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Secrets of the Force : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: September 8th, 2004, 6:23 am

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Secrets of the Force
A short history of the Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies, and how those seeking to become a Jedi may accomplish their goal.

Secrets of the Force

Ready, are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained! A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh! A Jedi craves not these things. You are reckless!

- Yoda to Luke

The Jedi Trials
The new Force sensitive quests are a new path to Force sensitivity so that players may seek and find a fun and challenging series of adventures that will lead a player down the path to becoming a Jedi. The new path to becoming a Jedi has several stages in a cyclical story arc. First, a player should explore the galaxy, seeking places of mystery and completing quests within the game. Once you have sought wisdom throughout the galaxy, you will be visited by a mysterious old man who is an emissary of the Village of Aurilia. He is wise and will ask you for help. When the old man visits you, he will beg you to keep a mysterious crystal safe for it is very valuable. Once you take the crystal, it will sweep you away on a journey to understanding and honing your Force sensitive skills.

To find out how strong you are with the force, type /check and you may see one of a few possible Force ratings (No sense, Barely Sense, Faint Sense, Strong Sense, Surging, Glowing). Once you are glowing with the force, it could be a few days or a few hours, but he will visit. Do not seek the old man, for he is in hiding from the Empire and enemies of the light side. Help the old man find you by being patient. Refrain from always zipping around in a vehicle and seeking combat. He wishes to find those who are seeking inner peace. If he feels you are worthy, he will visit you in the wilderness only.

But beware, for there are enemies in the galaxy who surely will want to take the Force Crystal. They will see you as weak and unworthy of the crystal, so be ready to protect yourself! Be especially wary of the Sith Shadows. They are an enemy of the old man and all that he stands for. If you get involved, they will see you as the friend of their enemy and hunt you down.

Sith Enemies
The Sith Shadows are a band of mercenaries led by a zealot Force-wielder named Mellichae. Mellichae was a promising student of the dark side, being considered for a position as one of the Emperor's Hands, alongside Mara Jade. However, things took a brutal turn for Mellichae when it was discovered that he held such low regard for the Emperor and his politics that he planned to assassinate him and insert himself as the new Sith Lord.

Darth Vader himself dispatched Mellichae, severing one of his limbs and leaving him for dead. In a rare mistake on Vader's part Mellichae survived, and has harbored his bitter rage over the following years, growing increasingly more insane.

Mellichae has formed his own band of followers now, called the Sith Shadows. His mercenary group consists of smugglers, pirates, outlaws, and murderers of all kinds. Their dark personalities mesh well with Mellichae's goals, allowing them to survive under his rule. No one joins the Sith Shadows lightly, and no one has ever left their employ alive.

Mellichae surveyed the village from his speeder bike, well out of range of their sensors. His Zabrakian hearing brought him the sounds of building and conversation. He fingered the button on his lightsaber, stolen from his own master when he killed him in the final test.

This must be how Darth Maul felt, he thought to himself. Before he slaughtered the enemies of the Sith.

He looked around him at the mercenaries and students of the dark side, some of them his own pupils. Would one of them kill him someday? He doubted it very much.

A young Twi'lek, still bruised, battered, and scarred from his last training cycle pulled up next to Mellichae.

"We're ready, my lord."

"Excellent." Mellichae said, the taste of blood already forming on his lips.

Mellichae, the Zabrak, is a mercenary. He believes he works for the Emperor, though the one time he did try to trace his payments back any further than three or four steps he hit a brick wall like nothing he'd ever encountered. Some of his men speculate that they're actually working for Black Sun. Prince Xizor certainly had his own animosity towards the Jedi. Though the people they are fighting aren't Jedi. They are just Force sensitives and villagers, farmers really.

So who are they working for? No one knows. At this point they're simply a renegade group of mercenaries, some with their own force sensitive powers, who are dedicated to destroying this peaceful village.

