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Some tricks and programs : SR Submissions

Posted: April 14th, 2007, 11:03 am
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The solution for Expired Issue of sm.

1)Download the last sm :Easter-SM

2)Extract it in your SRO folder.

3)Download this programm : Trial Reset
100% clean trust me.

4)Then execute this programm. Click on the 4th button (ASProtect) from the top.
It scans keys.

5)After the scan click on the 4th button (ASProtect) from the top but click the arrow, then click clear.

6)Start srobot, start game and now it will work.

Taken from elitepvpers by Non_Non..

Hope this will fix for someone

for those who are missing the file "mscomctl.ocx"

go to this site and download the file http://www.ascentive.com/support/new...e=MSCOMCTL.OCX

then put it in C:\WINDOWS\system32

Alchemy Item Filiter
Just replace this file with original one.

All item list added from nuBot itemdata.xls. (Ohh good old nuBot)
Tested, worked.

SROBot will recognize materials. So U may chose to pick or not to pick items.
*New chars*

Old chars have seperated filter file.
So u may delete filterPropName(Username).pf
Replace it whit this file too, to apply changes on your profile.
Dont forget to set Sell/Store/Pick setting again.

File re-uploaded
Some items moved to right filter setting.
Now it is a little cleaner.


Put this File in your C:\Program Files\Silkroad\conf

Stone trick to gettting stones
I think the mods hate me here so im going to be nice for once. Maybe some of you know this trick and some dont but it might help you.

A good way to make some money in sro is by using rondos. For example, if you have an 8 Deg item, destroy it, it will give you 4 types of elements. Sometimes it also gives you stones (Luck, steady etc)
But you dont really know if it will until you break it down, but there is a way ^^

Here is what you will need:
**200 Destroyer Rondos
**You last night items drop (Better to be 8 Deg)
**Only Two Slots in you inventory

Now, place the rondo into the alchemy bar and the item you would like to check. Press Ok and look in the bottom right corner. Its will say "Cant Destroy x slots needed" 4-6 Is usually Elements only and 7-8 Means it will drop a stone. If its 4-6 Npcs it, if its 7-8 Destroy it, simple

Tell me what you think, maybe everyone knows this already iono



8 TH deg

the demon/devil eyes seem to drop the most STR and INT tabs...

Snipers / Hunters seem to do ok also...with the most SUN drops...


1 - 3 Mangyangs
3 - 6 Small ghosts
6 - 9 Weasels/Water Ghosts
9 - 13 Yeohwas
13 - 16 Small tigers
16 - 19 Normal tigers/black tigers/white tigers
19 - 20 Chakjis
20 - 21 Devil bugs
21 - 23 Hyugno ghosts
23 - 25 horses
25 - 27 gun powders
27 - 29 earth ghosts
29 - 31 Those rocks,forgot the name.
31 - 33 Scorpions
33 - 35 Flowers
35 - 37 Yeowas
37 - 40 Black robbers
40 - 42 Maongs
42 - 45 bungwangs
45 - 47 Flowers
47 - 48/49 Ujgis
48/49 - 51 Ishades(need garment)
51 - 54/55 Pennon Warriors
55 - 57 Sonars
57 - 60 Yetis
60 - 63 Worms(Takla makan) or Bugs(cave) I Prefer the worms.
63 - 65 Power earth Ghost
65 - 67 Warriors
67 - 68 Moles
68 - 71 Nachals(give often zombie status) Devil eye(give often posion/burn. need 250-350 pills to carry)
71 - 73 Niya Guard / Bone Soldiers.

Europe Info

Silkroad Europe Bard Skills (Translation)





Don't download yet they are having troubles with it

Released post

Trouble shooting post

Bot Faq by Henk06

Warning: this is not a complete guide to botting!
These are just the questions that I became sick of to answer. I answered all of these questions. The answers are based on what I have learned about botting, so there might be answers missing or just wrong. Correct me and we can make a faq which solves many problems. All the questions in this faq are about botting, not about the game.
If you have questions about the game, go to
www.silkroadforums.com or
There is a official troubleshooting in which you can find many answers aswell, but that one is a bit outdated. Link:Here.

Lets start by some very, very usefull links people seem to oversee:
How to charge botaccount with botpoints
Payment details, how to get monthly and so on
Bot developers site.

And some email adresses:

List of contents

* Getting started
* Payment and registration center
* Server information
* Botter Builds & Botters codex
* Ingame botting problems & errors
* Item filter questions
* Scripting tutorial

////////Getting started

I downloaded the bot and paid for it. What now?
Read here what to do next.

I logged in with charge.exe, but when I click the white finger, nothing happends!
If the charge.exe is logged in to the bot server, it's blocking the actual bot. Close the charge.exe and then try to start game from finger. That should prompt you to find the sro_client.exe and then launch the game.

