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New to LOTRO - Requesting Assistance. : LOTROExtreme

Posted: April 21st, 2009, 7:29 pm

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I just started my trial account today. I played for about 6 hours and made a few levels and I have about 200 skins I can sell once I pay to play and can use the auction house.

At low level 4-8 where is a good place to grind for gear and coin.
I'm not really interested in exp at this point. I want to farm the lower tier for what I can. Then move on.

I'm a Magic User Type (rune-caster or something else) at L4 now with about 87silver and if I can manage to get up to 5 gold before my account expires I would actually like to pay to play.

Any tips, hint, or suggestions would be helpful.

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Posted: April 22nd, 2009, 6:22 am

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without the ability to use the ah, there is no real way to get 5 gold just killing mobs and selling their drops to npc's

even with the improved drops put in at book 14 I don't see how you could do it

if you had access to the ah you might be able to do itr playing 12 hours a day, but even if you had 12 hours a day to play to sell your hides, wood or ore by just using the trade chat channel ( can trial members trade?) you would have to spend a huge amount of time spamming the trade channel, risking being put on everyones ignore list if too persistent...

in regular play my characters rarely had the price of a horse (4 gold 220 silver) at level 35 even my champ who I leveled to 50 in 21 days wasn't able to have that much coin

but if you could get a founders invite the 9.99 a month isnt too steep so getting the ah ability would really help you reach your 5 gold goal, then collect all the tier one wood ore and kill wolves and cave claws for light hides

the shire and ered luin by thorins or celendom are easier for your level than by archet/bree

hope you enjoy lotro read their main forums you'll find tons of info there

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