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High Level Rappelz account for sale : MMO & FPS Buy / Sell / Trade

Posted: September 15th, 2010, 6:24 am

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Selling my Rappelz account. Three characters plus some gpots.

Naga server (US)
Lvl 109 Chaos Magician job level 50
Lvl 30 Sorcerer
Lvl 10 Rogue

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+3 Illusionary mind level 10 (R5 helm)
+8 meteoric robe level 10 (r5 armor)
+5 Luna raid gloves level 10 (r5 gloves)
+9 Sage staff level 10 (r5 weapon)
+3 energy of asura level 10 (r5 cloak)
+3 Luna raid boots level 10 (r5 boots)

All of above have +16 Vit and +16 Int stones

+4 ancient belt level 10
eye patch of Harok
Palace crystal level 10 (r5 necklace)
Earrings of Sylph Level 1 (r5 necklace)
Bacchus Ring level 1 (r5 ring)
Moon Struck level 1 (r5 ring)
Magical bag

+10 Yeti level 80 (achievement pet - bound to this character)
Yeti equipped with:
+5 Double-Headed Dragon Armour level 10 (r4)
+4 Great Axe level 10 (r4)

+11 Blue Pixie level 101
Blue Pixie equipped with:
+2 Contract With Mephisto level 10 (r4 staff)
Moon Struck level 1 (r5 ring)

Have cards for all CM skills - all are +2 except:
+3 Fire Blast
+3 Fire Field
+4 Neutralize Magic
+3 Windy Shakle
+1 Summon Creature
+4 Lightning Field
+3 Fire Arrow
+3 Lightning Bolt
+4 Corpse HP Drain
+4 Meteor Shower
+3 Spirit Of Fire
+3 Corruption
+3 Life Leech
+3 Dark Spiral
+3 Spell Breaker

CM inventory
63 Blue Potion Lv 6
285 Spell Potion Superior
3 Wind Potion deluxe
2 Spell potion deluxe
6 quick potion deluxe
15 resurrection scrolls
56 return scrolls
282 restoration scroll lv 6
32 mana recovery scroll lv 6
3 creature name change
1 godmother fairy's bottle
1 permanent loot pet (pirate ship)
430 R6 soul chips
62 clear sodas
1.8 million ruppees

Warehouse contains
Trainee's bag
Luck Of Goddess Ring (r4)
72 mana recovery scroll lvl 6
two chaos stones lvl1
420 red potions lvl 6
21 r5 defense cubes
7 r5 strike cubes
25 return scrolls
10 resurrection scrolls
317 red potion lvl 7
324 blue potion lvl 7
159 restoration scrolls level 7
1 creature name change
R7 defense cube
Druid of proud level 1 (r5 armor non-tradeable)
druid of belief level 1 (r4 armor non-tradeable)
128 mana recovery scrolls level 7
reducing tool set
2 great seer stones
3 r6 strike cubes
2 r6 defense cubes
1 skill cube
2 t-protects (non-tradeable)
27 stamina savers (non-tradeable)
105 million ruppees

Item box contains:
1 14 day rest tent
1 respecialization potion - expires 7 days after moving into inventory - non-tradeable

Gpotato account has 150 gpots, 2130 points, and 130 pchips.

Looking to sell only, not to trade. Email rg8zqx65z4@snkmail.com if interested.

DISCLAIMER: By offering, inquiring about, or viewing this listing you
are stating that you are in NO way affiliated with Gala-Net or any
associated entity. Rappelz is a trademark of Gala-Net. All
characters, items, rupees, or other intellectual property in Rappelz
are the sole property of Gala-Net. All references to "My character",
"This character", "This account" or "My account" are indicative of my
time spent on leveling the character. This auction is not for the
ownership of their intellectual property but rather for the time
spent working on these characters and acquiring items as a form of

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