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TUBucks Information : Site News

Posted: November 28th, 2005, 9:22 pm

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Alright there has been alot of questions about the TU bucks most of you where right about them but we added more.

So tu bucks are a form of currency we are creating on the site that can gain you multiple prizes. The amount of prizes are going to be adjusted shortly over the next week but this is going to be the majority of things you can get.

Contests - We will give away one contest prize every month and you spend x amount of points to get a ticket for the contest. If your number is drawn you win. (premium only)

Free memberships - Turn in some bucks and if you are already a premium get another year. (premium only)

Gift certificates - You will get a 50 dollars gift certificate to ebgames for whatever you want. (premium only)

Non premium to premium access - For those who dont have the cash and want to be a premium member this is a chance. Keep in mind if you are just doing pointless spam posts you will loose alot of points. Not just a few. So dont try to cheat the system actually be helpfull to others.

Special Deals - Once we have the new currecny exchange finished with the new tubucks you can get gift certificates there. (premium only)

Special Items - We will purchase random accounts in games and allow you with your tu bucks to get for example a level 60 WOW account. (premium only)

Free MMORPGs - X amount of tu bucks and you can purchase your favorite MMORPG. (premium only)

Now we do not have all the points in place right now as we are tweaking it for all. But this is a way for you to get stuff for your work. If you are avid at making guides you can get some extra stuff for your work. Or mearly keep your membership free forever. Expect this point mod to be in place shortly. Just fine turning some things and hoping to have the new xunleashed upa nd running very shortly so we can release this :).

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