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SRO Pricing and Selling Guide! : SR Submissions

Posted: July 28th, 2006, 5:33 am
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this guide i coppyed from silkroadtavern

1. Version.History
2. Introduction
3. The Analysis
4. Pricing method and criteria
5. Summary
6. Conclusion
7. Credits


1. Version History
Version 0.1
-Started this guide, I dont know where its going to get xD
Version 0.2
-Opened guide and added some cases in pricing
-Fixed some spelling and unneeded info

1. Introduction
Hello people! This is my first time doing a guide so plz dont flame me T.T my aim is to give some ideas about the pricing system in SRO, and the stall prices so we all can set a fair price, and to help ppl not get scammed!! I hate that tongue.gif. Well many of the information in this guide is extrapolated, so nothing is 100% certain... Lets get started...

2. The Analysis
This section will tell you how did I get my (partial)conclutions. You need to know tho, that (and its proven) BLUE STATUS AND/OR (+)DONT ADD TO YOU NPC SELLING PRICE. You dont need to read this part if you want to get to the real help of this guide. Still work needs to be done cause i dont have all the data to work with. Well first off: What did I do? Simply i compared the "item sell price" with the "item buy price" you get at the NPC's. I used simple mathematics to get the % of the item's real price when selling to the NPC. So lets see an example (note: i am talking in the NPC's point of view, so the NPC IS SELLING TO ME, and I AM BUYING TO THE NPC):

Infantry Bronze Armor

NPC Sell price (you are buying): 4500

NPC Buy price (you are selling): 1890

Degree: 2

Level: 13

Infantry Bronze Hose

NPC Sell price: 3000

NPC Buy Price: 1260

Degree: 2

Level: 12

Ook lets work with this data... Both are armor for men and of the same degree. Everythin else changes. So lets see the relation between the prices. If divide my buying price with my selling price I obtain in both 2.38 (in other words, the npc is buying my stuff for 42% its real value! that pig :@), so that means if i find an item to see whats the NPC price i have to multiply by 2.38? Well, not really, mainly because EVERY drop is different from each other and stuff from different degree has a different ratio.
From this 1st analysis we can conclude:

Ok now lets check for 3 different and try to conclude something else:
Copper Crown

NPC Sell price: 405

NPC Buy price: 194



Copper Armor

NPC Sell price: 520

NPC Buy price: 250



Copper Sword

NPC Sell price: 890

NPC Buy price: 427

Degree: 1

Level: 1

Ok, so lets se what's different here. Before we compared the same type of item with the same degree. Now we are comparing different types of item with the same degree. Lets see what numbers we get...
NPC Sell price/NPC buy price=2,08 (note: there are VERY TINY differences, they are rounded off because teh game wont accept 245.534... gold)
So from this 2nd analysis we can conclude:

In other words, NPC buys items of 1 degree at 48% their real value
Gettin the pattern now? tongue.gif Well so we could say that stuff from the same degree has the same ratio right? This is generally true FOR NPC ITEMS so far, but i adventure to extrapolate that this rule is for items of the same degree. The problem is my friends that we can't compare items that are dropped cause the npc wont sell them... but we check if my theories are correct... lets see another item
Merchant's hook glaive

NPC Sell Price: 17000

NPC Buy Price: 6120

Degree: 3

Level: 16

Ok, phew this has taken a while lol, but lets see... the ratio now is 2.7 infinite periods (2.78 aproximated) and the npc buys our stuff in 3 degree for 36% its original value. See the tendency? The higher the degree, the more the NPC's rips us off. So, to achive the real BASE npc value (I call this the basic value, the NPC's POV value) of EVERY weapon/armor we find we should find the ratio for all the degrees? from my POV that is correct my friend... But wait, lets see 2 items more shall we?? Ok? good lets go (Note: I was working with a friend i met asuke many thanks, i forgot the name of the weapon xD lets go)
Three Ring Lightning Glavie

NPC Sell price:69000

NPC Buy price:24150



If you find anything that could be wrong please tell me! I am SoulBlad3 in the game. Ok so the ratio this time is 2.86! I know you expected more, and I did to, and this is one of the reasons im a little bit unsure of my theory... The percentage this time is 35% JUST 1 LESS FROM THE OTHER DEGREE. But oh well, lets asume that that is the ratio for degree 4 items... Now lets take a big jump: degree 7.
Muhwang's Storm Glavie ?

