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Fast Leveling Guide&Top 3 Builds, check this out! : SR Submissions

Posted: July 31st, 2006, 8:20 pm
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Top 4 Builds Guide!

The top 4 builds were created after countless hours of trial and error, intense study of Korean play, and a lot of math work. Each build has a strength and weakness, but these 4 builds are miles ahead of any other combination. These 4 builds are the foundation for any player who has dreams of being a hardcore player. It is my duty and privilege to introduce them to all of SRO and to teach the new generation how to build there character and use it properly.

The Nuker:

The nuker is the main damage dealing build in the game. In a well balanced party they are responsible for dealing massive damage and taking out enemies from long range. They do very will in PvE, they do very well in wars, and they excel in dungeon combat. There one shortfall is in 1v1 PvP in which they are based on luck. A block of a nuke will be what tips the scale in the favor of the enemy. The nuker is also the fastest leveling build possible.

When we begin to build a nuker we must remember a few basic facts. The fire imbue is stronger and better then the lighting imbue. The fire nuke is also stronger, faster, and hits farther. We will be creating a duel nuker and fire will end up the main mastery. Lighting is the sub mastery and will be just as important to keep up. A lot of nukers go for lighting instead of fire as the main mastery. They end up quitting there character as soon as they begin to die, and there character does poorly in PvP.

When a nuker levels up, it is IMPORTANT to only put stat points into int. Some people want HP so badly they make the mistake of putting stats into str. They then end up with a weak nuker who can not deal damage, can not tank, and will just about suck in every way possible.

At level 150, which is the highest level possible, you will end up having to balance your masteries to get them to 300 without going over. The nukers main weapon will be both a sword/shield AND a spear. You need to get both sword and spear masteries up to 20, and max out all the skills up to 20. Your fire mastery will max out at 150, and your lighting will max out at 110.

When do you use a spear and when do you use a sword/shield? You use a spear when you can one hit a mob or a player. This will get you the most exp in the least amount of time. You use a sword/shield when you need to 2 hit mobs with both nukes. This will give you defense in between your nukes.

For skills nukers have it easy. They only go up to level 20 in spear and sword, and do not have a lot of skills to max there. For lighting they will max out just about every skill, so there is no guess work there. For fire they will max out every skill also, except the firewall skill which is useless.

The 3 Strength Fire Builds:

The strength fire builds are exactly what they sound to be. They are tankers. They deal less damage then the nuker, but can tank much more. They have more HP and do much better in PVP and 1v1 combat then the nuker.

Bow: The advantage of the bow build is the range. You can kill without letting the enemy get close to you. You deal extremely high damage for a strength build, and do very will when it comes to leveling.

Glaive: The advantage of the glaive is the high close range damage and the splash damage. You can kill anything around you, and you are hard to mob. You are very strong, and you deal high damage also.

Blade: The blade build is the weakest damage build around, but the strongest tank build possible. They are the slowest leveling build, but the best possible PvP build around. They can tank tons, and use less pots.

Masteries: A strength fire build, no matter which one, has the same mastery goal. The goal is 150 mastery in your specific weapon, 100 mastery in fire, and 50 in lighting. This way you can keep the weapon mastery maxed for maximum damage, the fire mastery high for great fire damage and buffs, and the lighting masters will also be at a good spot to give you great mobility.

Force Skills: The skills are simple for a fire strength build. In lighting you will want to max out the passive and the run. Lighting will max at 50 and will be an easy job just to max out these two skills. In fire you will want to max out all the skills except for the nuke and firewall.

Weapon skills: This is where it begins to get complicated. Each weapon has its own set of skills that work best. Some weapons such as blade have 3 skills that are needed, some such as bow have a large number of skills that are needed.

- A blade character should max out his passive and his combos. Both 4 hit and 5 hit will be the core of his build. They will help him level, help him PvP, and will be his basic skills.

- A glaive character has a harder time. He needs to max out his passive, and all the skills with a % over 200. These skills will be his basic attacking skills.

- A bow character needs to max out his passive, his range buff skill, his bird buff, anti-devil bow, 2 hit combo, strongbow, and any other skills he finds useful.

When it comes to you stat points, NEVER put points into int. You do not need it. You already do less damage then nukers, why lower your balance any more. Put all points into str. This is a must.


Grinding Guide!

Definition of Grinding: Leveling non stop using a proven system to out level normal players. Aka "Power Leveling"

The 1st thing u need to do it open up the options of SRO. Change the pick up hotkey to space bar. This will improve your grinding time a lot.

Advantage of a fast Run:

A fast run is one of the most important things when it comes to leveling. Let’s do some basic math. If it takes you 6 seconds (one imbue) to kill a mob, and 12 seconds to get to the next mob, that would mean that you get one kill every 18 seconds. What if you could cut down the 12 seconds of walking down to 6 seconds? You will level 33% faster. That right there is an incredible increase in leveling.

A good way to run really fast to a mob is to have flash-run. Then you select a mob, point over its head, and hit the flash-run hotkey. As soon as you begin to flash-run, hit your attack hotkey, and you will flash run, then begin to run at the mob, with no time wasted just standing there. This is also a great way to catch people running away from you in a job suit.

The Perfect Grind:

The perfect grind is a concept that allows players to have more focus and structure when grinding. A perfect grind is when you pot up, pill up, repair your equipment, then go out to level and stay there until your weapon durability reaches 6 and begins to break. This will give you something to look forward to every 2 hours, and you will know exactly when its time to go and repot. Each build has a different amount of pots they need to bring with them to archive the perfect grind. If you experiment with a few perfect grinds, you can find out the exact amount you will need to bring. This will cut down on shortages in pots or mp pots when you are out leveling. You will be able to stay out longer, and waste less time running to town. This concept allows players to level much faster and stay out much longer.

Green Mobs over White (Strength builds only):

For a strength build there are times when fighting green mobs is better for leveling. If you can kill a mob in one combo and 1 or 2 normal attacks, then that is an ideal way to level. The best way to gain EXP is to gain it at a fast rate. High exp/Long time is the same as low exp/low time. What you need to find is a place where you get average exp/low time. This will be the best place to level at.

One Shot (Int. builds only):

For an int build it’s all about the rate at which you kill. If you can one shot a mob with a nuke, then that is where you should level at. Find the highest level mob that you can one shot and you will find the fastest leveling place you can possible be at. Simple as that."

Posted: August 1st, 2006, 2:57 am

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exact same thing except this one gives one more fire build.

im going to give it a nay for that reason but not submit for plagarism unless someone else wants it to be

can a premium member vote yay or nay on this

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Posted: August 19th, 2006, 12:07 pm
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Nay, But good effort bud.

Posted: August 19th, 2006, 12:35 pm

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just going to mod nay this now.


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