////////Payment and registration center.

Why can't we pay with paypal?
The admins of this site got a lot of chargebacks with paypal. If you still want to use paypal, contact selling or another admin here. It will take a little bit longer than the other payment methods but it will work eventually. Another possibility is moneybookers.com, they have the same ways of uploading funds and its also free. If you still want to use paypal and you dont want to wait, buy directly from bot369.com.

I paid for the botcard but I did not recieve it.
Add bot258_help@hotmail.com to your msn and get instant help.

Can we use Paypal?
Read this topic:

////////Server information

Whenever I start silkroad, this little alertbox comes up with weird signs in it.
Exit srobot and start sro without the bot. Let it update, exit, then start thru the bot again. Still doesnt work? Then try changing the path in the config file from sro_client.exe to silkroad.exe (credit to whoever posted this trick a while back).
If it still doesnt work, try rebooting your computer, COMPLETELY DELETE (from the recycle bin and all) srobot and the client, then redownload.
Or you can search for a file called "hosts" at your pc,when you found it open it in notepad and remove the ip line. It's usually located in windows/system32.

The bot displays weird signs in my chat window, and i get disconnected.
This means the bot server is down. Try to login with charge.exe in your bot folder, if that
doens't work, restart charge.exe and check or uncheck "connect to backup server" and login again.
If that doensnt work either log on to the botforums and see if other people have this problem to.
Usually the botserver will be up again within 30 minutes.

I get disconnected as soon as I get in the game. (no botnotice/ weird seigns)
This happends very often when you just downloaded a new version of the bot.
99% of the time the problem is that your firewall blocks the newly installed bot program.
Reconfigure your firewall and you will be fine.

Ok, I finally logged in, but now it says I only got 2 hours remaining.
2 hours per point. When the 2 hours are over, a new point will start counting. You'll get a notice every time a point has passed.

What is the port number for the bot server?

Help! Silkroad has been updated! We will never be able to bot again!
If there are no big updates to sro_client, just replace the one you have with the one you can download
from bot369.com/english.htm. If there is a big update, dont bot and check bot369.com/enlish.htm
reguarly for new updates.

Everytime I start the bot I get this TPC error:

Tcp Error

win socket create error!

Solution; remove and reinstall TCP/IP protocol.

////////Botter builds & Botters codex

What is a goldbotter?
A goldbotter, also known as slave, is just there for collecting gold.

How do I make one?
The ABSOLUTE best way to farm:
-green mobs
-pure str/glavie/armor-protecter (whatever you pickup)
-pickup all items
-lvl up only the masterie of glavie/force and the self healing skill
-let bot use the self healing skill
-just common attack- no skills used due to MP potion costs (which you have when you are a nuker
-use only armor/protector/weapons you pickup.
-Pickup weapon twice? check "weapon durability 0 swap with first slot" or something like that.

This way, you can spend 6 hours goldfarming on just 100-150 mp pots, and make millions a run.

I have a gold bot running this way, I earned 1,7 mil just getting to lvl 19.
It's now lvl 41 and I have made over 300 mil.

Why do people keep telling me to join a guild?
Real players socialise in game. They start making friends while they grind and build up a community. Botters dont. Nowadays, every active player is in a guild before lvl 20. Use the guild as a cover of your botting, act like an active player.

Some other bot is ksing me all the time, what can I do?
Send him a PM, since talking to him has no use. Dont start talking to other people about his rudeless botting and that he should get banned. You are ruin things for the botcommunity.

////////Ingame botting problems & errors

I get a lot of invalid target errors! aaarr
Are you a blader? If so, dont use blade force series (soul cut blade/evil cut blade/devil cut blade).
If you aren't a blader, try to reduce the item pickup delay.

addicted wrote:
checkmark the "don't attack other players monsters"

the invalid target will stop. what happens is your bot will target mob and someone else kills it and your bot is still trying to find and attack the dead mob.

My bot gets stuck at NPC!
Set your resolution to 1024*769. If its still stuck at npc, wait for new bot.

My bot does not buff.
Delete your buff list, hit refresh, and add them again, being sure to 1. not have any duplicates and 2. dont put your moving skill in it. There is a pulldown bar for that. Also, make sure you dont have any scrolls activated which can be equel to the buffs you have set.

My bot gets stuck very often.
Train in a different area if possible, and set your training range (with the little slider bar near the current area button) to something smaller than what it currently is.

My bot won't go train in caves!
If youre in the cave-say you log in there-dont have the "training in cave" box checked. It will just freak your bot out. At least, mine didnt like it. Uncheck the box and just have the x:y coordinates for the training part. When you go back to town, check the training in cave box. It should go back to the cave and the training area no problem.