NPC Sell price: 750000

NPC Buy price: 55514

Degree: 7

Level: 52

This time the ratio is.. 13.51 o.O. And the percentage is 7,4% of its real value... now they know what a good ripoff is... It stills follows the same decreasing in value pattern. I need more data to be sure I am doing the right conclusions and im not just talking bull****. xD.

I am missing levels 5-6, I dont have the prices for that kind of weaps... If you have both npc buy and sell please contact me!

Ok guys now that we took the heavy stuff off lets go for the easy ones... Herbs and Accesories:

HP Recovery Herb

NPC Sell: 60

NPC Buy: 21

HP Recovery Potion

NPC Sell: 110

NPC Buy: 39

Universal pill (Small)

NPC Sell: 36

NPC Buy: 21

Universal Pill (Medium)

NPC Sell: 90

NPC Buy: 41

Lets check... I didnt put mp recoverers since they are the same price as their hp twins. Lets first compare the ones of the same type. The ratio in recoverers gives us a steady 2.82 (Npc buys at 35% of its real value) (Note: since prices are so low, the ratio will not be so accurate, since 1 gold piece will make A GREAT DIFFERENCE. Since i cant buy more expensive ones, i compared the one which is most, and gave me 2.82. Still the herb gives 2.86 which is very near.) Now this is another strange thing. NPC's buy small pills at 58% its real price, and 45% for medium pills. Maybe the pills also follow the decreasing sell value tendency.

Now finally, accesories. Accesories have degrees and level right? So you could say: MAn, from what ive read the degrees is the key! It should be the key here as well. Congratulations! You are correct! Amazingly enough, to the joy of my thoughts, the NPC's accesories follow the exact same rule and ratios: that is, for 1st degree 2.09 ratio, 2nd degree 2.38 ratio and so on... Ill give a table with ratios later (which needs to be completed, actually you can do it yourself by now)

Ok data collection and analysis is over (for now) lets get to the pricing part.

Pricing method and Criteria

Now that we know how to calculate the NPC's price for the item, we can go to the pricing metod. If you are selling an item that can be bought at the NPC, my shot would sell it at 75%-50% its original NPC price (Or less if u want quick money). You still will be getting much more money than selling it to the NPC, and making the customer happy at the same time. Now, the debate starts when we find items that are not found in the NPC's stash, or differ in critical rate or another stuff. As you may know, EVERY ITEM IS DIFFERENT in the game (well almost every item) and you should LOOK VERY CAREFULY WHEN SELLING ONE. A difference of 3 crit rate is amazing, specialy in the later levels I presume. Remember when pricing you want to take into account an essential element: How better will be my item compared to the shop's one, AND WHO WILL BUY IT!! Believe me there man. a +4 str (in theory) for a lv 60 weapon will not be of same value to a guy in level 20 or so. +4 strength means A COMPLETE LEVEL MORE of stength, and going from 60 to 61 is not the same than going from 20 to 21, so think about that. There are also Rarity values and "looks" value ie: glowing and such. I've also heard that the price increases as the weap is in the "farming period". Lets go in order now...

Before we go further, Let's check our Basic Item Price(BIP)

(NPC Selling price * Degree modifier * (DISCOUNT)

The discount is what the consumer is looking for. Usually around 50-75% of the NPC price works fine. So for a 25% price DISCOUNT would be 0.75, and for a 50% price DISCOUNT would be 0.5.

Also, lets check our known item ratios...

Degree 1 = 2.09

Degree 2 = 2.38

Degree 3 = 2.78

Degree 4 = 2.86

Degree 5 = ???

Degree 6 = ???

Degree 7 = 13.51

Degree 8 = ???

Pot ratio = 2.82

Aprox. Pill Ratio = 2

So first we will review the complete list of possible cases that you might encounter when selling an equip item. They go as the following...
Equip Items
Case 1: Item is exactly the same than NPC's

You want to sell it to an honest price? Simply sell it at BIP! It doesn't get much simplier than that.

