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(Guide) All Buildings Guide : SR Submissions

Posted: August 29th, 2006, 7:40 am
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All Buildings Guide :


Pure STR

(suggestion of equipment ¨C garment for pvp and magic monsters ¨C protector for physical monsters)

Pure Strenght characters must be the ones that go to the real battle, face to face, and have no fear of being hit, because they are tanks, they are all muscles and all power. Pure Str are NOT support characters, so taking Force wouldn¡¯t sound to be too much of a good idea for them, except for the mp bonus, that is useful ¨C but not essencial. Pure Str users shall use only GLAIVE or BLADE. And one last thing: they are NOT nukers, so forget the idea of taking them. Pure Str shall ALWAYS take the weapon skills, because that is what will be most useful for them.

A. *Glaive*

About Heukal skills, aim for Flying Dragon and Soul Spear. Ghost Spear or Heuksal Spear are useful as well, but just choose one of them to up. They are basically the same thing. Do not up the fanning spear nor the annihilating series, they will just eat your sp.
Now, the chains are the MOST useful Heuksal skills you will get. You got to choose 2 paths: or Tiger chain / Nachal / Pluto ¨C or Tiger / Shura / Dragon. The main difference is in the number of hits. The shura / dragon give more hits than the Nachal / Pluto, but not necessarily more damage. The shura / dragon is good mainly to avoid blocking most of the hits, while the nachal / Pluto aims for time advantage of killing first.

1. Pure Str + glaive + fire + lightning = the strongest attack power in the game, mostly because of the +16% magic bonus of lightning added to the fire imbue and the heuksal skills. Also good because of the grass walk and the lion shout. The parry should be not too useful, but it¡¯s better than nothing. The bad things about this building is that it offers no def. counterpart, as the shield does, and the 1000hp bonus won¡¯t be that useful against strong nukers. Getting Fire Protection series is basic here, or your character won¡¯t do a thing at the game. Also get Passive skill of fire. Nukes aren¡¯t a good idea for this character, only if you really want to.

2. Pure Str + glaive + fire + force = The glaive imbued with fire gives a strong attack, and force works for a defense and support matter. Not too bad, but this should not be a support character. The advantage goes to the 1000+ mp bonus of the passive skill, what helps a lot. Also good for hunters to have force, because you will want to resurrect the trader that you are protecting if he dies, right? Also, the Therapy Series are tooooo much useful while fighting giants and at high hostile areas, giving you time to rest and saving your money (otherwise you would have to spend many pots). Again, never forget to up Fire Protection, or you will die for sure. No nukes.

3. Pure Str + glaive + fire + ice = A strong war tank. Almost invincible against physical attacks, because of passive skill and frost guard of cold mastery. The Fire mastery shall stand against magical attacks, along with full set of garment. This one does not need protector, only garment all time. And garment should help him a lot, because he is a complete mp eater (bad for money indeed, you will use lots of mp pots). Try to get some skills at ice that slow opponents, like the Binding or the Frost Nova (Winds and Woods). You don¡¯t need to up them more than lv1 if you don¡¯t have sp enough. Get the passive skill the highest you can. I suggest to don¡¯t get Cold Imbue at your weapon. It won¡¯t help that much, and your main imbue should be fire always. The best tactic with this guy is to freeze or frostbite your enemy at range, use Flying Dragon series (at range) and then put your fire imbue on and make as many combos you can, especially chains. No Nukes.

4. Pure Str + glaive + lightning + force = The strangest building for glaive. Your attack shall be light-based and you will get a magic bonus, along with 1000mp bonus of force passive skill. The tactic I see with this is using light nukes at long range, or Lion Shout, than go near and try to kill as fast as you can. The obvious weakness of this building is the fire ¨C I repeat, fire is ESSENCIAL for Pure Str, or you will be way too weak against full-int nukers.