Mellichae believes that this is actually a secret training ground for new Jedi Knights and that they plan to rise up and destroy all those who believe in the Sith's teachings. Mellichae would like nothing more than to become a Sith Lord himself, though he knows he'll have to prove himself to the Emperor before that can happen. He never dreamed he'd have the opportunity, though he believes destroying the village will gain him that status.

His men are mercenaries as well, following Mellichae because he's the strongest of them. Some of his men were dark force wielders, trained by supposed Sith Lords or Dark Side Devotees. They were all driven from their previous lives by revenge, murder, thievery. Most of them are wanted "officially" for crimes against the Empire.

And yet, despite their not keeping a low profile they never seem to be arrested, they're rarely harassed by local Imperial politics, and they seem curiously well funded.

They call themselves The Sith Shadows, or more often just the Shadows, since they're affiliation with the Sith is mostly wishful thinking.

Surviving your first encounter with the Sith Shadows will lead you to a small agriculture cooperative village on Dathomir. This is the Village of Aurilia.

The Village
The Village of Aurilia was formed on the planet Dathomir by a small group of like-minded Force sensitive refugees who had, for one reason or another, abandoned their old lives. Some of them were hunted by agents of the Empire, their strange knack for piloting, healing, or combat making them dangerous to the Emperor. Several of them had dealings with the Jedi Council. Some were brought forward by Jedi warriors after discovering their natural abilities. Others brought themselves to the Jedi, hoping to be trained or at least given some explanation for these strange gifts that made other people look upon them with fear or trepidation. All of them were turned away for various reasons. Some of these reasons are political. For instance, one of the villagers has a father in the Imperial Navy. For others, it is their age since for many of them were too old to begin the training. For others still, it was aptitude since many did not display the qualities of a Jedi Knight. For whatever reason they were not accepted into official training, they were accepted in Aurilia.

The Village is located in a desolate corner of Southwest Dathomir. This village is a remote primitive environment, with only a few of the comforts of modern society. The Village has stood undisturbed for years. The people live a rustic and agricultural life; they bother no one, trade with no one, and cause no trouble for the Empire, the Rebellion, or any of the various criminal organizations that exist throughout the galaxy. They've hidden themselves in plain sight. Some say there is a powerful Force mist that protects the village, but that has never been proven. The villagers don't do anything to actively discourage anyone from finding them, which in itself keeps them off the radar of most governments. Though they have no formal training many of them have become quite confident in their abilities, and they have no qualms about teaching what they've learned to anyone who is willing to listen.

More on the Village of Aurilia

Meeting with the Village Elder
Once you have the crystal, it is likely two Sith Shadows will attack you and try to take it away. If you defeat the mercenaries, you will move closer to Force sensitivity and being your journey. One of the soldiers possesses a datapad which gives the location of a nearby operations camp. Upon defeating the enemies at this camp, you should search to find documents about concerns of more and more people becoming aware of the Force. A clandestine group on the world of Dathomir is seeking out these people to persuade them into join their society. This emergence of the Force must be stopped at all costs and anyone showing any inclination of its influence must be hunted down and killed. Your search will lead you to Aurilia. There, you will have a meeting with the Village Elder. Once the player reaches the village and talks with the Village Elder, he or she receives the Force Sensitive title and becomes eligible to participate in the Force Sensitive quests.

Getting Involved
Marite shook her head. All the meetings had gone this way for the last few months. If she could just get Rohak to choose a side it would all be over, one way or the other. He'd been increasingly obstinate. It was obvious he couldn't decide on a path. Perhaps, Marite thought, it's time for someone else to take over.

The thought had barely registered within her when he stood, his age making this take several seconds, and his weary bones creaking with every inch he gained in height. When he finally stood fully from the chair his height was still impressive. When he spoke everyone listened.

"Marite, you are right. We have no choice in this. The Force brought us together, gave us this land. The Force chose each and every one of us. We can not deny this. And it is the Force now that speaks to us. Listen with your hearts my fellows. Listen and you shall hear it too."

Marite felt her spirit lift. This would turn the tide. The decision was made.

