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10k Force Sensitive XP an Hour : Star Wars Galaxies Exploits

Posted: September 9th, 2004, 3:35 am

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This is a very feasible way to gain force experience quickly but is not easy! This is not for AFK grinding!

QuantumArtists Secret Jedi Happy Spot

No, I'm not referring to any part of my anatomy either! Ladies and gentlemen! I give you liberation from your Jedi grind!


This spot is in my opinion the most action packed spot on the game. Why they can't reproduce this throughout the galaxy bewilders me. It would do a great deal for the GCW. Regardless, it will be of significant worth to check out a spot called "rebel base under attack".

The waypoint is 4108, -1299 on Corellia

What it is...

It's a rebel base, litterally under constant attack. Both rebel and imperial NPCs spawn non stop this location.


This site is dangerous no matter what faction you are!
On the imperial side, a big nasty AT-ST roams the battlefield and is hard to kill.
On the rebel side, 3 respawning turrets heat things up and hurt when they target you.
Also, there is the constant threat of opposing faction players visiting the site while you use this technique! Be weary of guilds that may consider this thier turf!
So whats the big deal?

The respawning rate! Since SOE nerfed the spawn rates at the singing mountain clan hide out, we've all been scrambling for a way to make good xp/hour. The perk is in having something spawn almost as fast as you can kill it, without having to travel all over hell and gone to get your much needed xp.

You can do that at this base! It constantly spawns both sides and never stops.

The perks that make this base worth the dangers;

Action! When was the last time you saw anything resembling Star Wars action in SWG? This place has it.
XP! Constant spawns mean constant kills, which means lots of easy XP for you!
Faction points. Because the mobs you are leveling on are factional, you also get faction points for killing them! Again, constantly respawning mobs means more Factin Points over time then you would any other way!
Where does this fit in for the Jedi grind?

I just completed my first force sensitive mission. After unlocking the path, I needed to start grinding combat type experience. Where to go? Since I am a master TK, chubas only give me 1 xp per kill.

So where do I go for constant master level XP?

Rebel base under attack.

Heres the tricks to make this spot work for you;

Go buffed and armored! Good energy resistance is a perk! If you have food, pack it with you!
DO NOT ATTACK THE TURRETS OR ATST unless attacked! They respawn almost instantly and give you no xp or FP. They are a waste of your time unless you get hit by one.
When a rebel turret or an imperial ATST start taking chunks out of your hide, go straight for the building. This is your best bet. It wont be long before the turret gets destracted again, and if it hits you too hard you can rest inside in complete safety.
The rebel commandos, or imperial stormie seargents (lots of them!) are your targets. Even if you're a master, they will give you at least 15 faction a kill (it adds up fast!), 2500 weapon xp, and about 90 combat xp each! The others will give you bits also, but the commandos are where you make the bank.
So what makes you think this is so great?

Well, I did this today for 3 hours (the time for 1 good buff). In that short 3 hours my master TK/Doctor did;

49,441 combat xp!
or 16,480 force sensitive xp!
or 5493 force sensitive xp an hour!

495,165 in unarmed combat xp!
or 16,505 force sensitive xp!
or 5501 force sensitive xp an your!

Thats 10,000 force sensitive xp an hour folks!

It also bears worthy mention that I made over 4300 faction points in that time... or 1433 faction points an hour... in a row!!!

Get your Force Sensitive XP even FASTER!!!

With the 1/3 conversion rate for combat xp... GRENADES are your best friend! Mr. Commando, its been a long time since you've been envied! You most certainly will be though when you start tossing bombs using this tactic!

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Posted: September 15th, 2004, 6:40 am
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very nice guide...im going to go test it out right now

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