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SWG Exploit: Clone Relics Quest Exploit : Star Wars Galaxies Exploits

Posted: May 25th, 2006, 8:29 am
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"The Clone Relics, A fallen hero: Avenging Mort.." Walkhtrough/guide

To start this quest, go to the Dearic Cantina on Talus, talk to him and listen to his story. he says that he was a Clone and fought in Kashyyk, and that hes mission was to blow up a bunker. but on his way to the extraction point, and Imperial officer named Morkov, the one who flew the ship, left without Mort and his three brothers (Mort and hes brothers are (were) clones) in the middle of Kashyyk's jungle. while Mort and his three brothers tried to get out of the jungle, hes three brothers died and Morkov was deadly wounded, and almost died. but then, a crazy scientist found him and saved him, but the scientist started experimenting with Mort. eventually, Mort regained his strenght and killed this crazy scientist, took a shuttle and ended up in the Dearic cantina on Talus.

Mort first tried to track down Morkov of course, but by that time Morkov was a high ranking imperial officer, he was retired, but he wasnt any easier to get to. he was selling weapons and other stuff to anyone, and Mort couldn't turn him in, because if the empire found out that Mort was alive, well, then he wouldnt stay alive for much longer.

say that you have some time to help Mort, and you will get the quest "The Clone Relics, A fallen hero: Avenging Mort.."
Mort tells you to go to the Keren Hotel on Naboo, thats were Morkov is. when youre there, go talk with Morkov and say that youre from "your master" Jabba the Hutt. say that your master requires either 5 E-11 Rifles, or 5 E-11 Rifles and a TIE fighter, (Twin Ion Engine) it doesn't matter which.

Morkov tells you to go to the first house on your left when you come up from the shuttleport. go inside, up th stairs and in one of the rooms in there you will find Uwo Poal and two bodyguards. make sure youre ready for a fight now, and you won't only have to fight these three guys, but 2-3 more enemies will appear when the fight starts. talk to Uwo, and say whatever you want to, it doesn't matter what. kill them all, then return to Mort.

Now, if you are a Rebel or Imperial pilot or Rebel or Imperial on ground, even if youre on leave, Mort will send you to either Princess Leia Organa at the Dantooine Abandoned Rebel Outpost, or to Major Raev at the Keren assosication hall. if you aren't Rebel or Neutral, you will have to go to Jabba the Hutt, first talk to Jawl, then go to Walda at the Wayfar cantina, and she will teach you huttese. now, go to Jabba in his throne room, if you can't then you have to do most of Jabbas Theme Park to get acces to his throne room.

whomever you talked too, you will be sent to kill Morkov and recover his logs. remember his two level 50 droid bodyguards? well, talk to Morkov, he and his bodyguards will attack you, but as long as you kill Morkov before you get killed the mission is a sucess. return to your faction agent (Leia Organa, Raev or Jabba) and tell them that Morkov is dead and give them his logs. if you are Imperial, the first time you spoke to Raev he sent you down stairs to talk to emperor Palpatine's hologram. don't go to Palpatine now, he will kill you to prevent beeing connected to you.

now, make sure you has room for 10 items in your inventory, then go talk to Mort. hell give you Clone Trooper armor. if you are Imperial, you will get Black/Green colours, if you are Rebel you will get White/Red coulours, and if you are Neutral you will get White/Blue coulours. the armor has same stats, its only the colours that's different.

Corelian Engineering Corp. (Mining Division) Walkhtrough/guide

To get this mission (and the quest reward, the YT-8 Mining Vessel) you need the "Rage of the Wookies" expansion, you have to be at least a tier 3 pilot (not a must, but you will encounter several tier 4 and tier 5 enemies) if you got all, that just go to Kachiro on Kahyyk and talk to Flash Harrison. if you don't know how to get to Kashyyk, then you need to launch into space, press h choose Kashyyk and hyperspace, you can't travel to it by using a terminal. note that the YT-8 Mining Vessel (the quest reward) can only be flied if you are a master pilot.

