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Test Center Update Notes - Aug 19, 2004 : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: September 8th, 2004, 6:06 am

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Jedi: Removed the restrictions on Jedi placing structures.
DWB: Updated the Boss Loot script in the Death Watch Bunker so that the jetpack stabilizer loot always gets dropped.
FS Quests: Added three strike failure to padawan trials.
FS Quests: fixed typos in system messages.
FS Quests: Fixed location of second and third NPC for Pannaqa quest.
FS Quests: Fixed not completing FS village phase 2 crafting mission after giving 60 ingredients.
FS Quests: Fixed FS village phase 2 and 3 crafting mission player quality attributes showing up as squares.
FS Quests: Fixed giving raw resources to QT-QC not being recognized.
FS Quests: Fixed old musician trial NPCs not being in cantinas.
FS Quests: Fixed various typos.
FS Quests: Fixed not being assigned a trainer when you complete the trials and become a Jedi.
FS Quests: Fixed the ring trial NPC saying he has a gang of thugs when there's only him.
FS Quests: Fixed a couple of typos with Dageerin's conversation
FS Quests: Made Eozlin give a chat message when you hand him an item
FS Quests: Updated convo files for search and destroy (phase3) quests for Dageerin to fix some typos
FS Quests: Changed name of the shadow mercenary nofaction to 'a Sith Shadow commander'
FS Quests: Misc conversation updates and added quest failure for phase 3 combat if arriving without the commander
FS Quests: Added Sarguillo phase 2 ambience conversation
FS Quests: Quharek will not accept a player for the phase 2 and 3 crafting quests if the player doesn't have novice artisan.
FS Quests: Quharek will not accept a player for the phase 2 and 3 crafting quests if there are 45 players doing the quest.
FS Quests: Added "Quest Complete" journal entries into quest journal for Patrol, Medic Healing, and Medic Puzzle quests.
FS Quests: Tweaked the FS experience conversion ratios. This resulting in a reduction for a number of experience types.
FS Quests: The phase 3 combat quest will now fail if you are charged with returning the commander but return to the village without him.
FS Quests: Changed the messaging for revoking FS skills so that it mentions the 6 branch requirement.
FS Quests: Updated the dialog in Dageerin's quests so that he gives more explanation for why he doesn't know if you have a waypoint.
FS Quests: Changing the color for config crafting puzzle to make it a little more clear in certain palettes
FS Quests: Fixed two typos that were causing some phase 3 missions to start in phase 2 and some phase 2 missions to start in phase 3
FS Quests: The camp commander in the phase 3 combat quest should now follow you properly after capturing him.
FS Quests: Fix for soldiers that spawn on top of each other and don't fight
FS Quests: Radiation sensor now stays up when you toggle mouse pointer
Merchant: Fixed bug where Change Sign for houses not working properly
Vendor: Corrected a problem where no owner name was showing up in the commodities item details screen.

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