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Posted: March 29th, 2007, 7:53 pm

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Why can’t I leave the starting area?
You can only travel to other towns from Archet or Thorin’s Gate after completing the introduction quest “Assault on Archet” or “Skorgrim’s Tomb”, respectively. The early quest lines serve as introductions to both the story and gamplay of LotRO. Once you complete them you will be able to travel to other starting areas, in case your friends are playing another race from your own. For more info on Quests and Story, see our Quests and Story Guide.

How do I travel to other towns?
Initially, there are only two ways you can get to other towns: 1) by walking there or 2) by renting a horse from a stablemaster. The former is cheap but can take some time, while the latter is costly, but quick.

Stables and Horse Rides

How do I find a Stablemaster?
Stables appear on your mini-map as the horse-head icon so they should be easy to spot when you near them.

Do all towns have a Stable?
No. For the starting areas, stables can only be found in the towns listed below. But you’ll be glad to have them either way, as they can save on a lot of footwork.


Ered Luin: The towns of Celondim, Duillond, Thorin’s Gate, and Gondamon.
The Shire: The towns of Michel Delving, Needlehole, Hobbiton, Brockenborings, and Stock
Bree: The towns Combe, West Bree, East Bree (the southern gate), and Buckland.

Can rented horses take me anywhere?
No. When you rent a horse from a Stable Master, your travel is limited to that Stable’s known travel routes. Not all towns are connected directly to one another. Sometimes you might have to make connecting trips.

How do I know which towns I can travel to?
The Stable Master will tell you which towns you can travel to from his Stable.

Why won’t the Stable Master let me ride to [insert town here]?
You have to discover a town on foot first before you can rent a horse to get there. What’s more, you have to talk to the Stable Master in that town to prove that you’ve already been there.

The Maps of Middle-Earth

Ok I’ll walk… but how do I know which way to go?
Hit the M key to bring up the world map. Some places on your map will not be filled out until you visit them. So initially, you will have to rely on quest descriptions and helpful strangers to show you the way. But the map will at least show you the mountain ranges and other world boundaries.

What are the flags on my map?
Flags represent POIs or “points of interest”.

How do I use map coordinates?
Map coordinates are given in S and W values. The farther you go south, the higher the S value, and the farther west you go the higher the W value.

How do I get my own location?
You can find out the coordinates of your own location by typing “;loc” without the quotes into your chat box. This is helpful for telling someone where to meet you, or to remember a good place to hide from nosey hobbits.

Speed Buffs

Is there a way to run faster?
Hunters can learn the skill “Find the Path” at level 14. This increases the fellowship’s run speed by 15%. If you ever want to get somewhere quicker without spending the money, find a hunter friend to help you out.

Instant Travel

Is there a way to get home fast?
After you complete the Introduction quest (“Assault on Archet” or “Skorgrim’s Tomb”), you will get a “Map Home” as a reward. Clicking on this map will let you travel instantly back to your hometown.

How do I set my hometown?
Find a milestone in the town you want to set as your hometown and click on it. You can change it whenever you want, and will find this feature useful for getting back to town when you need to sell goods, repair items, or turn in some quests.

Is there a “teleport” skill?
Hunters have useful “teleport” skills but only at higher levels. They act a lot like the Map Home skills, and can come in handy during fellowships.


Level 26: Guide to Thorin’s Hall - Recalls the fellowship to Thorin’s Hall
Level 32: Guide to Bree - Recalls the fellowship to Bree-town
Level 38: Guide to Esteldin - Recalls the fellowship to Esteldin
Level 46: Guide to Rivendell - Recalls the fellowship to Rivendell


Can I get my own mount, not just pay fares to ride a horse?
Yes. You can buy a horse or a pony from Eogar, the Horse Master in Northern Bree-fields for 4 gold 220 silver. But you cannot ride it until you are level 35. You also need to have the passive Riding skill.

How do I get the Riding skill?
You must complete the quest “Bree-town to Trestlebridge”, given by the Mayor of Bree, to get the Riding skill.

All Roads Lead to Bree-Town

Bree is so big and confusing… how do I find my way around?
Hitting the M key while in Bree will bring up a local map of the town. Click on Filter Map Notes will drop down a list of icons you can choose to appear on the map. Click on the icon you want (e.g. Trainer) and the icons will show up. Hovering your cursor over the icon will bring up its description and coordinates.

More words of wisdom? Teach us, Oh Great Trinity Divine!
Nay, you have all you need for now. With these pieces of insight tucked away in your brain, no navigation quandary will be too much for you to handle. So hit the road, adventurer. It may be long and winding, but the sights you’ll see will be worth the toil.
From LOTROVault


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