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Keep Your Characters Safe!(0) : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: November 26th, 2008, 1:34 pm

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Image Keep Your Characters Safe!(0)
Account theft isn't isolated only to those who choose to trade or share their Station accounts (which is ignoring the EULA!). As the Internet and online gaming population grows, so does the cesspool of scammers. There are a variety of ways in which people will attempt to gain access to your account, and the list grows everyday. Fear not, there are simple tips to ensure that your account is protected. Keep in mind these worn-out (but useful!) words of wisdom:
Sharing your account information is never a good idea.

Gamers have heard the advice before, yet a lot of people still opt to share their account information with close friends. Having a guildmate complete a quest for you while you're sleeping may seem mostly harmless, but bad things can happen. While it doesn't always end in catastrophe, you could log back in with a new last name like "Lovetrollslongtime" or something slightly worse which might result in a banning. It's not always obvious, malicious attacks that cause good accounts to go bad!

I'm sure we've all heard the fateful stories of guildbanks emptied and outfit members booted. Sadly, this is often a direct result of sharing account information. Not only do you run the risk of virtual strangers reeking havoc on all you've worked hard for, but you make it difficult for SOE's customer service staff to investigate and resolve issues.

Be aware of phishing sites!

What is a phishing site? Simply, it's usually a website created to simulate a well-known or frequently used site in an attempt to fraudulently gain sensitive account information. Gaming communities have been targeted in the past via email, spamming a link that takes the reader to a site that, upon first glance, appears to be legit. The imposter site may offer in-game items for completing surveys, or pose as a game representative, warning that your account is in limbo.

Here at SOE we do not offer enticing ways to earn in-game money through email. We prefer the old fashioned way of logging in, killing mobs, completing quests, etc. Be extremely cautious when exposed to external sites through email, claiming to be affiliated with Sony Online. You will only be prompted to enter your password when logging into an SOE game, or when visiting an official Station site.

SOE employees will NEVER ask for your password.

Not in email. Not in-game. Not on the phone. Never! We have ample ways to access your account; the only thing we require from you is patience and a Station name. If you suspect that someone is impersonating a CSR in-game, use the /report feature and again, do not divulge your account password.
Things you should know:

Account security is the responsibility of the account owner. This includes password protection, running virus checks, disabling file sharing, or any other means of checking that the owner's account has not been stolen or compromised.

If you find yourself a victim, not all is lost! CSR's may be able to offer a one-time only "character restoration." But first you must recover your account (details on doing this can be found here.) SOE strives to maintain an exciting and safe gaming environment. To make things more enjoyable for everyone, we offer basic advice on how to keep your account secure.
Time Honored Tips:
    -Use a unique Station name.
    -Use an alpha-numeric password consisting of at least 8 characters; a mix of letters, numbers and special characters is best. Never write down your password!
    -Never use the same word for your Station name and password; change it periodically.
    -Never trust a troll in a dress.
    -Always create a secret question when prompted (this allows for quicker password recovery and confirmation when needed.)
    -Keep your registration information, including current email address, up to date in so that we can contact you regarding your account and for retrieving lost passwords. (SOE will not use your email for marketing purposes, unless you specifically opt in for newsletters and announcements.)

Keep your credit card information safe too. Here is a handy place to get some good tips.

Author: Valara
Publish Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 15:46:10 GMT

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