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Mabinogi Guide [PETS] : Mabinogi - Discussions

Posted: December 7th, 2009, 5:19 pm

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Mabinogi Pet Guide


Welcome to Mabinogi Pet Guide. I thought I would be the first to post this can get some TU bucks o.o

Picking out your pet

Well picking your pet depends on...

- If you want to use it for Combat
- Getting Rich
- Storage
- Transportation/Traveling
- Or decorative.

If your a beginner, I would suggest getting a combat pet.

Combat pets are useful in combat, for extra strength, and knocking back the opponents.

Attacking opponents with your pets, ESPECIALLY with an archer will help you extremely.

Here are my SUGGESTED Combat Pets.

Mini Bear - 7,500 NX/$7.50, dances if you play music, good sized inventory, boosts owner’s HP and Stamina stats.

Minature Pinscher - 5,900 NX/$5.90, finds items, can tell if a chest is real or a simulate, can boosts owner’s Stamina, Intelligence and Luck stats. (Good for DUNGEONS)

Gray Wolf - 4,900 NX/$4.90, knows Smash and Counterattack at level 1, boosts owner’s HP, Strength and Stamina stats.

Combat pets are extremely helpful when leveling up and keeping storage.

If you ONLY have about 10NX to burn, I would suggest a Mini Bear/Panda/Polar Bear.

These bears are expensive yet overall, worth it. If you are going to be cheap and get a cheap pet, you will buy something that is what its worth.

Bears give a great amount of extra damage when going in dungeons and attacking enemies.

Transportation Pets

When exploring Maginobi, transportation is vital.

Without it, you will be stranded walking for hours.

When having a transportation that all changes. Fly mounts are extremely useful, but expensive. You should really just pay the extra $2 to buy one.

Mounted pets also attack, but are mainly weaker than normal pets. (Non-ridable)

Two-Seater Fly/Ground mounts are helpful for parties or raids in dungeons.

Decorative Pets

Sometimes people buy pets, just to have them. Especially large pets.

Pets dance when you play music to them aswell, (Only a few)

Thank you for reading my guide.

- Beyonddead1 (NO LEECHING!)


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