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make an agrobot/druid farm group : SB Submissions

Posted: July 6th, 2006, 2:23 am

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ok, arguably the best farming team, an agrobot and a druid, heres how ya do it

The Agrobot
the way i did it

starting runes
the two con ones, i think its warlords page and one other, just look through list, one takes 12 points, other takes 8
and take the one that gives 200hp and 20%regen

toughness - gold
group health regen - gm'd
single tar % heal - gm'd
personal def buff -gm'd
single tar con buff - gm'd
forgemaster armor hone - gm'd

Str - after int is raised, put into str for little extra def, and more holding room
Dex - minimum
con - max it after the 40 con
int - get to about 50, then worry bout con, after con is done, then raise int
spr - minimum

Stat runes
40 con


seems simple right? kind of wrong... you need armor, the best you could possibly ask for is 4/4/2 resist armor. or second best would be 4/4/40hp. now, how do you play him?? it actually takes some getting used to, what you do is run him into the camp, hit some mobs, then run your health regen chant... the mobs should agro him, and hopefully call for help, after they do that, you should have the whole camp on you, run the druid in, and start earthquaking... now, after the druid does that, a couple might attack the druid. so you hit health regen again, and they come back... the thing you gotta start doing is watching that chat window, and looking for just the druids name, and if you see it, you hit the regen on the bot. keep him in walk stance, and out of combat stance, in defensive, with the regen running, dont do anything else...

now onto the druid

take the two int starting runes (brilliant mind, wizzards aprentice)

raise nothing but int/spr, and take the highest int rune you can find

now skill wise, your gunna want to get block to 95, gold nature lore, benidiction to 69 (for summon)get restoration high enough to get regrowth, your going to have to find a pl group to get the agrobot and the druid to r5-r6ish before you can do any real farming, so use my lowby leveling guide i made to get them r2ish, then your guild should have some pl groups sometimes... when you hit r4 you get call lighting, dont train it, it cost's too much mana, and doesnt hit hard enough (altho gm'd it does more dmg then eq, it cots almost double the mana) wait till r5, then train earthquake (eq)... thats all you will need, gold nature lore, and gm earthquake. you wont be able to gm'd with out spiking it untill about 72ish. which with the agrobot, after you hit about r6 with both chars, you can pl yourself. you will eventually want 10 int, 10 nature lore, 30 mana regen jewlry, but just 10 int, 30 regen will work for now, a robe with 10 int and a hood with 10 int will help too but they arent necessary.

now how to play, you will want offensive stance, and to be in walk mode, walk mode helps alot because when in walk, you regen mana while casting spells, and you regen just a little bit faster. you let the agrobot keep the agro, and should he need a heal, you have regrowth to heal him, and if things get really bad, he has his 75% insta-heal. you earthquake, then wait for your mana to get back to full, (shouldnt take more then 10~15 seconds) then do it again, make sure that if you get a mob on you, you hit the regen chant again on the agrobot. when you get really good at this, you can macro the druid to eq, and play the agrobot/loot mino and junk the stuff in a city for TONS of cash, ive made upwards of 3mil an hour junking gear at my fav farm spot =D but for that info you will definatly have to give me premium account =P


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Posted: July 6th, 2006, 10:39 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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