5. Pure Str + glaive + lightning + ice = Again the fire matter, but it¡¯s more defensive than with force, and this player can actually kill pure str people that aren¡¯t too strong at magic counterpart and use mainly phys, skills. Mainly imbue must be lightning, but it¡¯s not the best use for glaive, I repeat. Better not try it.

6. Pure Str + glaive + Ice + force = Way too strange. Your main imbue will be the weaker one ¨C ice. Even if it does protect you against physical attacks, you already got this protection with your full str building, and you will be a dead person if you meet a nuker. Please do not even think about this building, it¡¯s a complete waste of time. Rated HWT (Hard Waste of Time).

B *Blade*

The most useful Bicheon skills are, of course, Hidden Blade + Killing Heaven + Sword Dance, and that¡¯s what you shall take and use in fights. Up all the shield passive skill, you will need it.

1. Pure Str + blade + lightning + fire = strong attack and a good defense. This one should kill most things in front of him without problems. But do not forget to get the bicheon passive skill, and fire protection series, along with thunder magic bonus. When you get a high blocking rate, nothing will stop you. Take Lion Shout as well, but only to call enemies fast for you. You aren¡¯t a nuker ¨C remember that. Protector is enough for monsters.

2. Pure Str + blade + ice + force = Should take fire, but Ice + shield provides you with a great advantage against glaive pure str users, and 1000mp bonus is good for you, but not the best. Must use garment.

3. Pure Str + blade + ice + fire = The strongest defense in the game. With a good Blocking Rate and a wise use of the Ice skills that slows your opponent before using fire imbue to attack will put you at a position at great advantage, among with your magic (fire) and physical (ice) defense. Just be careful with long range lightning nukers or Ice/fire glaive users ¨C they have chances of killing you. Of course, as a good mp eater, you should use garment all time and spent a lot of mp potions ¨C about 6 times the amount of hp ones.

4. Pure Str + blade + Ice + Lightning = Bad because of no fire protection, but as I said before, Ice + shield is good against glaive users, and with a lightining bonus it should be even more strong. Not very bad, but there are better options.

5. Pure Str + blade + fire + force = Good for the fire protection and for the mp bonus, that shall let you make good combos without running mp too fast. Perhaps the better use for blade, along with the fire / ice one.

6. Pure Str + blade + Force + Lightning ¨C Not good because of the fire. Lightining won¡¯t help you that much as the fire does. Do not even think about this building. It¡¯s classified HWT (Hard Waste of Time).

Pure INT

(Suggestion of equipment; try armor most of time, and protector sometimes. Garment isn¡¯t a option, unless you got a strong set and a stroooong range attack.But armor for PvP is the best.)

Pure Int people are divided at 2 sides: Support People and Destroyer Wizards. As they have fewer hp than pure str ones, they can¡¯t get to close combat without great risk, and so their strategy is mainly attacking from far and try by all means not to let him come closer ¨C or you will die. Ice is good to have, but not essencial, it¡¯s like armor ¨C you will only need that kind of things at close combat, and we know you shouldn¡¯t do that. For Int types, you should use mostly SWORD and SPEAR. Also, full INT character don¡¯t need too much the Weapons skills as pure str does ¨C you can go take only Magical Masterys and, of course, NUKES. Nukes are essencial here, the very soul of Pure INT building.

A *Spear*

(for Heuksal skills, same as glaive)

1. Full Int + Spear + Fire + Lightning = Strong magical combination. Take the magical bonus of lightning and use mostly fire nukes ¨C it should destroy everything in your way. If you want, Lion Shout is a good magic to use before the nuke, for it makes the opponent parry go down. The only bad thing about this building is: it¡¯s a matter of killing first or dying first, If you do not kill fast, you will die. Terrible character for enduring Lags. Be sure you are patient to the extreme before going with this.

