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Posted: April 12th, 2010, 5:09 am

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Hi all happy! Our idea (XpecTz & Iatex) with this server is to have an active wilderness, with ripe administrators and moderators.
We will keep the economy at a reasonable level and do so fair competitions as possible!

RSCScar is currently F2P with a maximum level 99th We will probably upgrade this to P2P maximum level of 99 or so we will keep F2P and raise the max level to 110.
It all depends on how it goes:).

With mature and experienced administrators and mature players, this server can go far as we hope. Runescape for us is awfully funny that we hope you also think and that is why you play .. Have a nice day and see you on RSCScar!

[size=10pt]We offer our members:[/size]
* RSCDaemon/EasyRSC/Stork based server.
* Clan system + ClanTags.
* PK styled.
* Good looking client.
* Large client + Small Client
* Good game play.
* Many updates.
* Mature Mods/Administrators.
* Clan wars

[size=10pt]Server details:[/size]

* Clan system + Clan Tags infront of your name + ClanChat.
* Delay for npc attacking.
* Theiving .
* Good money start (Mans hut).
* 1k start money + Food Chef and pots.
* The monsters are duplicated 2x.
* F2P with 99 max stat. (Will upgrade to P2P or stay F2P with 110 max stat.
* XP rate = 50x / Donators = 50x x 1.5.
* XP in wilderness = 65x.
* Big + Small client.
* 10 minutes AFK delay

[size=8pt]Regular Commands:[/size]
:: say
:: online / :: onlinelist
:: skull
:: stuck (30 seconds delay)
:: buy id amount (Runes and Bronze Arrows, Iron Arrows and Crossbow Bolts)

:: createclan <name>
:: Invite <name>
:: Clanaccept
/<your> (this is to talk in clan chat
:: Leaveclan
:: Clankick <name>

[size=8pt]ClanLeader commands:[/size]

:: Clankick <name>
:: Claninvite <name>
/<your> (this is to talk in clan chat
:: Clanmod <name> (Coming soon).

Download the client and login (Registers your character when you first time login.)
OBS: You can only create one character every 10 minutes.
You can only be in 1 clan at same time, and you can only create 1 clan each 2 hours..
ClanModerate a member in your private clan is about to come soon.
If Clan leader kick you out from clan or if you leave a clan then logout after, to get full effect.


-Kill picture. Says who killed who with what item.

-Store with ruby ammys and pots. The other guy in there sells wepaons.

-Clan Tags

-Talking in Clan Chat

-Shows clan member logging out and logging back in

-Clan war area


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