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Release Scions of fate Trainner (Soft) : Scions of Fare - Discussion

Posted: April 7th, 2010, 5:47 am

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Hello to everyone at GamerzPlanet am a programmer from ElitePvPERS. we have release multiple hacks for alot of games but none for scions of fate. i have been playing this game for around 2weeks now and i've received alot of PM asking if we can make hacks for this game and if its hackable.

The answer is yes; yes it is, if you know how to sniff packets from the scions of fate server. We have been working a scions of fate Trainer which we have decided to release today

Edit:21/05/2010 this is the new scions of fate hack coming in a couple of hours to Ianpb don't worry there is a fix for you
Edit: it was supposed it be posted now but when i was testing it it refuse to start it had an error saying: so that's why. it may be today or tomorrow[/color]


NEW SOFT:new soft look! this is it!



color=green]EDIT: NEW: TELEPORT FEATURE: you can only go chaos stronghold when authority clash begins.( i didn't add certain places because of the risk of being banned>
I have removed the fly hack because people reported that it made them laggy this trainer is in open beta so it's now avaiable to everyone do you can now rejoice if you don't like it you have all right to spank me you the people demaned the new feature and the new look so it's really your fault
if you tried to download the trainer and couldn't it's possible that it had reach the download amount of people which is 32 for testing). but now that's it's in open beta it's avaiable to everyone!. Also there is no such thing as a NCA$H hack nor will there ever be, that requires serious hacking into netgame server and you will be looking at serious time in prison! so please don't PM me about that any more TY. one more thing DON'T try to donwload the old trainer the file no longer exsit on the web wait for me to post open beta:[/color]

EDIT: Download link for the new trainer( 1st 32 people, to get it started once i have seen that 32 people have downloaded and start using it. i will take down the link: and you will have to get it here:
http://www.click2sell.eu/buy?jovansci <-------no serveys!
http://www.mediafire.com/?2exjzhq0oeu <----- 1st 32 people free

The Trainer includes:
Move Speed
Attack Speed
Revive Button
Fly Hack
See other's levels
God Mode
Zoom Hack
Autopill - 100%
Swear Filter Bypass


Launch the game, launch the trainer, set some options and enjoy. When you close the trainer, the cheats stop working.
If you can't see the trainer, look for it good, it's small :-)
I'm lazy so no more instructions now. If you want something, write here or at my site or to my email (it's "hidden" inside trainer)

If you would like to support us and inspire of to make more hacks for scions of fate please download it from here http://www.mediafire.com/?ymwtfzmwyow note that you don't have to download it from there only download it from there if you would like to support our work. download the read me from mediafire link above

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Posted: June 28th, 2010, 9:32 pm

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i just paid $31 for this and it doesnt even work! it just keep saying "cannot download the application. the application is missing required files"

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