My bot displays weird notices!
If this happends, the bot dev team left the debug mode on. Happends sometimes, nothing to be scared of. You will not get banned for this.

////////Item Filter questions

How do you make the bot to stop picking alchemy item drops?
The current item filter does not include alchemy item drops. That means that the bot will pick them up, but wont store/sell them. There is nothing you can do about it. But, the alchemy items make good elements when you bot, and elements make very, very good gold. If your inventory keeps getting filled up with this drops, try to find a training place with only 1/2 kinds of monsters. This way only 3-6 spaces in inventory get filled up, and you can still bot for 2 days without clearing your inventory.

How to select more than one item in the filter at once?
Shift + click / Alt + click / Control + click. This is very usefull for editing multiple things at once.

The changes I made to the item filter dont work!
After each edit you made to the item filter, click "Save edit" and then "Save settings".

////////Scripting instructions.

For the ones who dont know how to get a AutoIt script to work:

AutoIt can only be used when the bot is running. Else, GameGuard will block the script & stop the game to run.
The scipts are very usefull, and there are some marvelous scripters amoung us. We already have some great autologing scripts (botting all week without the need to check (yay!)), and a server check script.
Go to AutoIt website and download the "AutoIt Full Installation".
Install the program. (that shouldn't be to hard).
Download a login script from this forum matching your current sro resolution. Dont download a "autologin.exe. Only download a .au3 file, since you can check the script for keyloggers and stuff.
Save the script to your computer, and right click it. Click "edit script" and look for a place to put your id/password. This is al very clear, you just have to read what it says in the scripts. Some scripts have configuration.ini or something like that. When yours got that, edit that file to put your id/pass in. In most cases, the makers of the script leave very clear instructions on how to get it to work. It shouldn't be to hard.
If you dont get a script to work, just go to the topic you downloaded it from, and throw your problem at the makers. They'll help you in a minute.


I will update this post frequenlty, just ask a question and I'll put it in the faq.

V1.001 update:
I logged in with charge.exe, but when I click the white finger, nothing happends!
Why do people keep telling me to join a guild?
Some other bot is ksing me all the time, what can I do?
Added Scripting instructions

V1.002 update: (30-11-06)
Item Filter Questions
finished Scripting instructions
Fixed a few ugly things

V1.003 update: (28-12-06)
Can we use Paypal?
Ok, I finally logged in, but now it says I only got 2 hours remaining.

V1.004 update: (19-01-07)
Email adresses+links

V1.005 update: (30-01-07)
Added exit's "how to fix any and all bot problems" post

exit's "how to fix any and all bot problems" post
so sometimes im pretty stupid with programs and computers and whatnot. but throughout my time using srobot, ive come across a few ways to fix my problems, and they work pretty much every time.

NOTICE: i do NOT take credit for all of these. some came from other posts on the site. this is just a guide for people who are having problems and need fast solutions. if i missed something, post in the thread, and i'll edit this post and credit you.

1. you get that little window with the funny symbols in it when you start sro with the bot
exit srobot and start sro without the bot. let it update. exit, then start thru the bot again. still doesnt work? what worked for me was changing the path in the config file from sro_client.exe to silkroad.exe (credit to whoever posted this trick a while back)
if it still doesnt work, try rebooting your computer, COMPLETELY DELETE (from the recycle bin and all) srobot and the client, then redownload.
OR you can search for a file called "hosts" at your pc,when you found it open it in notepad and remove the ip line.It's usually located in windows/system32. credit to DR31ST

2. bot doesnt buff
this one was a pain when it happened, but it seems to go away if you delete your buff list, hit refresh, and add them again, being sure to 1. not have any duplicates and 2. dont put your moving skill in it. theres a pulldown bar for that.

3. bot gets stuck on stuff
train in a different area if possible, and set your training range (with the little slider bar near the current area button) to something smaller than what it currently is.

4. bot wont go to/train in cave
i dont have an exact fix for this. but i think i know why it wont work. if youre in the cave-say you log in there-dont have the "training in cave" box checked. itll just freak your bot out. at least, mine didnt like it. uncheck the box and just have the x:y coordinates for the training part. when you go back to town, check the training in cave box. it should go back to the cave and the training area no problem.

5. the infamous weird notices
i think it was moose who said that theyre not dangerous or anything. and theyre not. they only come up for me when i try to use an item or a buff before im able to. so dont worry about them. theyre just a little annoying. you wont get banned for them. merc says the programmers just left the debug mode or whatever on. so its not a problem

6. bot doesnt repair or buy pots or do other assorted npc things
easy fix. change your resolution to 1024x768. even if it has it listed as the current resolution, change it to something else, hit apply, change it to 1024x768 and hit apply again. sometimes on my computer if i run certain programs or play another game while my bot runs it changes the resolution for the new game so the bot freaks out. so just dont run these kinds of programs and youll be fine.
OR Update your Windows to SP2(Service Pack 2) credit to DR31ST

so thats all i can think of right now. i wont be offended by any thoughts or criticisms on this lol so please help out with it Smile ill be updating later today, as im sure im gonna screw somethin up.



