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Beginner Guide To Trading : SR Submissions

Posted: July 28th, 2006, 5:25 am
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Ive noticed alot of people have trouble with trading usually lvl 20 who just cant wait to go on trade runs. But the problem is... they dont know what to do! not to fear, this guide is for you.

First off, what you do is go to the trade merchant and pick up a trading idenity card, wear that and go buy a camel from the stable i prefer around 3 camels, you never know you might die and have to run back for your goods. then buy pills to heal your camel i prefer 30 potions because 5 or 6 is not enough. then spawn your camel and go back to the specialties shop and get 13,000 gold worth of goods. i say 13,000 because thats around the highest amount of money you can carry Without going over a one star trade run. The benefit of a one star trade run is that player thiefs cannot attack you, and you only spawn 1-2 npc theifs at a time, which compared to a 2 or more star trade run you spawn around 3 npc thiefs and player thiefs can attack you. so play it safe for now and do 1 star trade runs. if you buy goods more than 13k then you will be doing more than one star.

Now, you should get heading out of jangan right now. but where do you go!? below is a picture of jangan/donwhang mapped out with a SAFE path to take.

this is the map to your 1 to 7 instructions

look at the numbers marked along the red line draw, these numbers will tell you what is here and what to do.

1. your just heading out and there should be nothing tot worry about.

2. no harm here, just yeowha and tigers, shouldnt be a big deal.

3. Heres where it increases difficulty a bit, the things here to watch out for are tiger,white tiger and black tiger. you can ignore them or get off your camel and kill them, whatever you like.

4. you've just crossed the ferry and you are met by chakji. they will attack and usually they attack in groups. if they are attacking in groups just stay on your camel and use pills. if theres only 1 or 2 then you can teach them a lesson.

5. you made it passed the chakji now to come across devil bugs and ghost bugs. devil bugs will hurt you so avoid them at all costs. ghost bugs are harmless.

6. you've just entered the Hyungno Homeland home of the Hyungno ghosts(harmless) and the Hyungno Ghost soldiers(are strong and will attack you) try to stay on the road at this point.

7.your almost in donwhang and here you will find earth ghost. STAY ON YOUR CAMEL!! earth ghosts are strong and fast! spam pills! you might find demon horses here also so do that same for them.

Congratz! you made it to donwhang now just go to the specialties shop and sell all your goods and misson acomplished![/url]

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Posted: July 28th, 2006, 2:55 pm

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How much can you profit off of just selling 13k worth of goods though?

Is it worth the time and effort?


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Posted: August 27th, 2006, 10:47 am
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nop its not the worth of time and effort no point to me unless u need cash then yer

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