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5 Steps to become a Jedi : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: September 14th, 2005, 8:08 pm
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Step 1) Gain the Force

You must get 16 badges:

* 1 Profession Badge (any)
* 5 Content Badges (Five badges from: Imp Themepark, Jabba's Themepark, Nym's Themepark, Rebel Themepark, Warren[2], Corvette[9])
* 3 Jedi POI (Ben Kenobi's Hut (-4494 -2271) Tatooine, Jedi Temple (4184 5191) Dantooine, Exar Kun's Temple (5068 5538) Yavin IV)
* 2 "Difficult" POI (Ancient Krayt Skull (-4645 -4358) Tatooine, Krayt Graveyard (7456 4528) Tatooine, Great Pit of Carkoon (-6183 -3356) Tatooine, Fort Tusken (Pool in the Caves) Tatooine, Lesser Sarlacc Pit (-2091 3137) Dathomir
* 5 "Easy" POI (Any of those not listed in "Jedi" or "Difficult", if you're having trouble look at the Location Badge Checklist, Version 1.5)

Step 2)Entry Quest

After you feel an inner glow (/checkForceStatus will tell you "You feel an inner glow. The Force is with you.") you will be visited by the Old Man within about three days, just wait for him. You must converse with him and he won't wait around forever, so don't be in any long combat scenarios, nor go AFK. Just wait anywhere but an NPC city. That's right, keep waiting, resist the urge to post here about it, just have some patience. He'll talk to you and give you a force crystal (which is a journal).

Now you're waiting for a Sith attack, once again it will happen within about three days. They attack, you kill them. Do not loot them until they're both dead. Then loot them. You're hoping to get a Sith Datapad. If you don't get it, don't worry, just wait and they'll attack again. The datapad you loot from them will give you a Sith Camp WP with four Sith Shadows, kill them and you'll loot "a mysterious Datapad" which will direct you to the Village.

Step 3) The Village

You can only do one quest per phase, doing a quest unlocks a branch. You must train 6 branches to finish the Village. Unlocking is Phase dependent, training is NOT, you don't have to do it in the same phase you unlocked. If you are having trouble with the concept of a branch, read this. Each phase lasts approximately 3 weeks, to see the current phase look here. To use free unlocks (more info in the FAQ at the bottom) talk to Paemos.

I'm quite proud of my Guide to Aurilian Quests so check that out for complete Questing information. I'll cut&paste out a "what happens when" summary though:

[CP] = Combat Prowess 1) R Accuracy 2) M Speed 3) M Accuracy 4) R Speed
[ER] = Enhanced Reflexes 1) Survival 2) Vehicular Control 3) R Defense 4) M Defense
[HS] = Heightened Senses 1) Persuasion 2) Survey 3) Luck 4) Healing
[CM] = Crafting Mastery 1) Assembly 2) Technique 3) Experimentation 4) Repair

* R. Accuracy [+12] increases your accuracy with Ranged Weapons [currently not working].
* M. Speed [+12] increases your speed with Melee Weapons [Including Lightsabers]
* M. Accuracy [+12] increases your accuracy with Melee Weapons [Including Lightsabers]
* R. Speed [+12] increases your speed with Ranged Weapons [currently not working].

* Survival [+5 Camping/Foraging/Trapping/Mask Scent/Terrain Negotiation/Creature Knowledge/Harvesting] Camps/TN works without Scout
* Vehicular Control [Control +20, Speed +3] increases acceleration and turning.
* R. Defense [+20] adds ranged defense
* M. Defense [+20] adds melee defense

* Persuasion [+20] lower skill training costs, higher % pass of scans, any faction npc's will aid you if anything is aggroed
* Survey [+20] Gives you 64/64 surveying without Artisan, 384x384 if you have survey
* Luck [+4] More credits on loot, might help get better loots
* Healing [+10 Injury Treatment&Speed, +20 Wound Healing Dance/Music] Helps healing power (think stims), DOES NOT affect buffs.

* Assembly [+20] Increases your Assembly Roll
* Technique [+4] Decreases your failure rate on experiments
* Experimentation [+20] Increases your Experimentation Roll *DOES NOT GIVE EXTRA POINTS*
* Repair [+20] Increases your Repair Roll

My personal recommendations for skills: M. Def, R. Def, M. Acc, M. Spd, and two of your choice (I went with Luck & Vehicle)

After you have unlocked a branch you can train it up, to do this you talk to Paemos to convert the xp and Noldan to train, despite the fact that after getting the novice box it will seem like you can train any of the branches in that tree you cannot. Here are the conversion ratios for each XP type:

Combat Prowess: BH Investigation 5:1, Combat XP 3:1, [Any] Weapon 30:1, SL 90:1
Enhanced Reflexes: BH Investigation 5:1, Combat XP 3:1, [Any] Weapon 30:1, SL 90:1
Heightened Senses: Survival 5:1, Trapping 25:1, Scout 8:1, CH 9:1, DNA Sampling 3:1, Politician 3:1, Slicing 3:1, ID 7:1, Dancer/Musician/EH 10:1, Surveying 10:1, Merchant 4:1, Medical 10:1
Crafting: BE 4:1, General (Artisan) 8:1, Structure (Architect) 35:1, Rest (including Medical Crafting) 5:1

Step 4) Exit Quest

After you get your 6th fully trained branch you will be visited by the Old Man again, it works the same as the Entry Quest, just be patient. He'll give you a wp to Mellichae. Here's the deal, she's big, has 80% resist to everything except lightsaber, has 55k HAM, and likes swinging her saber, not to mention force lightning/choke. Also she's got friends, Daktar is also a 80% resister with 25k HAM (no saber on him though). There are also thugs, mercenaries and four crystals. The two green ones will heal the two red ones, the two red ones will heal Mel and Dak. So basically, blow up the green ones, then the red ones, then goto town on the randoms, Dak and Mel, more thugs will spawn when the crystals go down. And you must be alive when Mel dies to get the quest completion. This is definitely a mission to bring lots of friends on. If you do die, just log bounce or shuttle and the camp wp and Mel will respawn.