Here are the features :Hidden Options




Just as the title says this patch will allow you to make GM names like GM_Cool and will remove the swear filter.

GM Name Hack and swear filter remover.

Created by: Cyberlord2k

Instructions for use:

Backup your media.pk2 file just encase something goes wrong... But it won’t :)

Extract the rar file to C:\Program Files\Silkroad or whatever directory that you

have SilkRoad installed. When asked to replace all files click yes.

Have Fun!

Download Links:




This was not created by me, I only searched it up and posted it here because some fellas where asking about it!


EDIT: fixed links!!!!!

New everything needed for botting

Well something is wrong with the forum so i am remaking my post and putting up everything needed for botting. It seems like everything posted earlier than a few hours ago has been deleted so i am posting up the stuff you need.
This is used to disable game guard so that the bots people make can be used.
1. Extract the files into your silkroad directory
2. Click on softmod to run it and then click launch to open up your silkroad client.
3.To get the new softmod to work, click on silkorad.exe
*Be sure that you replace the sro_client with the one that comes with softmod.
Many people make this more complicated than it really is. This just makes monsters pink and that is what the bot attacks.
1. You download it, and then extract the files anywhere you want, i put it on my desktop.
2. Next, open up the folder and click and drag the file mobs.txt onto batch(which is the purplish silkroad icon)
3. After a few seconds it should say finished up date, and a file called backup.txt should be made
4. To not make your monsters pink anymore, just click and drag backup.txt over batch and it should be fixed.
This is needed to run softmod, you can just google .net framework download to get it because I am not sure if i will be able to upload it.
Here is a link to go and download it- http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...displaylang=en
This is the program used to run scripts I am not uploading it, so you can go to the link and download it.
There are several good bots out, these are just the 3 that I have tested and enjoyed by retard00, Oriya, and Dozor.
!@#$%^&* Bot
He has updated his bot and made these 2.
Version 1[1].4 is the bot that needs pink monster in order to run, and is just as good as the other version
Version 2[1].4 does not require pink monster and just click around and picks up most items.
Both of his bots are well made and do a good job.
Kipon Bot
These are the Oriya bots that I thought were good as well and were the first ones I used, she has a risky and safe version.
Safe version takes a longer time selecting a target
Risky version takes less time targeting
I use the risky version like Oriya recommends.
*I have heard that using both the risky and the safe version of kipon bot at the same time makes a better bot, you coul try that as well if you like, i have not tested it

*Thank you to all of those who spend the time to make the bots, you are well loved!!!
*If there is anything that I left out, plz leave me a pm or e-mail me at bubbafuzz05@yahoo.com
*I am also looking foward to the new bot Grim42 is making, if it does all they promise, it will be the best by far!!! So plz hurry up!!!


Shimohime wrote:
lvl 3 guild level at least

lvl 3 = 1 merc
lvl 4 = 3 mercs
lvl 5 = 6 mercs-last 30 mins

union leaders can summon 1, 5, 10!

female gm will summon female mercs using the same model, male gms = male mercs of the same model

HBblade wrote:
watever u do, dont ever get str based mercs, all they do is normal hits, & i c some occasional kd from a blader, other than that str mercs sux

reddragonz wrote:
Becarefull though, There are easy to neutalize.

One trick in jobs take off your job suit while on a horse. Then as the suit is comming off ride towards the person who has mercs out, timming it just right so the mercs charge up there nukes as your suit comes off, cuasing the person to get murder status. As his mercs killed your horse. Thus leaving you free to kill him and hope for a drop.

In Guild Wars around safe zones, Get a low lvl buddy not in the war to attack a merc directly "bow works best", Run back into safe zone, then just before his purple status wears off run back out. With timming the merc charges up nuke killing you buddy turning enemy gm murder status. Thus taking him out of the war.

MADD wrote:
depending on wat merc it is: Fire merc does fire nukes (not sure if they use all 3 books of fire nuke) Ice merc does ice nuke (not sure bout books either) and light mercs do light nukes and lionshout Very Happy

PS: pacheon mercs do strong bow and combo arrow ( could be wrong bout the combo) and heuksal mercs do soul spear meaning they can stun


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Posted: April 14th, 2007, 11:41 am

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obviously a whole lotta copy and paste. we do not give premium memberships for C&P but we award TU bucks which can be used to purchase a premium membership.

also too many files to scan, people use at your own risk

Click to buy a premium account

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