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Runescape Player Killing Guide : Runescape Discussions

Posted: March 25th, 2009, 1:10 am

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1. Intro
Player Killing also called ‘Pking’ is fighting in the wilderness against other players to win their armour and stuff they

wear. Pking is a very good way to earn much money but you can also lose all your stuff in the wilderness.

2. The wilderness
The wilderness is an area in the north of runescape. In this area are different kinds of wilderness levels. These levels

decide which other level players you can attack.
For example: A level 77 player in wilderness level 1 can attack a level 76,77 or 78 player but if he goes into level 2

wilderness he can be attacked by players with level 75,76,77,78,79 and so on. The higher you get into the wilderness, the

more players can attack you.
To check in which wilderness level you are just look at this sign that will appear on the right side.
This sign looks like this:


3. Combat zones
There are two different combat zones, a non multi combat zone and a multi combat zone. In the non multi combat zone you can

only fight 1 versus 1. And in the multi combat zone you can fight whole battles with many people at the same time. If you

want to know in which combat zone you are just look in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The crossed swords mean that

you are in a multi combat zone and if there are no crossed swords that means that you are in a non multi combat zone.

A multi combat zone looks like this:


A non multic combat zone looks like this:


4. Skulled and Non Skulled
If you attack one or more people in the wilderness you will get a skull above your head, this means that if you die, you

will lose all your items. However you won’t get a skull above your head if you attack someone who already attacked you a

first. This doesn’t mean that if someone attacked you a week ago, you can now attack him and won’t get a skull for

attacking him, it’s only for a short period of time. Under here you can see a skulled and a non skulled person.


5. Teleporting
Teleporting is used by many Pkers and really is the best way to escape from death. However you have to be at least magic

level 25 and must have the runes for teleporting. Also, if you go deeper then level 20 wilderness you can’t use any

teleportation spells. So be careful and don’t let someone lure you deeper then level 20 wilderness if you don’t want to.

Under here are all the F2P teleportation spells surrounded by a red circle.


6. Good f2p Pk spots
In the whole wilderness can be killed people, but however that won’t say you will always find someone to kill. That’s why

there are a few good Pk spots where many people will come. Under here are the spots named, in which wilderness level they

are, if it’s a multi or non multi combat zone and where they can be found.

- (Hill) Giants.
Giants is one of the most popular Pk spot in the F2P world. Giants is in a Multi combat Zone so be careful many people can

attack you there. Giants is in level 16 and 17 wilderness and can be found North-east of Varrock. See the map under here.


- Varrock wilderness level 1
This is the most Popular Pk spot in the F2P world. It’s in a Multi combat zone so be careful. The name already says it,

Varrock wilderness level 1 is in level 1 wilderness but at lvl 2 and 3 are also many people. This spot can be easily found

North of Varrock. See the map under here.


- Greater demons (GDS).
This is a really dangerous but also fun place for Pking in the F2P world, it’s in a Multi combat zone at level 45 and 46

wilderness so be very careful you cant teleport there! The Greater demons can be found North from Varrock at lvl 45 and 46

wilderness. See the map under here.

- (Dark Knight) Castle.
The Dark warriors Castle is very popular for people who want to fight only 1 versus 1. The darkwarriors castle is at level

13,14,15 and 16 wilderness. The castle is in a multi combat zone but the area around the castle is in a non multi combat

zone. The Dark warriors castle can be found North-west of Edgeville. See the map under here.


- Rune Rocks (rr)
This is the only rune mines spot in the whole F2P world. This is a very popular Pk spot because you can kill rune miners

here. The Rune Rocks are in wilderness level 44 and 45, and are in a non multi combat zone. The Rune Rocks can be found

North of Falador at level 44 and 45 wilderness. See the map under here.


- Moss Giants.
This is a popular training place for many people. The Moss giants are in wilderness level 36 and 37 and are in a non multi

combat zone. The Moss Giants can be found North of Edgeville at level 36 and 37 wilderness. See the map under here.


- Bone Yard.
A lot of people train prayer at Bone Yard so that makes it a good place for Pking. Boneyard is in level 28 and 29

wilderness and is in a multi combat zone, and can be found north from Varrock. See the map under here.


Name of spot Which wilderness lvl Multi or non Multi Where can be found
(Hill) Giants 16,17 Multi zone North-east of Varrock
Varrock lvl 1 wildy 1,2,3 Multi zone North of Varrock
Greater demons (gds) 45,46 Multi zone North of Varrock
(dark warriors)Castle 13,14,15,16 Non multi zone North-west of Edgeville
Rune Rocks (RR) 44,45 Non multi zone North of Falador
Moss giants 36,37 Non multi zone North of Edgeville
Boneyard 28,29 Multi zone North of Varrock

7. Pk tactics and extra’s
There are many tactics and extra’s in Pking. Under here I will show some popular tactics and extra’s used in F2P Pking.

- Strength Potion.
A strength potion is a potion that makes your strength level higher for a short time. This is very useful if you want to

deal more damage to someone. A strength potion only works for melee attacks and not for ranged or magical attacks. Under

here you can see a strength potion.


- Prayer
Prayer is very useful for Pking. There are many different prayers, but they are all good for Pking. Under here you can see

the most popular F2P prayers used by Pkers.

Name of Prayer Prayer level required What do they do
Protect items 25 You keep 1 extra item if you die
Steel skin 28 Increases your defence by 15%
Ultimate strenght 31 Increases your strength by 15%
Incredible reflexes 34 Increases your attack by 15%
Protect from magic 37 Protection from magical attacks
Protect from missiles 40 Protection from ranged attacks
Protect from melee 43 Protection from close attacks
Eagle eye 44 Increases your ranging by 15%
Mystic might 45 Increases your magic by 15%

- Death dot (dd)
A death dot is a place where many people stand in. This is very useful because your opponent will see only 1 dot on the

mini map and cannot attack all opponents because the menu gets too big. There are two ways to get into a death dot without

attacking the persons in the death dot. The first way is by clicking ‘walk here’ on the death dot. And the second way is

by using the mini map. Under here you can see the two ways to get into a death dot.


- Death march

Note: You need a large group to do this to get the full effect. At least 20 people.

Spread out your team and walk (or run) to a desired location. This way you can surprise your opponents and make them scared

(because it will look like a lot of people)

- Death match (dm)
A death match is a battle when you fight until death. You may not run away or teleport from a death match, you have to

fight to death. A good way for fighting a death match is drinking a strength potion and use the Ultimate strength prayer,

because this will give you a quite big strength bonus.

Article From http://www.Top1gaming.com

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Posted: July 15th, 2009, 5:39 pm

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Maybe I'll dust off my old character now. I totally want a player killer! just for a few days.

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Posted: August 21st, 2009, 1:02 pm

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/nay out of date, wildie no longer a pvp zone

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Posted: September 29th, 2009, 5:06 pm

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