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Theif Guide : SR Submissions

Posted: July 31st, 2006, 8:29 pm
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How to become a Thief

1. You must be at least level 20.

2. In Jangan, go to Barrow St., and then into one of the alleyways. Inside that alley, you'll find a girl. Talk to her, and she'll take you to Thief Village for 2000 gold.

3. Once you're in Thief Village, talk to the Thief Guild Master, which whom you buy your Thief outfit from. Buy the outfit for your gender.

4. Equip it in the bottom-right hand slot in your inventory, where you where capes and Santa stuff.

5. You are now a Thief.

The Life of a Thief

The life of a Thief is pretty hard. You must steal from Traders and kill them, and most of all kill Hunters.
Since Thieves are most noticable, people are going to see that you're a Thief right away, and will try to kill you.
By stealing from Traders, you would get their loot, and then go back to Thief Village to re-sell it, therefore gaining profit.
Now, the hard part is trying to kill Traders that are doing a 2-star or higher trade run. Most of the time, the Trader would be a pretty high level, or at least have a good Hunter protecting them. Also, to make it even more difficult, the Thief Village returning scroll takes about an hour

But, if you're an experienced and high level Thief, it can be quite rewardable.

The thing that bothers most people, however, is that if you kill lots of Traders/Hunters, you're going to get a 'Wanted' sign. Once you have this sign, Traders/Hunters will be able to kill you at any time, whether or not you are wearing your Thief outfit; so watch out for that.

Other Advice

The best way to take down a Trader, is to have a Thief party that'll help you.
Preferred parties include these builds:

1 Ice/Lightning/Pacheon Thief
2 Lightning/Heuksal Thief
3 Fire/Lightning/Bicheon Thief
And ANY of these theives should have ressurect. In case someone does...

Also, remember to bring at least 5 Camels/Horses, to take the Trader's loot. Bring TONS of HP/MP/pills, in case the Trader has a Hunter protecting them.

Generally, it's much easier for a Thief to figure out what level a Hunter/Trader is, than vice versa, so if you spot one, and you have a good idea you can kill them, go right ahead.


Do NOT, and I mean, DO NOT! start Thieving at level 20. Most inexperienced players start Thieving right away once they hit level 20. This is a must-not, if you want to survive and get at least a decent loot.
Preferrably, you should start at level 30+.

Good spots for Thieving is outside of Donwhang, East/West Ferry, or the bridges.

So, if you enjoy a life of stealing from the rich and killing Hunters, the Thief life is yours.

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Posted: August 1st, 2006, 2:47 am

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