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Guide To Enchanting/Alchemy : SR Submissions

Posted: February 26th, 2006, 7:19 am
silkroad's Reps:
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Guide to Enchanting in SRO

Let's begin with the basics. Enchanting a weapon basically means increasing it's stats by applying an elixer of some kind. Elixers can usually be dropped as Accessory Elixers, Weapon Elixers, Armor Elixers, Protector Elixers, Shield Elixers or possibly Garment Elixers (although I have never personally seen one...).

Next, we can proceed to special features of an item that give it greater chances of enchanting, or affect the process in any way. The only way you can get these is from a drop. If you've ever noticed blue text on your item which has said 'Steady', 'Lucky' or 'Immortal' you know what I am talking about. I will define their implications below.

Steady - The object will not lose stats if it fails. Rather it will just remain where it was.
Lucky - The object has a greater chance of a successful enchanting.
Immortal - The object can not break if enchanting fails.

The item will usually also say the number of times that this will take effect - ie: Steady (1 Time/s)

If you would like to increase your chances of success with enchanting, you can also purchase 'Lucky Powder' from the Grocery Owner in every town. It is under the third tab when you enter the shop. Lucky powders are not necessary, but they seem to effect the success rate a lot. You should purchase a lucky powder which corresponds to the degree of the item.


You would like to enchant your Merchant's Hook Glavie with a weapon elixir. The glavie is degree 3 (it will tell in its stats). Thus, if you would like to have the greatest chance of success of enchanting it, you should buy a 3rd Degree Lucky Powder.

The process by which an object is enchanted is called 'Alchemy' in-game. You can access this by pressing 'A' for actions, and then right clicking the 'Alchemy' button.

You simply drag the item that will be enchanted into the far left area (surrounded by the jewels). Next you add your elixir to the slot right of it. Lastly, you can add your lucky powder in the slot after it (although it is optional).

I have successfully enchanted a Degree 3 Protector Chest, Degree 3 Shield, Hunter's Hook Glavie and more...

Some have failed however.

Until you start getting degree 4, or possibly degree 3 items, you should probably just hold onto or sell your elixirs. A weapon elixir can easily sell for 50k, as average prices seem to be above 65k. Other elixirs sell for less, with accessory elixers selling the cheapest at roughly 35k or less.

mabey this will get me prem i hope :)

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Posted: September 22nd, 2006, 6:19 pm
kenpachi's Reps:
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1) The Protector Elexir works for all types of amour
2) Steady seems to be affecting durability but not the enchanting process.

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