to Mundo, who seems the most shaken of teh hobbits.

Objective 8

It appears Eogan was only wounded, and upon hearing Mundo's words, realized that Mundo was not the Baggins he sought. he made his escape, saying that Amdir may prove a great boon to his cause. With Archet apparently safe from the Blackwolds, you should speak to Celandine and see to her and Mundo's safety.

Now for the Walk thru:

As you arrive into the instance you will get a quest called Instance: The Assault on Archet. You will see Jon Brackenbrook and a Hunter further down the hill, but they have nothing to say so you can continue past them. When you approach the Hunter, he will be pierced by arrows from a Blackwold Striker.

As you continue a bit further you will see a Blackwold and a Blackwold Striker. If you wait, they will separate and you can take them one by one. Or you can kill them both at the same time. After they’ve been killed you will see another two Blackwolds guarding an opening and a Blackwold Striker on a wall opposite them. You do not need to kill the two Blackwolds who are guarding the opening, because it is blocked by a metal gate. But if you want, you can kill them for extra experience. Then you must kill the Blackwold Striker who is close to the wall. When he his dead, wait for your morale and power to regenerate. Then you can go around the wall.

After turning to see what is behind the wall, you will see two Blackwolds fighting a Brood Watcher. Upon approaching them, the Brood Watcher will die and the two Blackwolds will fight you. Kill the Blackwolds and continue to follow the path. A short distance away you will find a Blackwold and a Blackwold Striker fighting two Chetwood Spinners. When you get close enough, the Chetwood Spinners will die and you’ll be attacked by the two Blackwolds. When you’ve killed then, let your morale and power regenerate, then keep going down the path.

The next group you encounter will have two Chetwood Spinners fighting a Blackwold and a Blackwold Striker. This time when you go close to them, the two Blackwolds will die and then you will have to fight the two Chetwood Spinners. When they are dead, follow the path to a final fight between two Chetwood Spinners and a Blackwold. The Blackwold will die and you will have to kill the two Chetwood Spinners.

If you continue a bit down the path you will arrive at the Archet East Gate. Through the gate you will see Archet burning, dead people on the ground and Blackwolds fighting the remaining citizens. Before you enter make sure that your morale and your power is completely regenerated.

When you enter, you must approach two people who are kicking a man on the ground. The two people, a Prisoner and Calder Cob, will attack you. Kill them and you will be told to talk to Jailor Ned Pruner. Wait for your morale and power to regenerate, and then talk to Ned, the man who was being kicked on the ground. Ned will tell you to talk to Amdir. When you click ‘Continue Quest’, Peg Pruner will open a door and run in to see if Ned is alright. Leave through the door she came through.

You will find two Blackwolds on the other side of the door. When you kill them, turn to the West and you will see Amdir sitting up against a house. Talk to Amdir and he will tell you to draw water from the well. Turn to the East and you will see the well. Walk up to it and double click it to draw the water you need. When you have the water, turn back to the West (towards Amdir) and walk over to the fire that is behind him. If you get close enough, you will automatically put out the fire.

Amdir will stand up and run in to the town square. Follow Amdir.

When he stops, he will begin to talk to Éogan, Servant of Angmar. Éogan will stab Amdir with a morgul-knife and Amdir will leave following a Blackwold. After he is gone, you must fight two Blackwolds, a Blackwold Striker and Éogan. They attack you one by one until they are all dead. You will be told to talk to Mundo Sackville-Baggins when they are all dead.

Mundo is near the stairs of one of the buildings. When you talk to him, he will tell you to talk to Celandine Brandybuck. Before you get to talk to her, Éogan stands up and leaves with the remaining Blackwolds. Talk to Celandine Brandybuck when you are ready to travel out of this instance to a now burnt down Archet.

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Posted: March 27th, 2007, 7:34 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: March 29th, 2007, 2:17 pm

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This instance is pretty straight forward, I could not possibly imagine needing a guide for it. Plus it's part of the noob experience that makes it so much fun.

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Posted: March 30th, 2007, 11:49 am

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yea didnt see he got it from tt hammer. Well 50 points and moved to confirmed.

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