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Posted: October 4th, 2006, 3:28 pm
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Welcome to the world of SRO alchemy. Im sure we are all familiar with the alchemy using the elixers. So i wont get into that.

As you hunt in the world of SRO to lvl yourself or your wolf you might come across some wierd items and wonder [Now what the hell do i do with this]. Well look no further becuase help has arrived. Those are special items which can be converted into ELEMENTS [Earth, Wind, Water, Fire] as the magic powers combine Captain planet is bo...... Ooops sorry thats sumthing completely different Very Happy

Any way *cough* the way that these strange items can be changed into ELEMENTS is with Void Rondo, now i know what ur thinking [Void WHAT]. i assure u its very simple. Go visit ur friendly neighberhood Grocery trader and buy some Void Rondo. Each pot is 20gp. I would buy about 200 at first.

So now you have your Void Rondo [dont u just love the name XD] and your wierd slightly disturbing items. YAY.... o w8 what do u do now?

Press the [Y] key and the Alchemy screen will pop up. Simply place your Void Rondo in there and then you will see that 8 boxes opend up. In these 8 boxes place ur freeky wierd item thingys. When uve placed all you can or all you have simply press FUSE ALL and watch the Alchemy work its magic [OOOOO PERRTY COLORS]. Make sure u have decent Inv space so u can collect all the ELEMENTS.

Now that we have our elements [you will probably be jumping for joy at this moment] it is time to Store them. Yes thats right, Go crazy and use your new 5th page of Storage. If u want you can sort them into ELEMENT and Lvl. [hehe geeky i know XD]. Now if u think I WANT MOREEEE MORE I SAY but u think that going out to collect the freaky items is a waste of time then DONT worry, SRO also thought of sumthing for u lazy ppl

This is where we meet Void Rondos BIG BROTHER Destroyer Rondo [oo cooler name XD]. What this does is to simply DESTROY your item and replace it with ELEMENTS. To use is simple. Press [Y] and insted of Placing the VOID rondo place the DESTROYER rondo [i love all these rondos]. The Destroyer rondo can also be bought from the Grocery trader and costs 400 a bottle so dont buy to many XD 100 is good. Now when u have the Destroyer rondo equiped u will notice that only 1 square opens up. You place the item u want destroyed (Wepon, Shield, Accessory or Aurmour) in there and click FUSE ALL. and watch again the pertty colors. YAY MORE ELEMENTS

But now u have many elements.... what to do now O.o???

Well unfortunatly those who are lazy will not like this part. U need to go hunting [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO] *cough* sorry. XD. Yes well you have to go hunting and collect Tablets [Where Does Joymax come up with these names XD there so coool O.o] Yes everytime u collect a tablet it wil have a different property for a different item [read the Update for that to big to post here].

Ok u lazy ppl u can buy them if u need but beware its a new item and it will be expensive,

Ok so now u have a Tablet and u have some elements. What to do O.o?

Well in each tablet at the bottom u will see it has some ELEMENT requierments for it to work. Well what you do is. Press [y] and place the item in the Alchemy ring. Now u need to place the required ammount of correct lvl ELEMENTS. when u have done this. thats right u guessed it press FUSE ALL. and wala it will be fused. Now u can update your Item for whatever the Tablet gives. YAY.... but remember read about the tablet first. It will say what its for... and for what item.

Now this is the ANNOYING Part. When u fuse ur tablet and elements u will get a STONE O.o.... Now this u can treat Just as you will treat an elixer.. Fail or not. So you would do it the same way you would do an elixer. And now. Fuse. [your heart stops]

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