Okay, now go to Flash Harrison at LOC: -454, 158, -118 and speak with him to get your first mission. the first mission is simple, just go to the Dearic Cantina on Talus and talk to Thom Steele, Loc: 441, 5, -2948
hell tell you to run a patrol in Corellia space, get up there, follow the waypoints, blast the enemies you encounter, fly to the last WP then return to Thom and you will get Small Cargo Hold (Starfighter Class) & Class I Mining Laser.

Mission #2 Corellia System: Extract 250 Units of Silicaceous Asteroid.
to get the 250 Units of Silicaceous Asteroid, go to Corellia space, find an Asteroid, shoot it, then shoot the chunk which falls off. when you have 250 units of Silicaceous Asteroid, return to Thom for your next mission.

Now you must mine 500 Units of Silicaceous Asteroid, just go to space, find an asteroid and blast it, and the chunks that falls off. when you return to Thom, he sends you to Captain Koh, Loc: -441, 211, -168.

Koh gives you a larger Cargo Hold with space for 1000 units, and sends you up to mine 750 units of Silicaceous Asteroid, same procedure as always.

Koh will give you a tractor beam and tells you to go rendevous with a damaged mining vessel. aim at the vessel and "shoot" the tractor beam. while you do this, you will be attacked several times, just fight them off and continue until you have evrything that was in the ship. when you have everything, it will blow up. return to Koh.

Koh will now give you a Class II Mining Laser, and you will now be asked to go on a mining trip to gather resources in 3 different systems. First one is in Kashyyk system, second one is in Endor system and third is Dathtomir system. with the new Mining Laser it shouldn't take long to mine 125 units in each system. when you are done, return to Koh.

now you have to escort three YT-8 mining vessels, they meet you in space and won't depart before you communicate with one of them. you will be attacked by several pirates, just keep them from destroying the vessels and after a five min time, mission is complete.

Koh will now send you on a retalliation mission, which means you have to shoot a Wookie mining vessel and its escorts. Note! The vessel is easy to destroy, however the escorts are small bombers and fighters, there will be 6-8 of them. When they are all destroyed, return to Koh.

Koh says that he is very pleased with your progress, and now wants you to go to the Kessel system and mine 500 units of Space Diamonds. be careful here, theres Rebel and Imperial forces here, and theres also Imperial gunboats here, and also Asteroide pirates here. to get to Kessel, travel to Endor and enter by a space station. When you have gathered all 500 units, hyperjump back to Kashyyk system and go see Koh.

You will now be awarded with the Y-8 Mining Vessel Deed and a Small Cargo Hold (Y-8 Class) with a 5000 Cargo Hold.

exploit/cheat: on Lok, you can get Nyms badge without having to do any of the other quests, all you have to do is to go to 907, -4190 on Lok, find a tall red/black computer terminal at LOC: 911, -4529 creturn to Nym with the item, if he won't tal kto you then just drag the item from your inventory and on him.

man, it was boring to write all that, lol.

is there something i need to do now or do i just need to wait?
sorry that i posted a guide here on a quest you already have posted a guide on, but i did not know, and since i don't have acces to the confirmed guides yet, i did not know.

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Posted: May 25th, 2006, 6:47 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this as for it being moved to the confirmed section.

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Posted: May 25th, 2006, 7:18 pm

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i've already posted a guide on the second one

"May the schwarts be with you"

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Posted: May 25th, 2006, 10:31 pm
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Yay on the first.

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Posted: May 26th, 2006, 7:16 am
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Posted: May 26th, 2006, 9:34 am

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2 yays one more for premium.

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Posted: May 26th, 2006, 3:39 pm

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Yay for the first one.

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Posted: May 27th, 2006, 6:38 am
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Come on in.

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Posted: June 30th, 2006, 12:33 am
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yay good guide. Must have worked your butt off typing it

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