2. Full Int + Spear + Fire + Ice = Good attack and defense, perhaps the most equilibrated of the spear choices, and strong to fighting another nukes. Be sure to get the fire nukes and to get Frost guard and passive skill from Cold, along with Frost Nova if you want to.

3. Full Int + Spear + Fire + Force = Kinda support character, but very weak against Strong Str based characters. Should avoid this option if you can, but not completely useless. Armor all time, of course.

4. Full Int + Spear + Cold + Force = Better support character than before, for cold makes a better defense and it¡¯s also nice to help your str-based partner against his enemy. You should abuse force skills, especially Ressurect, Therapy and Vital Spot, along with the passive skill.

5. Full Int + Spear + Cold + Lightning = Not bad, good defense and freeze moves + light nukes and magic bonus. Grass Walk is useful too. If you see your partner battle won¡¯t get good results, then it¡¯s a good option to RUN. Don¡¯t be afraid of running, you aren¡¯t close combat type.

6. Full Int + Spear + Lighting + Force = Good option, Lighting will give you good nuke attack (better than fire) and you will be capable of heal or resurrect your partner, with the bonus of running if things do not get fairly straight. The passive force bonus will be very helpful too.

B *Sword*

(for sword skills, same as blade)

- Most Nukers use sword, for it provides a better def than spear does. It sure is a good compensation for less powerful nukes (trust me, you are not like pure str ¨C you need defense).

1. Full Int + Sword + Fire + Cold = Strong attack and very high defense. Up the shield skills along with frost guard and fire protection series and you¡¯ll be almost invincible at battle. The bad thing is: you won¡¯t have res or therapy circle skills, but your defense and shield shall not let you die easily. Can use protector.

2. Full Int + Sword + Fire + Lightning = The best set for nukers, provides a excellent magic attack along with a escape grass walk if needed, Defense here shall remain only with fire protection and shield series, what means a good option to fight another nukers. Should set armor or protector. If you wear garment, be ready to die fast when fighting Strong Str-Based face to face.

3. Full Int + Sword + Fire + Force = Good attack, not so good defense, You won¡¯t run of mp fast here, but your dmg probably won¡¯t kill your enemy before he gets close to you. Support Character mainly.

4. Full Int + Sword + Cold + Force = Best Sword support character, if you are searching for it. Cold shall give you fair physical defense and freezing skills (that will help your partner). This is also good for ressing your partner if he dies, because your def you let you some time for you to do that. This is NOT a Destroyer Wizard, so keep yourself away from lonely fights when you can.

5. Full Int + Sword + Cold + Lightning = Lightning Nukes and a shield + ice defense shall make you a formidable opponent against str-based ones. Use the skills wisely.

6. Full Int + Sword + Lightning + Force = Better than fire for nukes, worse for battling Int based. Just be sure to have someone with you, or Force will be almost useless.

Special Masterys Set of Pure Int ¨C Pure Wizard Path

As I¡¯ve said before, as full int you are not forced to take a weapons skill (be it bicheon, heuksal or pacheon). You can just take Magical Masterys and be a full wizard. If that¡¯s your path, here are some options.The worse about this path is that magic attacks are usually slower than weapon ones, and you won¡¯t have chains or anything. Just be sure to have a sword, even if you don¡¯t up the weapon skills. If you got a good Blocking Rate (BR) you should get a stronger defense that you will need. Do not try spear, unless you are too confident your attacks will kill anyone in front of you very fast.

1. Full int + Fire + Force + Cold = Strong Defense along with support skills. Shall kill most of int-based ones before in PvP. Can use protector, armor, or garment (if you use set, the chances of being killed by full Int falls even more).

2. Full Int + Fire + Force + Lightining = Strongest nuke combined wisely with 1000mp bonus and fire protection, Very Good against another nukers, you kill them faster than the upper one. Just be sure to don¡¯t get hit by str based, or you will die. Armor set is best.

