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Posted: July 2nd, 2007, 2:13 pm

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Whats the big deal these days with rancor stuff. Ie stuffed, and dolls and such. Are they used for dna or something? If so what do I need to try to get for a rancor mount?

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Posted: July 3rd, 2007, 4:25 am
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Ending some confusion...what u need is a rancor deed; it could be in ur datapad or inventory. You can neither convert Rancor dolls to a pet deed nor a DNA sample.

if the Rancor pet deed is in your Datapad, then u press on it to stuff it.
It will then be converted to a pet deed in ur inventory.

When u have a Rancor deed or any other animal deed in your Inventory, then u press on it to get the DNA sample.

All converted pet deeds can be turned into a DNA sample 90%.

then at this point u have 2 options: u can convert to a mount by growing it in an incubator, or u can sell the DNA sample for 100 or more ( best to go on fourms to do a price check on it)

Once u make any pet deed into an EGG from an incubator, then the egg is also tradeable

BUt if u hatch the egg on ur character, then the pet is with you forever and can't be traded.

You must have all points on right side of BM expertise to run 3 good incubator sessions

At this point u also have 3 more options.

make ur rancor a mount:

make ur rancor a combat animal:

make your rancor a really good combat animal ( which may be able to kill 1 or 2 players in PVP, but this requires that you use Re-processed Hydrolase and get it to +20 on Enzyme Purity)

Now we have to talk about Incubator stats.

AN incubator is made from an Architect trader

All the incubators that are made look the same until u examine the specs of them

If u want to make combat pets, then u must get an incubator with at least 3.8 or 3.9 QUALITY rating. ( 4.0 is the current max)

If u want to make mounts then u need a speed incubator which has a high Functionality Rating of 3.8 to 4.0 rather than Quality rating. (what this does is cut down on the time it takes for ur sessions to complete)

So to run an Incubator, a LVL 90 player type works best.

you then go into Expertise and fill in all the right side boxes and train your expertise points.

Then u'll need an incubator, a house that you own, 3 Hydrolase, 3 LYASE , 6 Isomerase, and Geothermal power.

If u want the best of everything then here is a list of high stats of the enzymes:

Hydrolase can be looted and re-processed or just used from looted form.
current bests are +5.00 to +8.00 on Enzyme Quality
Don't use High Mutagen quality Hydrolase in an Incubator becasue it wont give you any experiment points.
Maximum experiement points are needed to max the specs on ur pet if u make powerful combat pets.

To loot the best HYDROLASE, you'll need a group of people to kill Ancient Krayts, and you'll also need an Enzyme Extractor with 3.8 to 4.0 Enzyme quality. After killing the krayt, u must target it, quickly open ur inventory to use the Enzyme extractor or drag the Extractor into an action bar slot to use it even faster. THese Looted Hydrolase will then be in the +7 to +8 Enzyme Purity range.

Part 2 on Hydrolase: Hydrolase can be Re-processed to make it into higher stats. Higher stat Hydrolase is used in making HI spec combat pets.
Looted Hydrolase in the 5.00 to 8.00 range can also be used to make regular combat pets, but would be easily killed in PVP even as they reach LVL 90.

Re-processing Hydrolase requires that u make 14 components from each of 4 traders. OR u can buy the components.

If u buy the components, be prepared to spend huge credits, and look for hi stats on all components in the Enzyme quality stat.

This is the stuff the devs hoped would bring back the money for traders by making it difficult to make BM components.

Re-processed Hydrolase ranges ar +11 to +20 on Enzyme Purity.

The re-processing is extremely complex and takes a lot of time to do sucessfully. On swg forums, you can find out how to do this.

NOW LYASE: LYASE is a foraged enzyme that comes out of the ground.

press /forage in the field or anywhare near starports or faction bases, u may get a LYASE or other item, there's a simple macro also avail to do an AFK Forage.

The best LYASE currently comes with various combat stats, such as STRIKETHRU, Critical HIT, HEALTH Bonus, Parry chance, Block rating, etc. RAA of 9 plus a combat GAA is best.

Extremely rare are RAA 10 or 11 with a combat GAA.

RAA = Random attributes affected, and GAA is guaranteed attributes affected.

SO for the best combat animals use LYASE with the RAA 9 plus a combat GAA stat. (you're only allowed 1 LYASE per each of 3 sessions)
At this point in BM, no one knows what the best GAA combat stat is but i would use LYASE with Strike thru, Critical hit, and Health.

You can get the LYASE urself or buy it. If u goto bazaar u can type LYASE in the search field, then be prepared to look thru each one of thousands, sometimes u can find them for 500 credits or 5 million credits.

FINAL Enzyme, ISOMERASE: The best ISOmerase is 89.99 %, you'll need 6 of these to help make the best combat PVP pet. if u cant find them then u can use a few points less too but not less than 87%.

ISOMERASE is a looted Enzyme, the higher the PET LVL then the higher stat ISOmeraase you will find. HI LVL animals can be Wild eyed Fambaa about 1200 m behind the Theed waterfall, or HI LVL animals in Mustafar.

OK LASTLY: Geothermal energy: all incubators need this energy to run, I use HIGH OQ stat geothermal on my combat pets. Type in Geothermal is the search field of ur servers bazaar and u can browse thru the various available. Look for geothermal with at least OQ 950 and PE above 900 for use in making the best combat pet. You'll need at least 15000 units of it for making an egg.

well that's all for now, any questions?

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