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SRO Guides - Botting Guide For The Wizard Class : SR Submissions

Posted: December 12th, 2008, 4:11 pm
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We all know that boting with wizard can be really hard. Almost every mob 1-2 hit wizard even without life control. I will give you few tips on how to survive and bot 24/7.

About a week ago I thought that wizard is worst char to bot with, few days ago I've changed my mind. Here is list of thing I use:

- Testosterone ( multi client / no DC )
- AgBot
- AgSolid ( Best script maker )
- Pet to pick my items ( gold/equipment )
- 50 Vigors ( those pots will save your life ! 50 vigors = 50 less deaths :P )

Ok so there is 1 thing which makes boting with wizard possible, that's BARD Subclass, without bard's NOISE skill this wouldn't be possible at all.

NOISE skill prevent aggressive mobs from attacking you, so you are safe almost everywhere. Without this skill lvling with bot won't be possible [ at list for me. ]
Try to get at list +3 weapon, because you really need to 1hit monsters.

Ok now configure AgBot with next settings:

- Attack delay = 500
- Attack only normal/champions
- Select / kill High hp monsters first ( So bot kill champions or giants before they kill you )
- Add Harp as second weapon
- Add skills this way: First attack skill: Fire Bolt - Second Snow Wind - And normal attack skill: Snow wind. ( This is before lvl 60/meteor, no metter which lvl you are ... first skill should always be the strongest one. )

Then go to monsters which are 1-2 lvls below you. Now find a good spot with lots of normal mobs and 0 giants/party mobs.

First make sure that you can 1hit those mobs without LIFE control... this is very important.

Now set potions in AgBot this way:

With those settings your bot should be able to take giant down. ICE skill will probably froze/slow giant so his chances of killing you, will be very low.

Also to make bot kill faster click CTRL + ALT + DELETE and give real time priority to: AgBot,NuConnector,Sro_Client.

I didn't die for like 20h together(exclude maintenance today. ), also exp/sp is going really fast

I hope this will help you


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