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Anyone know the best place to sell accounts? : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: March 25th, 2008, 5:57 pm

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I've been wanting to sell my accounts for quite a while now. Tried back when Ebay didn't enforce anything, then they enforced that stupid rule. I ended up starting back up again for a while, but I just can't pay for online games anymore right now. And I think if I ever want to go back, I'll want to just start over and see how 'hard' it is everyone says it is to level to 90.

Anyway, I have 2 accounts. 1 has a Commando level 90 and I believe Smuggler level 90. The other has a 1 trader level 90 and 1 entertainer level 90.

Each account has all the expansions. Also some things that I've got are, Jedi Master Cloak, Sunrider's Destiny(tuned), Imperial Restuss Armor (full), Rebel Armor (full with sockets), Themed Rebel and Imperial (from parks), quite a few power bits all in the 20-25 range, really good Space equipment, and more recently collectibles up to Chapter 8. There's more, but that's what I can remember. Currently not subscribed.

I've got another account that has all expansions, with a Jedi and Bounty Hunter, but I'm debating on whether or not to keep that in case I decide I don't want to start from scratch.

Lastly, the accounts are by far veteran accounts. the 1st with the combat characters is from '03. The other early into '04. So both are almost guaranteed to be ready for vet rewards.

But I need to hurry and sell these while they still have worth as they have vendors that will expire sometime in the near future.

So if anyone has any advice as to where to sell these or if they're interested, by all means let me know.

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Posted: March 26th, 2008, 4:04 pm

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www.tucex.com enough said :) . Free to post and you only pay a little if it sells.

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Posted: March 27th, 2008, 1:08 pm

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Cool thanks.

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Posted: August 22nd, 2008, 8:44 pm

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Ebay has set up filters now to prevent any member from selling accounts on Ebay. When you first create the listing, it won't appear on the Ebay search untill they have approved it. What happens is they filter certain words that pertain to accounts like (cd-key, serial number, account, password, user name, user id, and so on) I have tried selling acounts on Ebay and they all get removed a few hours later. I even posted a listing just for the game and made no mention to the account. But because the price I asked was way higher than what the game sells for, they removed it. They claimed I was trying to sell an account.

I then tried selling accounts on account selling trade forums. This was an absolute disaster. I think most of these forums website are in fact created by Phishers and Hackers. I know these sites are used by them. I tried to sell a WOW account on the forums. I listed my account on 5 different forums on a Monday. Never got a single reply until the following Friday. Here's why. On Friday night just shortly after Blizzard's (WOW's Maker) Phone support closed. I started getting several requests sent to me to buy my account. I settled on one buyer and he sent me the money to my Pay-Pal account. I verified I had received the payment. I went ahead and gave him the account info through MSN voice chat. He then logged into the account and quickly changed the password. Then he changed the email on the game account. This email change was sent to my email to verify the change. He then asked me to read the mail and verify. I did this. While this was going I tried to withdraw the payment I received in my pay-pal to my bank account. I got an error saying the payment was on hold and being reviewed by Pay-Pal. The buyer then asked what server my characters where on. I said "I can't give u any more info". "There's a problem with your payment" He then started screaming at me saying I was ripping him off. I was unable to contact Blizzard or Pay-Pal phone support, because they where both closed until Monday now. This is why the hackers and phishers wait until Friday after 10:00pm Central. This gives them 3 days to try to steal your account and you have no help in those 3 days from The game support or Pay-Pal support. Luckily I was still logged into my wow account web page prior to him changing the password. So I still had access to my account. I quickly added a parental password and turned off ALL the game time for every day of the month. This prevented him from actually logging into the game and looting the crap out of my characters. It also prevents them from deleting and transferring characters to another server. I don't know if SWG has parental passwords, but WOW does. Over the next 3 days he kept calling me in MSN voice chat asking me for the server info. Then I started receiving Phishing emails that appeared to be from Blizzard asking me to verify account info. The link in the mail sent me to a web log on page that looked exactly like WOWs. I entered a fake user id and password and it logged in. That's how u know its a phishing page. The next page asked for everything including my parental password. I closed the page. On Monday I called WOW, they changed my account info back. I now had control of my account back. I also called Pay-Pal. The man on phone assured me I was not getting this payment approved. The reason I was told, was the payment was sent with a stolen Pay-Pal account or credit card. So be very careful selling accounts. I got the account trading forums information from a Guide called "How to Sell a game account on the Internet" I believe these hackers make these guides as well. Explaining to you, HOW to get ripped off.

I only know of 2 for sure ways to sell an account without trouble now.

1) sell to someone u know and trust.

2) Find a buyer who will agree to send u a US Postal service money order and wait for the account info until u have cashed the money order. Good luck finding someone to agree to that. The reason u use a US Postal Money Order is. It's a Federal crime to use that money order to perform fraud and hackers know this. You can get your money back from a US postal Money Order if the seller is fraudulent, and Federal charges will be filed against the Seller if his is fraudulent. So buyers can be safe purchasing an account with this money order. No scammer will try to sell an account and accept this money order. He knows it's a Federal offense and State laws can not protect him if he's in a different state either. So for you buyers out there. Only buy with this kind of money order.

I know this post reply does not really help much for selling an account, but it does explain why selling an account is so HARD now. The scammers, Hackers, Con people and Phishers have pretty much ruined selling an account. They ruined it with Ebay, Pay-Pal and the Forums.


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Posted: August 23rd, 2008, 12:26 am

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It's not only the buyers though, the sellers are also scammers/phishers/cons etc. When they recieve the money irl they just contact the game support line providin all the info they used to create the account and ask for a info-restore to when they 1st registered (so email , password etc gets reset to when they 1st created the account ).

The only good way of selling an account now is find a trustable company that buys accounts (you wont get alot of money, but you will atleast get your money back from buying the game and a few months subscription).

or.. find someone you trust like a irl friend or someone who lives in the same area as you so you can phone each other etc or share scanned-identification (like a editied passport or somethin tha shows the name, photo and address intact)

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Posted: August 29th, 2008, 3:29 am

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Ok so little update because I got a pm with interest. First account with the commando is now a Jedi with full +35 stat clothing with smuggler changed to I believe spy. Sorry I switched him in one day and didn't use him again. Second account is still the original lvl 90 Trader with an additional lvl 90 trader. One a munitions and one a structures.

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