Case 2: Item has a different level requirement AND NOTHING ELSE
When the weapon has a different level requirement, the NPC DOES TAKE IT INTO THE PRICE. This is the only thing that the npc checks when pricing, along with the degree of course. So to price accordingly youre already set! use our well known forula BIP and there ya go!

Case 3: Item has +x in it AND NOTHING ELSE
Now here start the "NPC blind" series. This is where the NPC fails to evaluate the price, and since then we should use our criteria. I have seen all kinds of prices, but oh well... Lets try to get to a concensus. OK guys, If your item has a +x on it it gives you 4 main advantages:
1-Getting upgraded equipment
2-Getting it earlier
3-Rarity item and last but not least
4-Maybe a shiny glow tongue.gif
Glowing starts at +3. Many people buy this equips just for the looks. A general rule that I have been told about is make the item price * X (and maybe * 7 if it is +6). Another common belief is that a +X equipment is the equivalent of having an equip of +(X/2) levels than the original one (X/2 is rounded UP). So we could say that a Lancer equip is the same than a +4 one? Well, more less yes but the big difference is that this one glows tongue.gif and the level requirement is much less. This is specially valuable in the later levels. So to sum up, if it is +1 (no real big change tho) make it BIP * (1.25 or 1.5). If it is +2 make it BIP * 2, and so on.

Case 4: Item has Blue Attributes AND NOTHING ELSE
Ahh yes the good old blue items. Lets review those blue attributes shall we?:
-Lucky: When doing alchemy, it has higher % of sucess
-Immortal: When doing alchemy, the item CANT be broken
-Steady: When doing alchemy, the item will have more chances on not losing its previous properties if the blending fails
-Reduce effect: It reduces the effect of a status (In %) IE: Poison.
-+ STR/INT: Well, adds strength and/or int tongue.gif
When pricing this kind of items, the first 3 may not be of much interest in the lower levels, since those weapons dont have potential of being hacked. So you might well sell those for the same BIP than an ordinary one. The next 2 are of interest, since they are of actual use in the battlefield (Reduce effect is not that good cause you rarely get affected in the game while fighting mobs). Generally its not much appreciated the lower level blue items, but my call would be to add +1k for +1 str/int +2k for +2str/int and +4k for +3str/int, untill level 20 perhaps. Then the prices takes a sharp curve, and you should start from your BIP and see how important the blue attributes are... But dont make it too pricey, or you will get no sales. I am working in a confident metod to price these...

Case 5: Item is a SOS-SOM-SOSun and NOTHING ELSE
People go crazy about this kind of equipment. And can't blame them really, having a full set of SOS in the game is very sweet.
It is known that a SOS is the equivalent of a +5 upgrade and a SOM a +10 and SOSun +15. Now if you have the complete set of SO* equipment, you will get extra benefits. This are:
-+5 Int/Str and 10% move speed
-+10 Int/Str and 15% move speed
-+15 int/str and 20% move speed
Thats what makes them great.

We will talk about weapon and armor separately cause weapons are much more appreciated by the public. Weapons go around like this...
1-5 LV: 500k-1Mil
6-20 LV: 1.5M-2M
21+LV: 3M+...
Levels higher than 21 well really you put any price you want, it will sell eventually...

Case 6: Item has a better crit rate AND NOTHING ELSE
At work
Case 7: Item is a mix of other cases
At work

Non-Equip items

This sub-section will cover how to price consumable items. Note that most of these are "book-written" prices that the society had agreed in setting. This is more like a list of prices than some formula. Here we go:
MP/HP Pots: NPC Selling price * 2
Pills: NPC selling price * 1.5
Raw Elements
At work
At work
At work
At work

Special Case Modifiers

This will cover very specific cases in pricing, such as "farming period" prices and "extreme rarity" ones. At work

4. Summary

This will include all the NPC value rates, a list of common prices, some examples and some tips when setting up your stall. To do list.

5. Credits

I hope this guides helps something, and not confuse everyone with numbers. I enjoy trying to find the mechanics of the game. I hope you enjoy reading this (although it might well be simple cr*p). I tend to logicalize everything, so i already saw this guide coming tongue.gif. Thanx to the ppl who helped me:

Asuke for helping me out xD
Any player who contributed in the info collecting of this guide.

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