"It's settled then." Quharek said. The Mon Cal sighed and looked over the gathered villagers. "From here out we shall invite those who possess our unique talents to join us. We will train them. We will help them. And we will be one with the Force. All agreed?"

The shout of triumph could be heard throughout the galaxy.

Initiates who have meditated at a shrine will meet with ambassadors from Aurilia. One of them (usually Marite) will send a message, and the initiate will be told where the village is. It will, of course, be possible to stumble across Aurilia without being ready to be guided down that path, though the Aurilians will not train anyone who is not prepared. Once seekers of the village are on the right path they will be welcomed to the village with open arms, and will be given the training they need to understand how their force sensitivity works.

Who's Who

Rohak: Village Elder. Rohak was with the original group who founded Aurilia, and has been it's spiritual guide ever since. He's very old and very wise...for a human. Seek his guidance.

Quharek: Quharek is a Mon Cal who has forsaken his own name for one given to him by the village. The villagers couldn't pronounce his given name. He's a craftsman and an expert on building, resource gathering. He is also adept at overseeing large construction projects.

Marite: Marite is a female Trandoshan, outgoing and outspoken. She championed the idea of bringing in new people to train, hoping that it would start down the path of understanding for those who are force sensitive. On her homeworld, her own tribe disowned and cast her out because of her bizarre Force sensitive gifts. She is the village's ambassador to the outside world and has an amazing ability to heal.

Noldan: Noldan is a Trandoshan and a master of melee combat. He is in love with Marite, believing his heart's secret is his own, but she is aware of his feelings and she reciprocates them. She won't act on her feelings though until she believes the village is safe from harm. Noldan has been known to train outsiders who are working for the benefit of the village.

Paemos: Paemos is a Rodian, and an expert with ranged weapons of all types. He is friendly to everyone, a trait that made him few friends on Rodia. He is much happier in the village and will give his life to defend it if need be. Paemos knows a thing or two about Force Sensitive skills and can show initiates the ropes of experience.

Whip: Whip is a young human male whose reflexes are a sight to behold. He is definitely the best pilot in the village. He hates the Empire more than any of the others. He feels that if they hadn't outlawed pod-racing he would be a rich and famous racer, the best in the galaxy, and he resents the Empire because of this.

Village Arc
The Village is a cyclical story arc that changes dynamically over time as the story unfolds. A change in phase can result in the layout of the village and how NPC's will react - - the story may not be the same for every initiate that enters the village. It also determines what quests will be available to those seeking Force Sensitivity. There is a crafting quest, a combat quest, a reflex quest and medical/survey quest throughout each phase of the village's cycle. If you want to re-do the quest or choose another type, you can wait for the village story arc to begin again and you may re-start or try another quest.

Part I: The village has recently repealed a vicious attack by the Sith Shadows. Much of the village defenses have been eliminated, buildings are destroyed, and many people have been hurt or killed. At this stage, the village is preoccupied with picking up the pieces, healing the wounded, and determining the remaining strength of their enemy.

Part II: The village continues build defenses. It is discovered that the enemy is regrouping. Another attack seems inevitable, and initiates who help can turn the tide.

Part III: In an effort to repeal another invasion from the Sith Shadows, the village begins construction of a shield generator. Search and destroy operations are conducting to help keep the enemy at bay. The village will continue to grow in size.

Part IV: Those who work diligently can help complete the shield generator so the village can be safe from its enemy. Despite this, The Sith Shadows will not give up. You may be their only hope.

Earning Force Sensitive Skills
Force sensitive skills are broken into four Force discipline skill trees: Combat, Reflexes, Crafting, and Senses, each having four branches. There is a quest for each branch that will evolve through each phase of the Village. Once complete, the skill branch is unlocked. Unlocking the branch simply enables the player to learn those skills from the village skill trainer. He or she must still meet the experience requirements.
May the Force be with you. Always.

No more training do you require. Already know you that which you need.

- Yoda

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