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Chapter 2.2 notes : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: August 9th, 2006, 10:28 am

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Legacy: Genetic Potential: The visual appearance for the boss spiders on this quest weren't being displayed properly on some video cards. Now they should appear correctly and be scarier than ever.
Battle of Restuss

Players will no longer be able to use the /unstick command in the Restuss cloning facility.


Pets and Vehicles will automatically store themselves if they become disabled in combat (vehicles store immediately and pets will store after 2 minutes).

Galactic Civil War

To find out when the next reward phase for the GCW bases will happen, check with the Logistics Officers. 'Converse' with them and they will have a dialogue option to find out when the next shipment of supplies will be arriving.

Profession: Bounty Hunter

The Razor Net special ability will no longer automatically restart itself at its maximum duration each time the bleed DoT is applied.
Expertise: Return Fire: When an NPC or creature takes damage from this attack, only one set of fly text will be displayed.
Expertise: Shield Particle Effect: All players should now see the same visual effect for this ability.
Expertise: Sniper Shot: Firing while crawling should no longer cause your character to stand briefly while firing.
Expertise: Swift Ambush: The description for this ability will now be displayed in full seconds.
Profession: Jedi

The Military Pain Numbing Powder A combat buff should now properly affect your character attributes while your robes are equipped.


Legacy: Gendra's Speeder: Gendra will no longer be duped into providing players with unlimited speeders.
Legacy: Genocide: When you click on the directory terminal in the quest, you will no longer receive a barrage of com-link messages.
Legacy: Crisis of Allegiance: An onscreen waypoint display has been added for Capt. Quellium's office.
Legacy: Evolution: The datapads should be a little less difficult to find.
Legacy: Grim Discovery: The datapads should be a little less difficult to find.
Legacy: Imperial Prisoner Escort: Enemy NPCs on this quest will appear more often.
Legacy: Rescue Operation: The 'Scientific Journal' that you need to click on for this quest can now be found.
Legacy: Rescue Operation: The datapads should be a little less difficult to find.
Legacy: Talus: Grim Discovery: This quest is no longer a repeatable quest since it was intended to have an end.
Legacy: Tracking the Crew: The datapads should be a little less difficult to find.
Rage of the Wookiees: Destroy the Crazy Wookiees: Sera Jossi's quest has a new description in the quest journal that should better explain which Rabid Wookiees you should be attempting to kill to complete the quest.

Profession: Politician

If a player has one character on their account that is a Master Politician, all newly created characters will no longer automatically receive the profession.

Space Zone Map: Hyperspace Points: Hyperspace points now match their descriptions.
User Interface

Trials of Obi-Wan: Mustafarian weapons should properly display their weapon stats.

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Posted: August 10th, 2006, 7:27 pm
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I've seenu alot how do u get all this info so quick?

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