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Char. Builds : RYL Submissions

Posted: April 22nd, 2007, 9:57 am
asperity's Reps:
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Life Officiator
PVP Skills
Confusion 4.6
Lotus 4.6
Courage 4.0 up to you if you want 4.6, but I suggest 4.0.
Nimbus 3.0 (you need this for the MP)
Heal 3.5 enough (4.0 is waste of MP)

Skin graft 3.0-3.3 (Good if a party member dont have SG or when duo in 90+, also great for solo)
Nimbus 3.0
4.6 lotus
3.5 heal
Courage 4.6

Templar Build:

188 con
189 Str
108 Dex


4-0 Fatal attack
4-6 Block
4-6 Weapon mastery (eaither blunt or sword)
4-6 Weapon strike.
1-5 Evade.

using a 188 con/str weapon with E.att Gems.
an arm with E.def
and an armor with eaither E.def OR MR (up to u....)


- add int till 30 lvl, then all put in dex till 155/165 (better 165 since, dam better armors)
- u can use chaos to decrease int to minimal
- after 165 dex, go full con (its better to add con on high lvl 70++++ cuz as high ur lvl is as more con will give hp, so dont rush with adding it)
i know, some ppl prefers putting into wis (lots of mana, high magic rez, faster cooling down spells, etc.) but as rune u need more hp, cuz ull be 1 hit for good archer/sin

for spells :
i have
4.0 shock
4.0 pois
4.2 gaia (will be at 4.6 since have better stoping time)
4.0 dark
4.3 response


pts in dex until lvl 35. after lvl 35 pts into con until 120 con. 42 int after 120 con, then remaining pts into dex.

120 con is for shield and boots.
42 int is for lvl 2 magic cell and dark power (both optional).

4.1-4.6 dagger skill
3.1-4.6 combo strike
2.1-3.1 dodge
3.1-3.5 slight attack(for those who know how to use it)
2.1 magic cell(optional)
2.1 dark power (optional)


188 str => 2h 188str sword
165 con => 165 con armor
rest goes into dex.

4.6 full swing
4.6 sword mastery
4.6 slight attack
=> these are the main skills you need. free skills points are up to you.


165 con => 165 con armor & 158 con blunt, Rest is up to you.

168 DEX
165 CON
164 +-Wis


-35 int
-158-159 str
-250+ dex

-learn magic cell 1-5
-learn dark power 1-5
-learn spirit max
-learn multi max
-learn camo max if you like i use max others use 4-0 only
-use the rest of your skills for dark-sword i use only to attack towers in arena lvl 3-0 does 547 damage ^^

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