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Make armor look way better : SR Submissions

Posted: June 12th, 2007, 8:25 pm
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**Ok, if you want cool looking armours then you will need this:
http://www.handshake.de/user/chmaas/del ... /xvi32.zip

**Now go to File-->Open and navigate to your Silkroad folder. Then click on Media.pk2 and click Open. It should start loading. And then come up with loads of crazy numbers!!!

**Now.. Just forget about these numbers and click Search-->Replace and a window should come up! When this window comes up you need to do the following:
On "find" click "as Unicode Latin (UTF-16LE)" and a tick will appear in the box
On "replace with" click "as Unicode Latin (UTF-16LE)" and a tick will appear in the box like before!
In the bottom right hand corner it says "Scope from". Here you need to click Begin and a little dot will appear beside it!

**Now, this part LOOKS tricky but its actually really easy... Ok lets start with Weapons! Here is the names you will need:
item\china\weapon\sword_XX.ddj (sword)
item\china\weapon\bow_XX.ddj (bow)
item\china\weapon\spear_XX.ddj (spear)
item\china\weapon\blade_XX.ddj (blade)
item\china\weapon\tblade_XX.ddj (glavie)
item\china\shield\shield_XX.ddj (shield)
Lets say you have a 2Degree blade and you want it to look like a 9Degree blade.. All you have to do is type item\china\weapon\blade_XX.ddj into the find part of the screen. And then change the XX to the degree of your weapon. So for this it would be item\china\weapon\blade_02.ddj Simple AS! Now in the replace part you type the same thing: item\china\weapon\blade_XX.ddj but change the XX to whatever degree you want it to look like! So for this it would be item\china\weapon\blade_09.ddj now you need to press "Replace All"

**Now you have that done.. You need to do 1 more thing for it to work properly.. You do EXACTLY the same thing but this time.. instead of using item\china\weapon\blade_XX.ddj you will use item\china\weapon\blade_XX.bsr so it would look like this:

**So if you wanted to do that with a bow then you would just do exactly the same but with the different item like this:

**And then you would change the .ddj on the end to a .bsr.. Get it? Good cas i cant be bothered with weapons anymore. Time to move onto armour. Now armour replacing is much easier!
**Go on Search-->Replace and you should be familiar with this screen by now. Here are the names you will need:
\clothes_XX (garment)
\light_XX (protector)
\heavy_XX (armor)
Lets say you have a 3Degree armour set and you think it looks ugly as hell! We can change that. Start by typing into the find part \heavy_XX <---(Dont forget the \ before heavy u need it!!) Then change the XX to 03 becasue your armour set is 3Degrees! Ok so you have that filled in, now go to the replace part and fill in the same: \heavy_XX Now change the XX to whatever you want the degree to be!

**Then click Replace All and it will do something and then ur done! save it, exit it, load silkroad and admire the shire beauty of a level 1 wearing 8'th degree garment!
P.S if you try making armour (\heavy) look like garment (\cloth) then silkroad wont load!

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Posted: June 13th, 2007, 12:11 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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