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Posted: June 1st, 2007, 1:17 pm
sotey_arega's Reps:
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any one have any thing for leveling them? i got my dog from 1-33 in 3 days but i saw a guy that has a lvl 90 already and it has almost capped stats and chap 6 has only been out for like a week.

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Posted: June 1st, 2007, 4:59 pm
ironwolf200's Reps:
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Use Experience Supplements. Different ones (A, B, C, etc...) are for different pets. For pets under level 75, it gives 100% more (Doubles) XP gain. Also keeping your pet fed and happy will give a bonus to XP gain.

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Posted: June 27th, 2007, 5:40 pm
nsit2003's Reps:
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goto any bazaar, press Vendor location, press ENTIRE GALAXY, and type DIETARY in the search field

U'll then get a list of who sells them.

U can then press the bid button to place them in an arranged order.

they are A - N

Here's a running list from the forums:

Supplement A : Borgles, Bats, Banthas, Bolmas, Dewbacks, Guf Drolgs, And Tulruses

Supplement B : Jaxs, Sand Panthers, Gurrecks, Kimas, Langlatche,s Narglatches, Tusk cats, Durnis, Squalls, And Vir Vurs

Supplement C : Grauls, Grondas, Kash banthas, Rancors, Snorbals, Thunes, Bagerasets, Brakasets, Eopies, Falumpasets, And Gurnasets

Supplement D : Fambaas, Huf Duns, Malklocs, Tortons, Gnorts, Gubburs, Spined Pucs, Reptilian Fliers And Worrts

Supplement E : Bolle Bols, Condor Dragons(mantrigues), Rontos, Sharnaffs, Ikops, Murras, Perleks, Swirl Prongs, And Vernes

Supplement F : Gurks, Hanadaks, Veermoks, Gulginaws, And Kai Toks

Supplement G : Bordoks, Gualamas, Krahbus, Tybis, Bocatts, Bolotaurs, Dune Lizards, Kimogilas, varactyls, Vesps, And Voritor Lizards

Supplement H : Dalyrakes, Klikniks, Mereks, Mamiens, Purboles, Shaupauts, Skreegs, Squills, And Woolamanders

Supplement I : Capper Spineflaps, Carrion Spats, Corellian Butterflys, Fynocks, Mynocks, And Vynocks

Supplement J : Boar Wolves, Motts, Robas, Peko Peko, And Zucca Boars. Flits, REp fliers, plumed rasps, horned rasps

Supplement K : Blurrgs, Cupas, Kaadus, Kwis, Mawgaxes, Pugoriss, Quenker, Stintaril, And Womp Rats And Blistmok

Supplement L : Bark Mites, Horned Krevols, Lava Fleas, Rock Mites, Shear Mites, Tanc Mites, Crystal Snakes, Fanned Rawls, And Spined Snakes

Supplement M : Anglers, Gaping Spiders, And Hermit Spiders

Supplement N : Nunas, Chokus, Slice Hounds, Huurtons, Chubas, And Kusaks.

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