Step 5) Padawan Trials

If you succesfully kill Mellichae, you'll be directed to the closest Force Shrine (there are 4 on every planet, see a complete list here. You must go there and meditate (kneel down and select meditate from the radial option). You will then be given a quest, they take you to random planets, they happen in a random order, you must succesfully complete all 16 to become a Padawan. If you have a problem with a quest (commonly a needed person won't be at the wp) you can go meditate at any shrine to reset the quest and try again, if you fail 3 quests (reseting doesn't count as failing) you fail and have to restart the trials entirely. When I did this I'd say I had to reset about half the quests. Note that on the Kill 20 X trials you'll get a system message every time you kill one of the target creature. When looking for people /target [name] is helpful

A Jedi Must/Should...

* "gather all possible information before making a decision."
Talk to Kant, Talk to the Gungan he sends you too, let him keep the land, Return to Kant.
* "understand the motivations and desires of others without becoming emotionally involved."
Talk to Sathme, Talk to the assistant and get the supplies, return to Sathme tell her the assistant isn't coming back.
* "do everything possible to keep innocent civilians from being in danger."
Talk to Yvana, kill the cat she sends you too, Return to Yvana.
* "recognize chaos but not become a part of it."
Talk to Seevi, tell him no revenge.
* "always be willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible."
Talk to Pannaqa, talk to the drunk, take the part from the drunk back to Pannaqa
* "always display respect and dignity when interacting with others."
Talk to Grizzlo, Talk to the guy you're sent to in Mos Eisley, Talk to the guy you're sent to in Lok, take the ring back to Grizzlo
* "put aside personal feelings when aiding someone they might not find appealing."
Talk to Torin, Kill the guy he sends you to, return to Torin
* "remain calm in the face of emotion."
Talk to Erim, retrieve the blaster from the corpse she sends you to, return it to Erim.
* "always strive for understanding rather than blind faith."
Talk to Sola, Goto the dealer she sends you to, tell him "You found the wrong guy, stay away from Sola", he gives you the spice anyway, return to Sola, don't give her the spice until she tells you about her son.
* "be prepared to undertake that which others will not."
Talk to Par, Kill the Bull, Return to Par
* "be equally a public servant and a public defender."
Talk to Kaul, Kill the Mite, Return to Kaul
* "be willing to put himself in danger in order to do what is right."
Talk to Keicho, fight the man he sends you to, return the ring to Keicho.
* "be an able and courageous warrior."
Talk to Menchi, Kill 20 Baz Nitches [11k missions on Dath], Return to Menchi.
* "do whatever is possible to protect the natural order of the universe."
Talk to Luha, Kill 20 Sludge Panters [(158, -2511) (72, -3298) (-39, -2574) (405, -2376) (500, -3400) (986, -2975) outside Dearic are static spawns where one of the creatures that cycles in is Minor Sludge Panthers, kill whatever is there and you'll get Sludges], return to Luha.
* "understand that there are times when a greater good outweighs a lesser evil."
Talk to Braganta, Kill 20 Falumpasets [Lvl 25 Gungan Merc missions or around the Gungan Sacred Palace], Return to Braganta
* "Thanks to your progress thus far, you have been granted the rank of Jedi Initiate."
Craft a Lightsaber, Tune a colour crystal, in that order. [Note at this point you become a Jedi Initiate]

When you finish the 16th trial you become a Jedi Padawan, get the Robe and unlock your second character slot (who is a completely new character with no abilities).

Step 6) Jedi what now?

You need to not be wearing ANY armour (this includes PSG's) to have your saber certification, so be sure to strip down. You really want to get the Novice Saber box first, this will greatly increase your xp abilities (It took me 7 hours to get Novice Saber, and about 30 minutes to get Novice Defender once I had NS). I recommend Corellian Dire Cats for xping. For more information head to the Jedi forums, I found this particularly helpful.

Posted: September 14th, 2005, 10:30 pm
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Posted: September 14th, 2005, 10:31 pm
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Ok thanks. Do you have to open a new character slot or can you use the same person you are on?

Posted: September 14th, 2005, 10:33 pm
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Posted: September 15th, 2005, 6:54 am
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This is on the SWG forums. There are at least 10-20 revisions of this. Most are alot better and more descriptive.

Posted: September 15th, 2005, 11:07 am
poopy1's Reps:
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not to mention more up-to-date. this is obviously pre-CU

Posted: September 15th, 2005, 2:49 pm
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Heh, you're right. I just did a quick scan and noticed "88% resists to everything but light saber".

Posted: September 21st, 2005, 3:56 pm
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isnt it just /checkforce

Posted: October 11th, 2005, 3:41 am

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If mells a girl shes pretty manly :shock:

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 4:31 am
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isnt this forum out to date

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 8:27 am
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shadowsirhell wrote:
isnt this forum out to date
Yes, don't necro old posts and we wouldn't have a problem.

Posted: December 16th, 2005, 8:39 am
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When you bring old topics to the front it sure looks that way

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