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SRO Guides - Giodes For Using SIBIBOT : SR Submissions

Posted: December 18th, 2008, 9:48 pm
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C+P doublea500

Who has trouble finding their skills for sibi bot?

This is a guide so you wont ever have to worry!

first... get the bot started.
just click sibiprecints and then click login the click sro loader then start the game. then when you get IN your game and on your character click f7. then click on the skills!
Note:i just made this for the attacks section cause thats the hard list but it will work for the buffs and imbues.

And now the hard part
If you are just starting a character you are gonna go through the most important part of the skills!
this is the part where you have to make your order.
Go one by one for each skill!!!!!!
when you chose your first skill it would show a random thing in the bot settings but have a lvl 1 next to it!
go one by one for each skill.
you can write the symbols down one by one or you can make an order of skills.
i prefer ordering skills cause its FASTER and doesnt get you pissed off as easily.
the bot uses the skills in order. the top goes first and bottom goes last and repeats itself.
if you 1 hit a monster with the first skill and it attacks another monster it would use the 1st skill again.
This helps you with the order so if you somehow forget you can just look at what the bot is doing.
When you know what your order of skills is then you have finished the hard part.
When you want to add a new skill and you have all lvl 1 skills look at your list on the left and look for the skill that is not in the right boxes. this will probably be your skill.
the easy part is when you upgrade the skills to lvl 2!
when you do that you have to see which of the skills you put is the lvl 1 of that skill.
then you will add the new one and delete the lvl 1 skill. then, there is another hard part. not as hard as the first part but in hardyness scale its about a 7 out of 10.
ok this part makes you re do the order.
when you add a new skill (or put a skill already on the list) then it automatically goes to the bottom of the order and brings the other skills up in the order.
to do this you have to click all the skills on the left and add them to the attacks to make the new skill move up in the order of attacks.
Do this one at a time (suggested) unless you know the exact skills and wont mess up!
if your a high lvl and adding a new skill look for a NEW one that says lvl 1.
it would be easier to see the new lvl 1 skill if you dont have any other lvl 1 skills.

Another GREAT and easy way is to applocale (search on google) and run the silkroad loader with the fourth language from the bottom. thats chinese... then, put all the skills in attack(they should be written in chinese) and then save and quit sro. then go into the bot folder then config->and then the notepad (should me like:a random #_your characters name) then click in it and go all the way down. go on google translate and make it search chinese into english. copy and paste the chinese skills on the bottom into google translate and see what they are in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE

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