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Upcoming patch and Plugin Contest : Site News

Posted: June 27th, 2003, 8:12 am
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We are finalizing our next patch for XUnleashed v2.7.0. This patch will contain a lot of bug fixes, memory leaks, and some upgraded control support.

We will also be releasing the much anticipated V2 Trigger plugin.

With this patch, you MUST upgrade to DirectX9 if you have not already done so. DirectX9 specific games will be supported. This includes EVE Online, and others.

We fixed some DirectX7 problems that would cause Myth of Soma to crash.

This patch has already been delayed for 3 weeks, but we are trying to finish up testing, and get it released shortly.

Now, on to the BIG news. We have decided to have a plugin contest. This contest will last for 2-3 months. All current plugins that are listed on the Plugins Forums will not be eligable to enter, as we feel it would give an unfair advantage. When the contest ends, there will be a short evaluation period in which the users for the board will be able to vote on their favorite plugin. The 1st place prize will be $350 and the 2nd place prize will be $150. Official rules will be released when the contest begins.

Some of the basic rules:
<li>Only Premium Membership members may apply</li>
<li>Full Sourcecode must be released with the plugin under the GNU license</li>
<li>You may use sourcecode from another exsiting plugin, but the theme of the contest plugin must not be same as an existing plugin.</li>
<li>Minor upgrades to existing plugins will not be allowed. However, complete makeovers or significant improvements might be allowed. You will need to verify your plugin idea to make sure it will not be disqualified.</li>

Looking for ideas to enter the contest?
<li>Try the RPS forum. There are plenty of threads on plugins that people would like developed.</li>
<li>Create a plugin for a game that doesnt have many. These type of plugins are highly sought after.</li>
<li>Specific Plugins: Hunting Bot, Healing Bot, Crafting Plugin, Generic Scripting Plugin, Advanced Macro, Advanced Trigger, MP3 Player, Tetris, Multiplayer game within a game, Web browser, Email, etc.</li>

Some things to consider for gaining votes:
<li>Visual Effects. Create a skin to go with your plugin. Make it visually appealing</li>
<li>Completed Plugins. Nobody wants to vote on a plugin that only partially works, or crashes. Try to finish up your plugin before the contest deadline to give you time to test and make sure that it is working as intended.</li>
<li>Usefulness. If you would not use the plugin, then odds are that others will not either and hence, probably not vote for it.</li>

If you have any ideas/suggestions, please post them in the new Plugin Contest Forum.

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