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Posted: October 17th, 2009, 7:39 pm

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I've found it strange that EU has been out for as long as it has and there is no-one submitting bugs or trying to even FIND them in a game where a slight advantage means making money.

Yes, you heard me, making money.

The game is at a crucially weak point at the moment because they implemented a new engine for the game (CryTek2) and I EXPECT plenty of bugs out of it.

If we had one or two killer bugs and maybe a script or two that were useful it could be a lot of added value to users. You might also draw a few people in for subscription because money wise it's worth it to pay for a sub when you SAVE money in the game.

Background information for those who don't know:
The IN game currency is based on the US Dollar. 1 dollar = 10 game dollars. The game is technically free but you can't do $#@% without putting 10 dollars or so in to start playing. The game runs so that it is a zero or negative sum. In simple terms that means that shooting ammo costs as much or more as the reward given by killing something. On the offchance you get lucky, you get more than your ammos worth but statistics over time keep it pretty even.

See this is why having and EDGE over it makes it from zero sum in to positive sum or profit. Even having game play at zero sum means that people aren't slowly losing money. They stay even which lets them play without paying any more.

Thoughts? Anyone? Admins? I searched the forums with little result of anything so I am tossing this out here. It could be of great benefit if we had a killer app on this game.


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Posted: October 24th, 2009, 4:00 pm

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created a section for it :)

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