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SWG Chapter 4.3 Update : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: January 7th, 2007, 12:20 am
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Chapter 4.3 "Armed and Ready for Action!" Publish Notes, January 4th

* Bug Fix: Being incapacitated while mounted on a vehicle will now correctly remove the buffs from the player.

* AI: Creatures will no longer attempt to reveal or attack targets that are cloaked through walls and floors.

* Heavy Weapon ground targeting should no longer reveal cloaked characters.

* /whisper and other forms of "directed spatial" commands should no longer turn your character to face a nearby cloaked character.

Galactic Civil War

* Officer ranked GCW armor sets and weapons will no longer be unique so that you may display them in your house.

* The Imperial White Spec Ops Armor Gloves will now actually be white instead of black.

* The owner of a faction base will no longer be able to destroy a faction base by using the Destroy Structure option while enemy players are in the facility in order to prevent successful attackers from receiving their GCW point rewards for destroying the base.

Note: Enemy players can still blow up the base by slicing the terminals while players are inside the base.

* Player bases will no longer grant GCW points if they are destroyed by the owner.

Profession: Medic

* Corrected an issue with Stasis that allowed it to be useable at any range, rather then its intended 48m range.

* The volume on many medic sound effects has been reduced.

Profession: Smuggler

* The delivery timer for the "Delivery to Isbel" has been increased from 6 minutes to 12 minutes.

Profession: Spy

* Fixed an issue that would sometimes lock the action bar when clicking Snipe.

* Expertise: Without a Trace cool-down should now be 3 minutes with expertise.

* Expertise: Using sneak no longer adds 10 seconds to the Without a Trace cool-down.

* Expertise: Fixed an issue that would prevent Without a Trace and Smoke Bomb from properly activating.


* The target status window now always displays the intended target (the green bracket target) as it did prior to Chapter 4.

There is now a new option to enable a secondary target status window which displays the mouse-over target. The option, which is off by default, is in the Interface section and is called "Show a second target status window for the mouse-over target".

The default location is to the right of the existing target status window but can be moved where ever you would prefer. As a result, the default location of the Quest Helper was moved to right side of the screen just under the radar. Your existing layout should not be affected, but the new target status window may need to be moved.

Tip: If you want to re-locate the new targeting window on your screen, the easiest way to do it is to target yourself (/tar self). That way it will stay on the screen and make it easy to click and drag it to where ever you like.

User Interface

* Expertise: The Expertise window has been modified so that the requirements are completely displayed.

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