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Selling 3 SWG accounts with 675 mil credits 3 years old : MMO & FPS Buy / Sell / Trade

Posted: March 7th, 2010, 6:05 pm

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Link to screenshots at the end of the post.

Selling 3 SWG accounts in a combined sale (all 3 are sold together)
All toons are on the Chilastra Server. All toons have a name change available, and all 3 accounts are in good standing order (never been banned, or had any problems). Accounts have never been sold before. All accounts have every expansion. All toons have an ITV. All toons are human.

Account 1: ~3 years old
Toon 1: Level 90 – Medic – 5 piece first responder heroic set, high end gear (medic based suit with heal action cost reduce, heal potency pups, etc). Has several 60 points pets (1 59, and 1 48 point) many are level 90 and have several learned abilities. Has beast master necklace (faster beast learning and special abilities) 3 GCW barcs, master privateer pilot, privateer gunship, pob’s, and geared out ships. Has meditation

Toon 2: Level 90 – Trader – millions of high end resources. I have been every trader type with this toon and have made nearly every possible item using my resources. Can cap most craftable items for all 4 professions. Currently is a shipwright and has enough resources to make thousands of capped parts. Has 100 space parts already made. 40,000+ junk loot (Sells for 5,000 CPU+ at a steady rate) Has a diner (from tcg) located just outside a major star port on talus. Has a barc.

Account 2: 2.5 years old
Toon 1: level 90 – Commando (also level 90 trader if respec’d) – spec’d for jedi. Has meditation, lava crystal, old republic hilt, belt of bodo bass, and the holocron collection cloak (best in game) Also has a light bending barc and other goodies. Has a few heroic tokens and is unlocked for all heroics. Has jedi meditation temple house (TCG)

Toon 2: level 90 – trader (also level 90 combatant toon if respec’d). Has an atrt, and was used as an RE monkey (has a few +11 RE pups, and bags of stat clothing and grind clothing)

Account 3: 1.5-2 years old
Toon 1: level 90 – Officer – Only female toon of the 6 – has armor with +35’s. Has some heroics unlocked. Used as a stim bot. Has a mustafarian bunker.

Toon 2: level 90 – Trader – Trader, nothing too special. Has suits for crafting

There are several suits and weapons for the various toons. There are 3 suits for crafting all shipwright gear, armor crafting suit, RE crafting suit (3 of them) re arms, and much much more. There is 3 years worth of stuff and I have had well over 3-4 billion credits during that time, so expect to see a lot of stuff that adds up to lots of credits. 40+ screenshots below with just a portion of the stuff I have. First 2 accounts have several TCG loot cards to be claimed/claimed.

Together there is about 675 Million credits on hand with well over a billion that could be made from selling a portion of the stuff on the accounts.

675 million credits X 26 cents = $175 USD – DIRT CHEAP
Account 1: $125
Account 2: $125
Account 3: $75

Asking for: $500 USD

Will consider offers (money in USD only, don't want accounts or in game credits)

Payments will be made via paypal

Screenshots: http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/56e7f8ff7e2547fbabe3603cbfba8cc2/

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Posted: March 15th, 2010, 9:02 am

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wow alot of goodies there price may be a bit high for some peeps but well worth it a pity it aint on farstar

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Posted: March 18th, 2010, 11:39 pm

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how about if you dont get them sold give them to me for free

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