3. Full Int + Fire + Cold + Lightning = Yes, I think most of you find this to be the perfect wizard, with control of the 3 magical masterys. And indeed this is the perfect combination of good defense and good attack for pure wizards. Remember, up the magic bonus of lightining and use fire nukes all the way. Ice you should take just guard and passive skills. If you set armor or protector, there are chances of winning even against pure Str Characters. The bad thing is that you will need lots of SP farming and Lots of Mp (force would help you with that).

4. Full Int + Cold + Force + Lightning = Last option for Pure Wizards, and perhaps the better one. Lightning at Max shall give you a strong magical attack, and Cold will hold you in earth for a time against Str based. Try to take Freeze skills too. If you set this as a Support character, it will be the best one ever among Full Int type.


Complete Hybrid

(Suggestion of equipment: the best set for this is protector, but you can use all without much problem, depending on your masterys)

The hybrid character stands for a good equilibrium of his mp and hp, and have a bonus to not get killed for either Pure Str or Pure Int very soon. The weakness here is that you won¡¯t get as high damage as pure one does, and so this is not a killing character. Do not have illusions: your character will lose most PvP against pure ones, if you are alone. That¡¯s why hybrids hold more BOW weapon, to attack from far range (farther than nukers), and become very skilled supporters. Hybrid have option to get nukes or not, but my advice is don¡¯t. If you do, forget the bow and take a spear, that will help you more with this matter. If you take bow, do not forget to up the Cold or Fire walls, they will help you most against all other buildings that have damage advantage against you.

A *Bow*

Pacheon: Take the Hawk skills (mainly first and third books) and the explosion arrow series. Anti-devil is too much useful, but if you got a strong imbue and a wall, try get Strong Bow series as well, you will have time to shoot it. Break Heaven is optional.The passive Skill will help you a lot, so be sure to up it.

1. Pure Hybrid + Bow + Cold + Force = That is the better for support matters, and you will hold against pure str for a good time. You can set garment if you want to. Be sure to get frost guard and Cold Wall, and the passive skills. Your cold imbue makes not necessary to get Frost Nova or freeze skills. Should not be nuker.

2. Pure Hybrid + Bow + Fire + Force = Good attacking choice, take all passive skills and go for it! Can use armor if wanted, and it¡¯s better for fighting nukers. Do not forget to take resurrection and therapy skills, and it¡¯s very good to take Fire Wall.

3. Pure Hybrid + Bow + Lightning + Force = Lightning isn¡¯t a good set for hybrid if you don¡¯t take cold or fire as well (what means no walls). If you want to take spear, this is the one for it.

4. Pure Hybrid + Bow + Lightning + Cold = If you are an attacker, make lightning your main imbue and get physical guard of cold, If you are a support one, get the Ice wall, Ice Imbue and the Magic Bonus of lightning, along with grass walk. Better put lightning imbue, though.

5. Pure Hybrid + Bow + Lightning + Fire = Put Fire Imbue and get Fire wall and Fire protection series. Lightning will make more for grass walk and magic bonus. Can take concentration if wanted. Lion shout isn¡¯t best option here, but it¡¯s possible. This is another option for spear, if you really want to.

6. Pure Hybrid + Bow + Fire + Cold = Good choice. Use Protector always, and take both walls, or set armor / garment, and take just one defense wall. It¡¯s up to you. Here is better taking Freeze Skills and Fire Imbue. Take all passive skills.

B *Another Buildings*

Here finishes my work, I hope it can be helpful for all of you. Of course I know that there are another buildings, more int based or more str based (not pure) but they are so many that I can¡¯t put at this piece of guide. So mainly Str types should look more for the Pure Str guide, and mainly Int types should look more for Pure Int, and make your own combinations. For example: mainly str have some bonus mp, then they can choose not taking force skill; or mainly int have some physical def provided by the str, then they can choose taking up spear instead of sword/shield. It¡¯s up to you.

credits Bruno Neves
and for sro.mmosite.com

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